If you’re interested in designing places, choosing furniture, and beautifying them, you can choose interior design as your major in college. Interior designers have various opportunities, and globally speaking, we can expect a significant need for them in the future, as housing and buildings continue to rise.

Internationally, more and more colleges and universities offer interior design programs. Since they see a growing potential in this field, educational institutions promote these programs with solid theoretical backgrounds, intensive training, and competent teaching to fully educate these future interior designers.

Lastly, you can study abroad to maximize your education in this field. Taking interior design programs abroad will widen your perspective as a designer. You’ll go to different places and see various designs in a country. But what country should you study? In this article, let’s talk about the best countries to learn interior design.

Which Country is Best for Studying Interior Design?

For international students, the United Kingdom would be the best country for studying interior design due to its world-class research and top-notch curriculum. Taught by top-ranking universities, the interior design programs offered by the country of England are probably one of the most competitive programs in the world.

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Best Countries to Study Interior Design

1. England

  • Reasons: Outstanding Research, World-Class Universities, Broad Choice of Programs

One of the best countries to study interior design is England. If you’re looking forward to studying on the European continent, England will be one of your best options because it’s near London – a city made with historic museums, shops, and other institutions. As an interior design major, you’ll be exposed to the most famous places in the world.

Another reason is that England is the home of world-class universities, producing outstanding research and quality teaching. If you’re looking for a specific major, England also offers a broad range of programs. The University of the Arts London is one of the leading universities for Arts in Europe and globally. On the other hand, the Royal College of Art is considered the top university globally for art programs, including interior design.

2. Japan

  • Reasons: Excellent Higher Educational System, Innovative Educational Facilities, Programs in English

Going to the Asian side, Japan is known for its historical yet modernized mixture of houses. Since this country is innovative and technologically advanced with its high value for education, its schools have educational facilities equipped with modernization. Interior design students experience hands-on training from their mentors and nurture their skills in Arts.

The good thing about Japanese universities is that they also offer English-taught programs designed for international students wanting to study in the country. For example, the ICS College Of Arts in Tokyo is an interior design school established in 1963, and they are the first interior designer in the country. Also, Kyoto Seika University offers interior design and related programs.

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3. Spain

  • Reasons: Affordable Tuition Fees, Multicultural Lifestyle, Real-Life Learning Experiences

If you want to study in a European country with a limited budget, Spain is a good country to study interior design, as it offers affordable tuitions fee without sacrificing the quality of education. Spain is regarded as one of the most famous countries for international students. Taking an interior design program in this country will widen your perspective as this country is multicultural, and you’ll be exposed to a Westernized style.

Also, the international student community in Spain is enormous, so you can expect to adapt easily. For their educational institutions, they offer various degrees and programs in interior design. For example, Ramon Llull University in Barcelona, Spain, offers private spaces, interior architecture, and other related fields.

4. Italy

  • Reason: Strong Educational System, English-Taught Programs, Student-Friendly Environment

With a rich culture, history, and influence in Arts, Italy is a good option if you take art-related programs, specifically interior design. For this field, Italy is known for its furniture industry, and as an international student, you’ll have the chance to visit furniture companies and learn from them. Being trained in a world-renowned university in interior design will help your future career.

Moreover, Italian colleges and institutions are taught in the English language, and they have a strong educational system made for local and international students. Since arts is one of Italy’s famous programs, they have many universities and colleges you can choose from. One example, the Florence Institute of Design International offers a variety of programs of different degrees, and it’s taught in the English language. The Istituto Europeo di Design has a set of programs related to design, and it has a good reputation.

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5. China

  • Reasons: More Job Opportunities, Internationally Recognized Degrees, Innovative Learning Facilities

China is an ideal country to study and work as an interior designer. If you’re looking forward to broadening your education and career, this country offers students many educational experiences. Since China has made innovative changes in various fields, including housing, infrastructure, and education, you can expect more job opportunities after graduation.

Chinese universities such as Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Shanghai International College of Fashion and Innovation have interior design and related programs. They have English – taught programs, and they are located in a business-centered place in China.

6. Turkey

  • Reasons: Cheap Tuition Fees, High Ranking Universities, Crossroads of Culture

A part of the Middle East region, Turkey, has world-class educational institutions that produce local and international graduates in various fields. Additionally, tuition fees are cheaper in this country. As an interior student, you’ll see how art affects their culture, different design perspectives, and more practical learnings. At the end of your interior design program here, you’ll hone the skills and knowledge you need for the field.

The Istanbul Medipol University is a private university in Istanbul that offers interior design and related programs. One good reason to study here is because of its location. It’s near Istanbul – considered one of the oldest cities in the country that reflects history and culture.

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7. Cyprus

  • Reasons: Internationally Recognized Universities, High Graduation Rates

The third-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus, is a part of the European continent. This country is known for its natural beauty. But aside from that, Cyprus has a good standing in providing quality higher education to local and international students. Interior design majors experience learning through theory and practice. As a result, Cyprus is one of the leading countries to study interior design.

The Cyprus International University has specializations in interior both for undergraduate and graduate degrees, and it is the leading university in the country. They also have local and European accreditations showing that their programs are internationally recognized.


I hope this article on the best countries to study interior design was informative and insightful. Make sure to also check out Available Design Programs for International Students!

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