A highly recommended country for studying humanities is the United Kingdom. Located in Northwestern Europe, this country is the birthplace of many of the world’s historical events, famous personalities, and rich culture. For students taking a degree in humanities in this country, it would be beneficial because it would expose them to the educational resources they need.

Another reason why you should study in the United Kingdom is that it boasts many top public universities in its country. They are home to the world’s top-performing institutions in different disciplines including, humanities. Being enrolled in these universities will open many opportunities in choosing a specialization or major.

Having the chance to study in a country that has a strong background in humanities will give your degree an edge. But where should you study? In this article, we listed down the best universities for humanities in the United Kingdom that you can consider!

Top Schools Offering Humanities Programs in the UK

1. University of Oxford

One of the world’s longest-running educational institutions, the University of Oxford is highly regarded for excellent performance in research and education. For centuries, they have had an established reputation in being a top university in Europe and around the globe. The University of Oxford is an excellent university for humanities in the UK that has produced thousands of professionals in different fields, and their research is known to be ground-breaking.

The University of Oxford is divided into four divisions. Their first division, the Humanities, covers all undergraduate and graduate programs related to this discipline and has an enormous list of specializations and degrees in humanities. Same with the university, the faculties and academic programs in humanities also had a long record of development and producing graduates in the field. They provide a comprehensive education to ensure students gain the necessary skills and knowledge.

Moreover, the University of Oxford holds different museums, libraries, and other events for humanities programs. Since they’ve been running for centuries, this university has a rich collection of resources in the field. Students in the humanities division are well-equipped with research, education, and resources.

2. University of Cambridge

Built in 1209, the University of Cambridge is another world-class educational institution widely known for its contributions to research and education. They are home to more than 24 000 students, and they have a high number of international students coming from 150 countries. Being a top-tier global university, they have significantly impacted education worldwide.

The University of Cambridge’s School of Arts and Humanities produces a top-rated humanities curriculum in the UK and has a well-known reputation for providing education and research. They offer a broad range of academic programs for undergraduate and graduate students, and their majors in humanities range from art, language, philosophy, and more. As an incoming student here, you can choose from a variety of programs they offer.

A lot of learning opportunities await you in the field. Since the University of Cambridge has a set of dynamic faculties, you’ll have a lot of involvement in their activities. As for your studies, the humanities and related programs have world-class resources, so you’ll be able to maximize your education here.

3. University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh in Scotland is another top school for humanities in the UK that takes pride in its extensive research and world-class education. For more than 400 years, this public university has grown into one of Europe’s best institutions. They have been awarded numerous recognitions and distinctions for their innovative style of teaching and research.

If you’re going to study humanities and related disciplines at the University of Edinburgh, you’ll have an outstanding foundation for your chosen major. The College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences of the university was born in 2002, and for the past years, they’ve accomplished a lot. They are included in several global and national rankings, emphasizing the quality performance they show in the industry. In this college, internationalism is high. Many foreign students are taking academic programs in humanities and related disciplines.

Since they are a comprehensive research institution, they have several research centers and institutions fostering studies research in humanities. They’ve produced tons of research in the field, and their community is diverse. Students will have the opportunity to explore numerous educational and research activities in the college and the university.

4. University College London

Situated in the United Kingdom’s capital city, the University College London is another European institution that offers innovative and quality education in humanities. They have an excellent reputation in research and education. Currently, the University College London is being recognized as an excellent institution for humanities in the UK and they are included in the top 10 best universities around the globe.

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities was positioned in fifth place worldwide. The faculty’s education and research are acknowledged globally as they produce dynamic academic programs and research. They have a broad range of majors in humanities and arts, and these are acknowledged internationally.

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities’ undergraduate and graduate degrees are innovative, and as a student here, you’ll have the opportunity to explore your specializations.

5. Durham University

A leading public university in England, Durham University offers humanities and related disciplines to undergraduate and graduate students. Out of the university’s four faculties, the Faculty of Arts and Humanities focuses on providing innovative education and research nationally and globally.

Durham University is known for incorporating a world-class humanities program in the UK and boasts its humanities and arts academic programs for all degrees. They have a high reputation in these areas, as they provide an interdisciplinary form of education in the field. With these, students are thoroughly engaged in their chosen area of study.

Undergraduate students are exposed to a flexible learning style, and they have the opportunity to pick their interest in the faculty’s broad range of specializations. On the other hand, masters’ and doctorate studies will prepare your research skills and will open a lot of doors for learning and working.


We hope that this article on the Best Universities to Study Humanities in the United Kingdom was helpful. If you are interested in knowing more, check out the Programs in Europe for International Students!

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