The goal of public relations is to maintain a positive public image and control a company’s reputation. It involves marketing, business, and advertising. Here, we will be looking at some of the best countries to study public relations.

As a public relations student, you’ll study how to effectively communicate with the media. You’ll learn about marketing planning, consumer psychology, client management, and copywriting. This curriculum will prepare you for a career in public relations.

As more organizations go global, the need for cross-border public relations expertise has never been greater. Taking a public relations course abroad will teach you about diverse cultures and demographics. As a result, you’ll improve your talents and obtain a worldwide perspective.

Is a Career in Public Relations Good?

Absolutely! A career in Public Relations can provide you a great range of opportunities and potential for professional growth. It can also be a lucrative career for those looking for financial freedom, as public relations specialists earn an average of USD 62,800 annually. As for job outlook, the demand for PR specialists are projected to increase 7% by 2029.

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Top Countries to Study Public Relations Abroad

1. Spain

Every year, over 50 Spanish universities are ranked among the best in the world. Spain is regarded as being a pleasant destination for ambitious entrepreneurs and business people and is one of the best countries to study public relations. Many degree programs start at 100–150 Euros annually for the first two years. Non-EU/EEA students may not be eligible for the same low-cost tuition as EU/EEA citizens.

The weather in Spain is excellent. You can’t go wrong studying abroad in Spain. Observe the furious football celebrations and perhaps even join in on the joy. In today’s global market, communicating in multiple languages is a must. Living and studying in Spain is the best method to learn Spanish.

EU Business School, Universidad CEU San Pablo, and Rey Juan Carlos University are all excellent options for those interested in studying public relations in Spain.

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2. Italy

  • Reasons: Chance to study the language, degree programs taught in English, cheaper tuition, and government and university subsidies.
  • Best Schools: IULM

Anyone should take the time to learn Italian, as it is the official language of the European Union. Newcomers are not overwhelmed due to the number of Italian degrees available in English. As a result, international students pay less for tuition and can get financial aid from the government and universities. Students also have access to top universities that offer public relations degrees.

In Italy, you should think about Universita IULM, University of Rome – Tor Vergata, Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, and United International Business Schools if you want to study public relations.

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3. Switzerland

  • Reasons: Country’s humanitarianism, good quality of life, reputation as a financial hub, and extraordinary higher education.
  • Best Schools: EU Business School Montreux

Zurich is home to the Swiss Stock Exchange and several global financial organizations. Also, Geneva’s role as the cradle of global collaboration may be of interest to public relations students researching the city. These connections are essential for students to flourish in today’s competitive business environment. As a result, Switzerland encourages innovation and entrepreneurship. Switzerland is routinely ranked as one of the greatest countries in the world for natural beauty, infrastructure, income potential, and personal safety for young people. International students seeking a world-class university education flock to Switzerland. As a result, we have Switzerland as one of the best countries to study public relations.

If you’re interested in studying public relations in Switzerland, consider the Universita della Svizzera Italiana, EU Business School Geneva, EU Business School Montreux, and United International Business Schools.

4. Ireland

Ireland has a wide range of notable educational institutions offering degrees and specializations. Students in Ireland can choose from world-class colleges, degrees, and globally recognized certificates.

Due to its appeal to international organizations such as eBay, Skype, and Microsoft, graduates from other countries have many outstanding career options in Ireland. Almost every college offers internships. Ireland is the only English-speaking country in Europe that grants post-study employment permits to international graduates.

Suppose you want to study public relations in Ireland. In that case, there are several great schools to choose from such as Galway International Hotel School, National University of Ireland, Galway, European Institute of Communication, and Dublin Institute of Technology.

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5.  New Zealand

  • Reasons: Scholarships, famous institutions and study abroad programs, pleasant people, and the flexibility to study whenever you want.
  • Best Schools:

Despite their size, the two islands have only eight universities. Every New Zealand university is in the top 3%. Students considering studying abroad in New Zealand may be concerned about their financial status. Luckily, the Pacific region offers many scholarships to international students! Several host universities, particularly in New Zealand, provide exchange scholarships.

New Zealanders hail from all around the world. There are also programs for short-term overseas travel and study as well as longer-term exchanges during the summer, semester, and year. Scholarships are also available. You can work for up to a year in New Zealand after your semester ends.

Consider Auckland University of Technology, Massey University, or the University of Waikato if you want to pursue a career in public relations in New Zealand.

6. Cyprus

  • Reasons: Low-cost, high-quality education, inexpensive housing, enticing amenities, world-class colleges, manageable admission criteria, and thriving business programs.
  • Best Schools: The University of Nicosia

Cyprus has invested in a world-class European education system with low university fees and many benefits that may include scholarships. Cypriot institutions offer world-class undergraduate and graduate programs. Living in Cyprus is affordable and luxurious. Aside from housing assistance, students are supplied with everything they need to succeed academically. Colleges and universities can accommodate overseas students with well-equipped study rooms, libraries, dining halls, and student help offices. Cyprus’ university and college admissions rules are similar to those around Europe. As a result, Cyprus is one of the top countries to study public relations.

Banks and holding corporations, both important players in international trade, employ the most. The result is high-quality study programs that equip students for real-world work after graduation.

Considering studying public relations in Cyprus? The University of Nicosia should be on your list of possibilities.

7. Australia

  • Reasons: Top universities, easy communication, cultural diversity, great student life, easy access to student visas and temporary graduate visas, internships, and work opportunities.
  • Best Schools: RMIT University

Six Australian universities are in the top 100, and obtaining a student visa is similarly simple. Australia has universities in both rural and urban places. Each city has its unique charm, from Sydney’s stunning beaches to Melbourne’s charming stores.

Australia is a melting pot of cultures. It’s easy to feel out of place in a multicultural situation, but it’s also easy to feel like you belong. Because Australians speak English fluently, most overseas students will have little trouble talking with Australians.

Depending on the university, students may be able to intern or work. In addition to the student visa, international students can apply for a temporary graduate visa to stay and work in Australia after graduation. Studying in Australia offers rewarding experiences and a world-class education.

If you’re considering studying public relations in Australia, you should consider RMIT University.

Studying public relations abroad is an excellent way to gain a global perspective and improve your talents. By studying in these countries, you’ll have the chance to experience new cultures and diverse demographics. You’ll also learn how to communicate effectively with the media, consumer psychology, marketing planning, client management, and copywriting. If you’re interested in studying public relations abroad, check also our list of the best universities to study public relations.

We hope this article on the best countries to study public relations was informative and insightful. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.

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