There is a broad range of study programs under the field of Broadcasting. It might be a little confusing because many of these programs provide different names, so one would have to thoroughly check with the institution if the specific study program offered in their institution is aligned with your chosen career path. Broadcasting degrees can be a subfield of Mass Communications or even Journalism. Many universities around the globe provide combined-degree programs for these areas of study. Nevertheless, obtaining a degree from these study programs will land similar careers.

However, for students who want to pursue an industry-specific career and want to acquire essential skills, it is best to research and check information with the institution before enrolling in a degree program.

The following countries listed below offer a wide range of broadcasting study programs. Most of them have distinct names attached to the program. Others provide double-degree or study programs with minor specializations. Depending on the student’s goals, there is undoubtedly a suitable study program for every student. In this article, we will be looking at the best countries to study broadcasting programs!

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Is Broadcasting a Marketable Course?

Yes it is! Broadcasting is highly marketable especially for those passionate and greatly interested in the field. As broadcasting usually involves journalism and mass communication, most of those that specialize in broadcasting tend to be paid a lot depending on how much their productions are purchased in any of its form. Many universities and other institutions offer programs and courses for those who are interested in studying broadcasting. You can browse through all our available courses  to help you with making your decision on what you would want to study based on your interests.

Top Countries to Study Broadcasting Abroad

1. Singapore

  • Reasons: universities have partnered with renowned universities abroad, technologically advanced facilities, and English-taught programs

Singapore is a top country to consider when studying broadcasting as it has a lot to offer in terms of providing good quality education to its local and international students. Comprehensive study programs equipped with technologically advanced facilities make Singapore ahead in the Asian region and other countries in the world. Universities are highly ranked due to their quality of education and wide range of industry-specific study programs. These institutions have partnered with renowned universities abroad, making their degree programs internationally recognized. The main aim of these institutions is to produce highly skilled professionals. That is why most of them only provide intensive programs to develop students’ critical thinking and core competencies.

International students will be delighted as Singapore offer a variety of English-taught programs. This can be a gateway to many opportunities, such as furthering their studies abroad and the chance to work in an international setting.

Students who wish to pursue a career in Communication and Broadcasting can check Nanyang Technological University, Management Development Institute of Singapore, and Lasalle College of Arts.

2. the Netherlands

  • Reasons: Dutch teaching approach, multiculturism, and excellent quality of education

The Dutch people regularly welcome international students into their country. As many of you may have known, the Netherlands embraces multiculturism. The Dutch are interconnected with other cultures, making it easier for ex-pats and international students to adapt to the Dutch lifestyle quickly. The Netherlands is an excellent country to consider if you want to study broadcasting. Also, what captivates foreigners into the country is that locals are generally friendly and happy people. What’s more to ask than engaging with locals and not worrying about if you have offended them or not.

Furthermore, students studying in the country means obtaining an internationally recognized degree that will help boost their professional portfolio. The country is known for its Dutch teaching approach, where basically it is interactive and student-centered. Students are entitled to their own opinions, and their mindset is not limited to the knowledge acquired academically. They can freely express themselves, making them more creative individuals and critical thinkers, ultimately reflecting their best version of their future professional self. This way of learning is very beneficial for Communication and Broadcasting students where communication and thinking skills are gradually developed.

Aspiring students pursuing broadcasting careers should consider checking the following universities: the University of Groningen, the University of Amsterdam, and Erasmus University Rotterdam. These universities have a long-standing reputation as being reputable institutions in the Netherlands.

3. the United States

  • Reasons: internationally recognized universities, work opportunities, and internships aligned to the field of study

One good step in achieving the American dream is to study in the US. Studying broadcasting in the US will help students attain their goals and aspirations in the field. Moreover, since big and sought-after companies are located in the country, there is a massive possibility for students to get accepted and take internships in one of their dream companies. Furthermore, obtaining a degree program will lead to numerous work opportunities, and eventually, graduates will start living the American dream, at least for some. As for individuals who want to venture into another country, carrying a degree from a top university in the US will get you places and secure higher positions in the industry of choice.

Continuing to a more specific area of study, aspiring students pursuing a Broadcasting degree will view the US as a haven of countless opportunities with big and famous broadcasting and media networks such as NBC, FOX, CNN, and CBS located just around the corner. As everyone would know, public and private universities in the US provide a high standard of education. And with this in mind, any university would mostly do for international students. However, it is still nice to check and aspire to study in much better schools that are regionally or internationally recognized. Such as these following universities: Boston University, Syracuse University, Michigan State University, University of Southern California, and Columbia University.

4. Austria

  • Reasons: various programs taught in English, practice-oriented learning approach, and latest and innovative study programs

Prospective students across the globe are elated to know that various study programs at all levels offered in Austria are taught in English. However, bear in mind that although many universities offer English-taught programs, some of these institutions, especially those who would enroll in the undergraduate programs, would require students to prove their German language proficiency, being it as one of the basic requirements to be admitted to an Austrian university.

One of the key features of studying in Austria is that the innovative degree programs offered by the Austrian universities are integrated with the practice-oriented approach in learning. Though these institutions will supply students with numerous practice-based training and workshops, some courses will still use the traditional study approach, which is vital in developing students’ specific skills.

All the significant features stated are informative for students who wish to take up a Broadcasting degree in Austria. Keeping this information in mind, here are some suitable universities offering comprehensive study programs in Broadcasting: the University of Vienna, the University of Klagenfurt, and the University of Innsbruck.

5. Germany

  • Reasons: low to zero cost of tuition fees, and internationally recognized universities and study programs

One of the primary reasons students opt to study in Germany would probably be that public universities offer free tuition fees even for international students. While private institutions are not free, they offer relatively low tuition fees. Also, the higher education system in the country is highly prioritized; renowned universities are scattered across the country, providing study programs from undergraduate to postgraduate levels that are well structured and designed explicitly for each concentration. Indeed, this is every student’s ideal destination to achieve their goals.

The country may have been every student’s ideal destination but let’s also consider that German is the primary mode of instruction for most universities. So, for those students who have chosen Germany as their country to study, it is best to learn the official language as early as possible to be admitted to one of its prestigious schools.

Germany is one of the best countries that offer broadcasting programs, and there are many comprehensive study programs in the country. One of the country’s pride in producing successful professionals is in the field of Mass Communication and Broadcasting. For prospective students who aspire to become professionals in the same field, they may choose one of these universities that provides top-notch education: the LMU Munich and the University of Bonn.


I hope that this article on Best Countries to Study Broadcasting Abroad was helpful. If you are interested in learning more about studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students!

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