For the past decades, digital marketing has been a fast-growing industry. Since more and more companies are moving together with the internet, digital marketing is forecasted to increase globally. If you have entrepreneurial skills and are curious about how digital marketing works, you can take a degree in this field!

More than that, digital marketing can open many opportunities for your career. This field is broad, so you’ll have more options for specializations, and you can work in various industries. Globally speaking, more and more industries utilize digital marketing for their services and products.

To leverage your digital marketing degree, you can study abroad! A degree in another country can take your experience and career path to a high level. Aside from the benefit of traveling, you’ll have more exposure in the field. But what country should you choose? Let’s talk about some of the best countries for digital marketing!

Which Specialty has the Highest Demand in Digital Marketing?

While digital marketing is one of the most in-demand jobs in the world, understanding which specialty has the highest demand will help you narrow down the course to pursue. Generally, the highest in-demand specialties in digital marketing include Pay-per-click managers, SEO Specialists, Content Strategists, Marketing Analysts, and Digital Project Managers. With that in mind, you can check out our available Marketing courses on our Open Courses Page to enhance your knowledge and skills in digital marketing.

Do I Need a Bank Account Abroad as an International Student?

Of course! Although you still have the option to deal with a bank located in your home country, all your transactions will be treated as international transactions resulting in the incurrence of a lot of fees. Whether you are studying in Europe, Asia, or North America, you are not short of options. Your first option is to open an account at a local bank. International students face some issues with these banks as they sometimes ask for proof of residence or a deposit which you might not have access to immediately after arriving in your destination country. One globally trusted bank that allows you to make a multi-currency account while you are still residing in your home country is Wise. They are a great option for international students for two main reasons: they charge no fees for opening and holding an account and have the best currency exchange rates for students who are converting from one currency to another. Try out Wise now and join hundreds of thousands of satisfied international students.

Top Countries to Study Digital Marketing 

1. Canada

  • Reason: broad learning and work opportunities, strong digital marketing industry, comprehensive education, highly respected universities

Canada’s digital marketing and advertising industry are one of the largest globally. They have a huge online advertisement and marketing economy. Yearly, more and more companies are using digital marketing in the country. As a vast and developing field, it can open a lot of opportunities for digital marketing students.

When it comes to Canada’s higher education, they have a strong reputation for it. This country is popular among international students as it promotes top-notch quality teaching, training, and research. Digital marketing programs in Canadian educational institutions are built with a strong foundation in the industry. They are equipped with various comprehensive courses to make sure that they will hone their skills and knowledge.

Another reason why they should study in Canada is that there are many growth opportunities. As mentioned earlier, Canada’s digital marketing is growing bigger, so it can offer unlimited opportunities for graduates. You’ll have an excellent start in the field. Institutions like York University and Centennial College have degrees and specializations in digital marketing!

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2. United States of America

  • Reason: world-class universities, robust digital marketing economy, quality learning, more specializations

Home to some multinational digital marketing agencies and companies, the United States of America (USA) is one of the best countries to study digital marketing. Since this country has a high revenue in the field, they are one of the fast-paced industries in the country. With their huge companies and agencies, the scope of digital marketing in the country is big.

Combined with its strong digital marketing industry, the USA holds some of the best universities globally. Digital marketing programs in American universities produce graduates who highly excel in the field. They are built with a multidisciplinary approach, so it guarantees that they can give you a broader perspective and experience in the field. These programs will help you build your skill set and competencies in a fast-growing industry.

Also, American institutions can give you more specific majors, especially at the graduate level. You’ll have a lot of options in choosing specializations. For example, Pace University in New York has a master’s degree in Social Media and Mobile Marketing. Other institutions, such as The George Washington University, offer some programs in digital marketing.

3. Germany

  • Reason: thriving digital marketing industry, wide career choices, excellent higher education, affordable tuition fees

Over the years, Germany has had a thriving digital marketing industry. Reports show that there is growth in online and advertisement businesses, and today, there are a lot of German experts in the field. This shows that Germany has fully welcomed the concept of digital marketing as it continues to grow. As an international student taking digital marketing here, you’ll be a part of a growing industry, and it can leverage your experience.

Moving forward with their higher education, Germany takes pride in the highest quality of education they provide. German universities are known for their engineering, science, and technology-related programs, and more than that, they also have an excellent background in digital marketing education. Additionally, German institutions are more affordable than other European countries.

Since Germany is one of the best countries to study digital marketing, you can expect that you’ll have a broad career path as you gain more experience in the field. Educational institutions such as the University of Europe for Applied Sciences and the Berlin School of Business and Innovation.

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4. France

  • Reason: internationalized digital marketing industry, quality higher education, an outstanding community for foreign students

Recognized for its fashion, culture, and arts, France has been a popular destination for international students. Since they have an excellent quality of life and education, more and more students consider studying here yearly. But, if you’re taking a digital marketing degree, France can accommodate you and give you the experience and training you need in the field.

France is known for its elegant and luxurious companies such as Louis Vuitton, L’Oréal Paris, and more. As a digital marketing major here, you can gain a lot of experience in the field, and you’ll see how the marketing industry works in these companies. You’ll have a global perspective in the digital marketing and advertising industry.

French institutions are globally acknowledged as they produce experts in the industry. You can consider entering EDC Paris Business School for digital marketing and related degrees.

5. Malaysia

  • Reason: rapidly growing digital marketing industry, internationally recognized degrees, English-taught programs.

If you want to study in Asia, you can consider Malaysia. This Southeast Asian country is a good choice for digital marketing students because it offers internationally recognized degrees. Malaysian institutions have excellent backgrounds in various fields, and they will provide comprehensive training and lectures in your program.

Additionally, in terms of work or internships, you can start a good digital marketing career here. Since a lot of Malaysian companies are moving with digital marketing for their services and products, they can give you more experience in the field.

With Malaysia being an excellent place to study digital marketing, you can check out the Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation in Kuala Lumpur for digital marketing programs.

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