Are you a logical thinker? Do you like numbers and mathematical equations? Perhaps you might want to explore a career as a Statistician!

Statistics is the science of learning data. In a world filled with information, having a degree in Statistics opens to many career options because every company, including social media websites, needs a statistician to understand all the information that surrounds and enters their businesses. Statisticians analyze data and convert it into modern solutions to improve the service of a company and analyze global trends.

At the heart of any research discoveries from engineering to medical sciences, from politics to environmental concerns, or any facet in the world that contains information, Statistics is a vital part of making sense of these oceans of data. If you want to pursue a career in Statistics in the technologically advanced region of Europe, we compiled the best schools for you!

Top Statistics Schools in Europe

1. Imperial College London

Located in the heart of London, the Imperial College London is a world-renowned university with international standing in the fields of education and research. They are consistently rated among the world’s best colleges for their multidisciplinary excellence in statistics, science, innovation, research, and education. Their notable alumnus who discovered penicillin is among the world-changing achievements of this college.

They offer three-year undergraduate courses including a BS in Mathematics with Statistics and BS in Mathematics with Statistics for Finance. The curriculums are tailored with real-world applications of statistical theory in the areas of mathematics and finance. They offer six streams on their Master’s in statistics including, General Statistics, Applied Statistics, Biostatistics, Data Science, Statistical Finance, and Statistics Theory and Methods.

2. University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is an excellent school for statistics in Europe and is a global institution with multinational students. Their Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics is a forerunner in the statistical research field. They value research excellence by supporting their researchers across all subjects. Aside from that, they also provide the students a lively college life through music, sports, visual arts, and cultural activities.

They offer postgraduate studies for Statistics including a Master’s in Mathematical Statistics and a Doctoral degree in Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics. Their facilities for these programs such as the Statistics Laboratory are where students collaborate with their expert professors for hands-on training and learning experience.

3. ETH Zurich

Located in Switzerland, ETH Zurich is among the leading universities for science and technology, and an excellent institution for statistics in Europe. True to their Swiss values, ETH Zurich offers a top-notch academic curriculum with practical learning experiences that is of Swiss standards. They are known as a prestigious university with a solid reputation in scientific expertise and global commitments.

Their Master’s in Statistics program is specialized in theoretical and practical applications of statistical modeling, applied statistics, and mathematical statistics. This program provides statistics students with an excellent start for their future professions by exposing them to research facilities, laboratories, and real consulting cases.

4. University of Oxford

As a large, internationally renowned institution, the University of Oxford is dedicated to delivering excellent multidisciplinary excellence by providing outstanding professors who are experts in their distinct fields. Graduates of Oxford received multi-awards including Novel prizes and Fields Medals, which ultimately represent the high standards of this leading university.

Oxford is a high-ranked university for statistics in Europe and offers a BS in Mathematics and Statistics which equips students with the requisite skills to use cutting-edge statistical methods and advanced mathematical techniques to apply to society and industry. They also offer a Master’s in Statistics, Master’s by Research in Statistics, a Doctor of Philosophy and Statistics program, and a Doctoral program in Statistical Science.

5. Université Catholique de Louvain

The Université Catholique de Louvain or UC Louvain has been the top private university in the French Community of Belgium and a leading institution for statistics in Europe. Since its founding in 1425, students from UCLouvain are provided with curriculums that encourage them to become inquisitive problem-solvers. UC Louvain was also hailed as the top 50 ‘Most International’ Belgian university in the world.

They offer postgraduate programs for Statistics including MS Data Science, MS Biostatistics, and MS General Statistics. These programs have rigorous academic curriculums that train graduate students in scientific methods, quantitative and operational solutions, and statistical applications in the fields of advertising, e-commerce, industrial production, and biomedical research.

6. Eindhoven University of Technology

The Eindhoven University of Technology is another top institution for statistics in Europe and is in the lively hotspot of the technological region of the Netherlands. The location of the university is among its assets by connecting the institution’s researchers and students with prospective companies and entrepreneurs. Eindhoven specializes in developing new technologies and modern solutions through innovation. Graduates from this university are shaped to become scientists and world leaders.

Their Master’s in Industrial and Applied Mathematics program specializes in the application of industrial statistics to solve technological problems. Aside from statistics, the program also covers computational science and data science.

7. KU Leuven

For six centuries of delivering high-quality education and supporting ground-breaking research, KU Leuven is among the oldest universities in Europe that stands to deliver a research-intensive and internationally oriented curriculum in nearly all the academic fields. Each of the three departments in the university has a corresponding doctoral school, which ensures extensive training from undergraduate to postgraduate students. KU Leuven is one of the best universities for statistics in Europe that takes pride in its network and partnerships with various hospitals, research and development facilities, companies, and organizations in Belgium and abroad.

Their Master’s in Statistics and Data Science offers various fields of specialization including Statistics and Data Science for Biometrics, Social Behavioral and Educational Sciences, Business, Industry, and Official Statistics. The program’s curriculum is also internationally recognized, and it aims to apply statistical methodology to solve real-world problems.

FAQs about Studying Statistics

Which Country is Best for Statistics?

The United States is undeniably the best country for statistics. Being a top technological country with top-ranking research institutions and a global leader in various industries, you will not run short of fields to work in if you have studied statistics. Why don’t you start by getting the right qualifications, like studying relevant courses in Data Science or business found on our website? You can also check out the wealth of resources on our open courses page to help kickstart your career with the right qualifications.


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