As more and more people fight depression, anxiety, stress, and other mental health disorders, the need for mental health professionals is high. This field has been growing for the past years, and many professionals globally choose to focus on mental health to help more people. If you’re interested in studying, treating, and helping people with emotional disorders, you can consider starting a career here.

Mental health providers diagnose and treat people with mental health disorders. They provide and create treatment plans for people having these illnesses. In this profession, opportunities are very wide as many career paths open for you.

A lot of universities globally offer mental health programs at different levels. If you’re interested in studying mental health, you can consider going abroad to widen your experience and perspective in this field. In this article, we listed down the best countries to consider in studying mental health!

Is the Mental Health Program Currently Important?

Yes, the mental health program is quite important currently as there is a need for experts in this field. Mental health is gaining quite a high importance currently as people are becoming more aware that it is an actual problem and that you need to pay attention to it. Especially with the pandemic and the problems it caused now this program has become quite popular. There is no available information for this course at the moment, but if you are interested in other popular courses you can check them all on our website.

Top Countries to Study Mental Health Abroad

1. United Kingdom

  • Reason: Outstanding teaching and research quality, top-performing universities, a broad range of specializations, a high employment rate

The United Kingdom is an excellent choice for incoming students wanting to enter the field of mental health. First, given its economy and background, the United Kingdom has an excellent medical field acknowledged globally. In the mental health industry, they have numerous government and private-funded facilities. Overall, the mental health industry in the United Kingdom is huge as it can open many opportunities in education and employment.

In terms of higher education, British universities take pride in their teaching, training, and research. For the past decades, their educational institutions have had a consistent global rankings position, proving their world-class education. Mental health and related studies are offered in various degrees, and they have more specializations at different levels than in other countries. So if you’re looking for a specific major, you can check some British universities.

Additionally, the United Kingdom has a huge research field that covers a lot of fields, including mental health. If you’re into research, you can consider studying here as you build your career in this field. The University of London and The University of Edinburgh are British institutions with programs majoring in mental health.

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2. Austria

  • Reason: Deep foundation in psychology and psychiatry, well-respected universities, internationally recognized degrees

Home of Sigmund Freud, Melanie Klein, Alfred Adler, and other famous psychologists and psychiatrists, Austria is an excellent country to consider if you’re entering the field of mental health. With a rich historical background in mental health, psychology, and psychiatry, this country offers a strong higher education in these fields. As a student here, you’ll gain a deeper foundation of mental health.

Another edge of studying in Austria is that their universities have a reputation for teaching, training, and conducting research in various fields of psychology and mental health. You’ll have exposure in these fields as you build your skillset and competencies. Austrian universities have a long tradition of providing higher education to local and international students, so it can guarantee that it can you an outstanding experience of studying mental health and related programs.

A lot of Austrian educational institutions offer mental health, psychology, psychiatry, and other related programs, and they are open in various degrees. You will also be fascinated with the quality of life that Austria has. Universities such as the University of Vienna and the Medical University of Vienna have degrees related to mental health.

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3. Canada

  • Reason: Quality medical education, outstanding universities, a good international community, a wide range of job opportunities

Going to North America, Canada is one of the best countries to study mental health as it has an excellent mental health care industry. This country actively promotes mental health in multiple ways, and they have various services relating to it. As an international student here, you’ll be thoroughly exposed to their growing industry.

Plus, Canada is a popular destination for international students taking science and medical-related programs. With this, you can expect that you’ll build an excellent foundation in mental health. They have programs in undergraduate or graduate degrees related to mental health, and students interested in this field are welcome. Canadian educational institutions boast of their highly-regarded quality of teaching and research.

You can take psychology or mental health nursing at Canadian universities. If you’re considering a program in this field, you can consider entering the University of Winnipeg and Trent University.

4. Australia

  • Reason: A lot of employment opportunities, high-quality student learning, and research

Aside from breathtaking natural places and vibrant cities, Australia is another top country to consider if you’re taking a degree in mental health. This country has a good environment for international students as they offer outstanding higher education.

Medical and science education in Australian universities is highly respected as they provide training, education, and research to students to maximize their learning experience. Same with mental health education in Australia, these universities have well-built and designed programs to train these future mental health professionals.

As a whole, mental health in Australia is well promoted, and many universities have mental health services offered to people. So, if you’re taking a degree in mental health, psychology, or other related programs, you’ll have good exposure in the field. Universities such as The University of Melbourne offer various undergraduate and graduate programs in psychology, counseling, and other mental health-related programs.

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5. The Netherlands

  • Reason: Innovative education, affordable tuition fees, world-class teaching, and education.

If you want to have a degree in mental health education in the European continent with a limited budget, you can consider applying to a Dutch university. The Netherlands is among the best countries to study mental health and has an outstanding reputation for providing higher education in various fields such as medicine, science, and more.

If you want to focus on mental health, you can consider enrolling in psychology, nursing, or other health-related programs. Dutch universities have an excellent background in producing professionals in the field as they train students comprehensively in their field. The mental health care industry in The Netherlands is innovative, and they provide various services to their people. As you study here, you’ll develop the skills you need in this profession.

You can check Utrecht University and Leiden University for psychology and mental health-related programs.


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