In a world where the boundaries between truth and fiction, news and entertainment, and local and global affairs are continuously blurred, journalism remains an essential element of democracy and information sharing. While journalism schools throughout the world attempt to provide growing journalists with the tools they require to succeed in this ever-changing terrain, South Korea provides a distinct perspective on the art and craft of reporting and journalism.

From the in-depth coverage of the Hallyu Wave to the unique challenges posed by the Korean Peninsula’s geopolitics, South Korean journalism schools offer a wealth of experiences and insights for both domestic and international students. But we won’t reveal everything just yet. Read on and find out the top five South Korean journalism schools for international students!

Is Pursuing a Degree in Journalism Abroad Worth It?

While the term “abroad” is broad in scope, studying for a journalism degree in South Korea may be an extremely rewarding one. You get not just a worldwide perspective on journalism, but also access to a large media industry. Furthermore, many world-renowned South Korean journalism schools welcome international students.

South Korea has several employment opportunities as well, ranging from being a K-Pop journalist to covering diplomatic affairs on the Korean Peninsula to traditional paths such as going into investigative reporting or media convergence. The opportunities are as varied as the country itself.

Top Universities Offering Journalism Programs in South Korea

1. Yonsei University – Department of Communication

As a prominent member of SKY universities and a consistent top placer in the Korean university rankings, Yonsei University holds a special place in South Korea’s higher education industry. Established in 1957 and located in Seoul, Yonsei University has earned its reputation as a respected institution dedicated to high-quality academic learning and global leadership. Thus, it leads our list of premier journalism schools in South Korea for international students.

Within Yonsei University, the Department of Communication, housed in the College of Social Sciences, is a good choice for journalism education at both bachelor’s and master’s levels. It’s known for its rigorous programs that often involve lectures and seminars with famous journalists, preparing students for the highly engaging field of journalism.

2. Sungkyunkwan University – Department of Media and Communication

While pronouncing the name for non-native speakers might be a bit challenging, getting into Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) is remarkably straightforward. That is thanks to its student-friendly admission process. Moreover, this well-regarded journalism school in South Korea offers a wide range of scholarships and grants designed to alleviate the financial burden on students.

For its academics, Sungkyunkwan University primarily offers two distinct journalism programs to cater to a diverse student base. The first is a Bachelor’s in Journalism (On-job training) program conducted in Korea, providing students with comprehensive journalism skills rooted in practical training. For English speakers, the university offers a specialized program in Journalism Theory, equipping students with a solid theoretical foundation in journalism practices and setting the stage for future careers in media and communication.

3. Korea University – School of Media and Communication

Bringing up another member of SKY universities, Korea University is an institution that has maintained its position among South Korea’s top 10 universities for decades. This sustained position can be attributed to the university’s vision and mission to bring up modern trends in the ever-existing courses.

To be among the best journalism schools in the country, Korea University offers modern journalism programs that cater to the demanding needs of the current generation. These programs include a Master’s in Digital Journalism, a Master’s in Literature Journalism, and bachelor’s degrees in related fields. This forward-thinking approach ensures that students are well-equipped to survive and achieve the best in the competitive media and journalism field.

4. Ewha Womans University – Department of Communications and Media

Ewha Womans University became Korea’s first university to establish a Department of Media Studies, enhancing its global competitiveness and adapting to the information age. Thus, in a way, it is a pioneer journalism school in South Korea. In 2015, it evolved into the Department of Communication and Media to provide integrated education across diverse media fields in response to industry changes.

Today, while empowering the young female generation, Ewha’s Department of Communication and Media offers a diverse array of programs on both undergraduate and postgraduate levels to give students a broad understanding of communication and media theory and practice.

With all these features to its name, EWHA also holds a long list of famous alumni including accomplished journalists, influential media professionals, and trailblazers in the industry. Many of its graduates have risen to prominence in South Korea and beyond, contributing significantly to the field of journalism.

5. Sogang University – College of Communication

Located in Seoul, Sogang University rounds out our list of prestigious South Korean journalism schools with its exceptional journalism programs. This esteemed institution offers a range of academic opportunities in the field of journalism and communication, including Bachelor’s degrees in Journalism and Strategic Communication, adding to its reputation as a top choice for aspiring journalists and media professionals.

Beyond academics, Sogang University takes pride in providing a well-rounded campus life. Two notable facilities are Loyola Library Hall, which provides an extensive collection of resources, and Gonzaga Hall, an on-campus residence offering a comfortable and supportive environment for students.

Now, as we have revealed all the best South Korean journalism institutions we promised, featuring prominent names like Yonsei, Korea, and Ewha Womans, it’s clear that South Korea offers a diverse and robust space for journalism education. So, if you’ve been dreaming of it for a while, then it’s time to head towards the eastern side of the world, where the Land of the Morning Calm awaits!


We hope the above South Korean journalism schools will help narrow down your options when it comes to pursuing a degree in journalism. For more information about the several educational opportunities in South Korea, kindly check out the Study in South Korea Page. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs for International Students to learn about studying abroad.

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