Poland offers one of the cheapest educational and living costs among European countries. Nevertheless, the quality of education in the country can match its relatively more expensive neighbors. It is also an excellent venue to study various Humanities fields from ancient to modern Europe due to its rich history. Moreover, an undergraduate degree earned in Poland is a ticket for employment or graduate and postgraduate degrees in any part of the continent.

The Polish government and many universities provide scholarships covering tuition fees or living costs for domestic and international students. These qualities make Poland one of the best academic destinations for low-budget students from other countries.

One downside of studying in Poland for international students is the limited number of English-taught programs. However, they can take it as an opportunity to learn the Polish language that can help them gain a deeper understanding of Polish culture and seek employment in the country.

In this article, we will be talking about some of the best humanities universities in Poland.

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Top Humanities Universities in Poland

1. Jagiellonian University

Founded in 1364, Jagiellonian University is the oldest academic institution in Poland. Since the beginning, it had always been an international university with the enrolment of many students from other neighboring European countries. It survived numerous political and social crises that transpired throughout its long history and became the highest-ranked university in the country.

As a top humanities school, Jagiellonian University offers an excellent undergraduate program in Humanities by integrating essential courses from six faculties: History, International & Political Studies, Management & Social Communication, Philology, Philosophy, and Polish Studies. The program is called Inter-Faculty Individual Studies in the Humanities (MISH). It uses Polish as the medium of instruction, so prospective students must already have sufficient Polish language skills before applying.

Interested students may also study a three-year Bachelor of Arts degree in Studies in Central and Eastern Europe: Histories, Cultures, and Societies. Graduates may then pursue a postgraduate research degree at the Doctoral School in the Humanities. They may select their study area from six institutes: Archaeology, Ethnology & Cultural Anthropology, History, History of Art, Jewish Studies, and Musicology.

2. Adam Mickiewicz University

The history of the Adam Mickiewicz University (AMU) is another one of the best humanities universities in Poland. It can be traced back to 1519, during the establishment of the first academy in Poznan and the opening of the Jesuit College in 1573. It went through several organizational transitions and shut down due to political challenges and two world wars. It reopened in 1919, and eventually, in 1955, the university acquired its current name.

AMU offers a three-year Bachelor of Arts degree in Central European and Balkan Studies for students interested in European history, literature, and culture. A two-year Master of Arts degree is also available for the same study program. Both the undergraduate and graduate programs are taught in English.

By pursuing the two degrees, students can gain a deep understanding of European language, literature, and culture and learn some practical applications of this knowledge in business or tourism. Graduates may then use their competencies to find promising careers in media, tourism, journalism, or marketing.

3. University of Warsaw

The University of Warsaw (UW) was founded in 1816 and officially opened in 1818 with the integration of two older schools: Law School and School of Medicine. The newly opened academic institution introduced three additional faculties: Theology, Philosophy, and Science & Fine Arts. Currently, the university has 24 faculties and over 100 degree programs.

The Faculty of Philosophy is one of the oldest faculties at the University of Warsaw. It offers an English-taught Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies in Philosophy, where students can learn ancient to modern aspects of the discipline. It also provides graduates with the essential skills and qualifications to pursue a postgraduate degree in Poland or other parts of Europe.

The university offers a four-year Ph.D. program in Humanities Studies for free. Doctoral students may conduct scientific studies in either Literature or Culture. The program guarantees in-depth knowledge in humanities, advanced scientific and research skills, and professional teaching experience. It also requires students to publish their dissertation in Polish and a foreign language, giving them a solid background for a possible future career in Poland.

4. University of Wroclaw

The University of Wroclaw was established in 1702 as the Leopoldine University. Over the years, it has established partnerships with over 800 universities across 26 countries. After more than three centuries, the institution grew in numbers and acclaim to become one of the top five universities in Poland.

It currently hosts over 26,000 students spread across ten faculties. It is also one of the most popular universities among international students in Poland, with roughly thirty programs taught entirely in English. One of the excellent English-taught programs available at the university is a second-cycle degree in Sociology major in Intercultural Mediation, delivered by the Institute of Sociology.

The program is equivalent to a Master of Arts degree and lasts two years full-time. The skills students gain from the degree can help them secure a job in conflict resolution, intercultural communication, social research, and more.

5. SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities

The SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities is also considered one of the best humanities universities in Poland. It is a young institution that opened in 1996. It is a fast-growing university with five campuses in major locations across Poland: Katowice, Poznan, Sopot, Warsaw, and Wroclaw. At present, it has eight faculties that offer over 300 programs across various fields of humanities.

Shortly after the establishment of the university, its Psychology program received the Certificate of Quality of Education. The three-year, English-taught program is available on all five university campuses. The ones offered in the Warsaw and Sopot campuses are among the three best Psychology programs in Poland.

Prospective students interested in other aspects of Humanities may check out the Warsaw Campus, which is home to the Faculty of Humanities that includes five departments: Asian Studies, Cultural & Media Studies, English Studies, Scandinavian Studies, and Spanish & Italian Studies.

For international students who have the passion to study Humanities, you can make your applications for universities in Poland easy through either student visas or a work visa . With knowledge in any of the Humanities, you have higher chances of employment in any country in the world in any country that you may go depending with the humanity you study. There are a number of courses offered in universities in Poland that you can also check out on our website.

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We hope this article on the best humanities universities in Poland was helpful. If you are interested in learning more, check out the Programs in Europe for International Students!

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