Do you want to enter the field of engineering? One branch of this discipline, manufacturing engineering, is continuously growing, and the demand for these engineers is expected to go up. If you’re an incoming engineering student, you can consider this field as it can open many doors for your education and employment.

Manufacturing engineers focus on creating, designing, and improving the system and production of an item. To make it short, these engineers handle the production of products that you see in the market. A big thanks to them, we get high-quality products.

A degree in manufacturing engineering will require you to develop skills and competencies in the field. One way to leverage your engineering education is to study abroad. A lot of universities worldwide offer degrees in manufacturing engineering. In this article, let’s talk about the best countries to go to as you take manufacturing engineering!

Top Countries to Study Manufacturing Engineering

1. Canada

Canada is a top country to study manufacturing engineering because the engineering and manufacturing industries have an excellent standing in this country. Since this North American country is a leader in science and innovation, we can say that these industries are continuously growing and advancing. Engineers in the country are in-demand, and many opportunities are awaiting them, including manufacturing engineering. There is a constant demand for engineers in Canada, and students taking engineering programs have a high chance of being employed here.

In terms of education, Canada’s top universities are highly-regarded because of their performance in research, training, and teaching. The universities also offer scholarships to international students who choose Canada as their destination country for studies. Manufacturing engineering studies are offered in various Canadian institutions, and each year, thousands of local and international students take a degree in engineering. Engineering schools in Canada are equipped with innovative facilities to provide a higher quality of learning.

Specifically, manufacturing engineering programs in Canada are built with a strong curriculum. As they offer these engineering studies, students are highly exposed to the country’s manufacturing and engineering industries and have broad employment options. Universities such as The University of British Columbia and the Ontario Tech University have undergraduate and graduate programs in manufacturing engineering.

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2. Germany

Going to Europe, Germany is another excellent country to consider if you want to take a degree in manufacturing engineering. Both manufacturing and engineering sectors in Germany are advancing as they make up most of their economy. Additionally, some of the top engineering companies in the world are located in Germany. As an engineering student here, you’ll be widely exposed to these companies, opening many career paths.

German universities are also known for their performance in engineering education. They are home to the world’s best engineering universities. As Germany continues to advance in technology, the engineering education they promote is also highly recognized for being innovative. Manufacturing engineering programs in the country have a good reputation.

Another advantage of studying in Germany is the low cost of tuition fees. Here, you’ll receive the highest quality of engineering education in a European country without costing a lot. They also have a supportive international community. The University of Stuttgart has degrees and programs in manufacturing engineering, and they are one of the leading institutions in the country. Another university, South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences, also offers manufacturing engineering and related programs.

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3. United States of America

It’s undeniable that the United States is an excellent choice for future manufacturing engineers. As this country has a highly developed educational system and a strong engineering sector, they have provided an excellent engineering education for local and international students.

With an outstanding educational background, the USA continues to attract thousands of students globally to enter engineering. USA’s best institutions are highly ranked on global scales, proving their excellence in teaching and research. Also, if you’re looking for some unique specializations, you can consider this country because their universities offer a wide range of degrees or programs, especially in manufacturing engineering.

As you graduate from an American engineering school, you’ll have plenty of career paths or job opportunities open for you. Having a manufacturing engineering degree in this country will leverage your studies. Some universities, such as the University of California, Berkeley, and Georgia Institute of Technology, have undergraduate and graduate programs in manufacturing engineering.

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4. China

Moving to the Asian continent, China is an excellent destination for students wanting to take a degree in manufacturing engineering. China’s manufacturing industry is big, making it one of the top contributors to its economy. They have a huge impact on the global market.

When it comes to their higher education, Chinese top engineering schools are known to produce highly-qualified engineers. These professionals have played a huge role in several industries, including manufacturing. Chinese universities mold these future manufacturing engineers comprehensively, giving out the best training for them.

If you’re considering China as your next study destination for your manufacturing engineering degree, you can consider Xi’an Jiaotong University and Harbin Institute of Technology. These are some of China’s top universities with manufacturing engineering and other related programs.

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5. Netherlands

Neighboring Germany and Belgium, the Netherlands offer excellent manufacturing and related programs. As a whole, this country has a well-developed engineering industry, so students taking programs in this field have an assurance that they’ll receive a quality engineering education.

Dutch universities take pride in their top-performing higher education, and for the past years, they have produced engineers in the field that have worked locally and globally. These universities have a long record of teaching, training, and generating research in engineering.

If you’re an undergraduate student taking a manufacturing engineering degree, you’ll have plenty of great Dutch universities to choose from. After graduation, you’ll also have many work opportunities in this country. Engineers are easily employed in the country because they have an outstanding engineering industry that offers many career paths. For manufacturing engineering and related programs, you can consider the University of Twente and University of Groningen.

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To summarize everything, Manufacturing Engineering is a great study option to consider for anyone interested in pursuing engineering in an in-demand field. Pursuing your engineering studies abroad is a sure way to get some added advantage and prepare yourself for a career in a country of your choosing, or even your home country. While you consider the countries we have listed for you, you can also check out our list of best manufacturing engineering schools in the world to help you narrow down your search.


We hope that this article on Best Countries to Study Manufacturing Engineering Abroad was helpful. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs for International Students to learn more!

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