Argentina is known for being the Paris of South America for its natural beauty, nightlife, and cultural scenes. It has been a popular choice for education, attracting less than 100,000 international students coming every year. Students immerse themselves in Latin American culture while benefiting from quality education and affordable cost of living.

If you’re thinking about pursuing your education in Argentina, you may need a student visa to study. A student visa is a document required to allow international students to enter and study for less or more than 365 days in Argentina. The process of getting a student visa depends on your study program and citizenship. Listed below are the general requirements and steps on how to obtain a student visa in Argentina to start your Latin America journey.

What documents do you need to apply for a student visa in Argentina?

Check the list of embassies and consulates of Argentina to know if you need a student visa or not and the country-specific requirements. There are two types of student visas depending on the length of stay: visa for -365 days and visa for +365 days. Generally, whether you need a student visa for studies less or more than 365 days, you’ll need these requirements below:

  • a completed and signed visa application form
  • course or program of study
  • student data in the National Directorate of Migration filed by your school
  • your school should be registered with the National Registry of Petitioners and have an inscription number through the Foreign Applicants of Argentina (RENUE)
  • a valid passport with at least six months validity and two blank pages
  • two 4x4cm recent photographs with a white background
  • proof of financial means such as bank statements and credit card statements
  • for students 16 and above staying for more than six months, an apostilled certificate of good conduct and a sworn affidavit of criminal record must be obtained
  • pay the consular fee for -365 days ($150) or +365($250)
  • pay migration fee for studies of +365 days
  • an authorization by both parents and assigned tutor in Argentina for minor international students
  • consular interview

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How much money do you need for an Argentina Student Visa?

The cost of a student visa in consuls outside Argentina is paid in local currency amounting to $150 for -365 days and $250 for +365 days. In addition, a migration fee is also required for those staying for more than 365 days. Expediting your visa application is also possible for an additional $40 rush fee.

Aside from the student visa fees, you need to have enough financial resources to support your studies in Argentina. A document showing several months of bank and credit card statements must be provided. If you are studying under a scholarship, grant, or loan, you need to show proper documents to prove your financial capacity.

Steps on Applying for a Student Visa in Argentina

1. Obtain an acceptance letter from your educational institution in Argentina

As part of the Argentina student visa requirements, you need to obtain an official letter of acceptance or enrollment from the educational institution you applied for in Argentina. Before you can get an acceptance letter, the school needs to get approval from the Dirección Nacional de Migraciones, which then the Dirección Nacional de Migraciones will also notify your consulate about the approval. Once you have an acceptance letter, you can submit this along with other required documents to your consulate.

2. Choose your consulate

For more information on country-specific requirements, you can find your consulate from the list of embassies and consulates worldwide. Your consulate will assist and guide you throughout your application. Choose a consulate that is within your permanent address.

If the consulate is far from where you live, be sure to make travel arrangements months before your application and the intended date of the study. After choosing the right consulate for your application, you may need to inform your school in Argentina about the application process.

3. Gather all required documents

Documents may vary by consulate and country. Complete all necessary requirements ahead of time as some documents may need time to fulfil. You can find all required documents on your consular’s website or contact them via phone call or email.

When completing forms, make sure to type or write legibly in block letters. Remember, all information and documents must be true and correct as errors or false data can deny you a visa. Moreover, some documents for the Argentina student visa may need to be notarized and translated, so be sure to do them earlier to prevent delays in your application.

It is also worth mentioning that completing the required documents still does not guarantee an approved visa as it highly depends on your standing and if the consulate sees it fit.

4. Make an appointment at the consulate and submit all documents

The next step is making an appointment for an interview if needed. If your consulate requires a personal appearance, you will need to select an interview day and time. It is recommended to apply for a student visa at least 90 days before your program start date.

Some countries may require you to submit all your documents on your interview day, whereas some may ask you to send in or drop off your application first before you are given an appointment. To learn more about your consulate’s visa application process, visit or call them to inquire.

5. Wait for the student visa to be approved

The entire Argentina student visa application process can last for several weeks, thus, it is advisable to apply months ahead prior to departure. Upon getting a student visa, the long wait is over and you can start preparing for your flight.

6. Check for vaccination and travel requirements

Read about recent travel health notices about health issues in Argentina before leaving. Although not mandatory, there are health protocols like vaccinations to prevent the spread of diseases. If you plan to get vaccinated, visit your doctor a month before your flight to give you time to recover from the vaccine side effects.


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