Another exciting field of study to consider is biotechnology. If you like biology, physics, chemistry, and other branches of science and technology, you can take biotechnology and related programs in your college and graduate school. A big thanks to biotechnology, more studies about health and medicine were done to improve people’s lives.

More than health and medicine, a biotechnologist can work in various industries. Since they have a large scope, they can be employed in different settings. As an incoming biotechnology student, you’ll have a big room for growth in this field. You can work in different fields, contribute to research, and more.

As you start your education in biotechnology, you can consider studying abroad to widen your experience and perspective. But what country should you go to? In this article, we listed down some of the best countries to study biotechnology abroad!

Why Should You Choose a Career in Biotechnology?

Biotechnology is a relatively new discipline, and the market for biotechnologists is not as competitive as other STEM disciplines. It is a field of science for those who are interested in genetics, biology, and even medicine. If you have always dreamt about partaking in contributing innovating technology that will have a positive impact on people’s lives, this field is the one for you. Unfortunately, our courses database is yet to include any Biotechnology Courses, but it is consistently updated, so make sure to check back soon or visit our Open Courses Page for programs that might pique your interest.

Top Countries to Study Biotechnology Abroad

1. Denmark

  • Reason: High educational standards, innovative country, top-rated universities, highly performing science and technology industry

For the past decades, Denmark has established its reputation in education, medicine, technology, and science-related industries. In 2019, Denmark was acknowledged as the best European country for biotechnology research, and they have gained attention in the field as they have an extensive research field. If you’re an aspiring biotechnology major, Denmark is definitely a great place to study biotechnology.

More than that, Denmark is known for its high educational standards, and it is acknowledged globally. With this, we can expect that you’ll have a good start in your studies. Many international students in the country are highly satisfied with the quality of education they’re receiving. Biotechnology programs in Danish universities are well-promoted, and they have been recognized for their expertise in the field.

As you consider Denmark for your biotechnology degree, you’ll develop the skills and knowledge you need in the field. Danish universities have a long tradition of providing education in life sciences and technology-related fields. The Technical University of Denmark and the University of Copenhagen offer biotechnology and related programs.

2. United States of America (USA)

  • Reason: Wide range of specializations, leading industries of science and technology, world-class universities, various work opportunities

Recognized for its advanced field of medicine, science, and technology, the United States of America (USA) is an excellent option for students wanting to study biotechnology abroad. Since the USA is one of the leading innovative countries, studying biotechnology here will give you the best experience and perspective in the field. The advancement of the USA’s biotechnology and biomedical fields has a global impact, and as a biotechnology major here, you’ll receive a world-class education.

Another reason to study in the USA is that they have the top-performing universities globally. These American educational institutions are recognized globally in various industries, including biotechnology. You’ll also have a lot of options in choosing a university here, and they also have a wide range of specializations in the field. Being enrolled in an American institution will take your education to the next level.

After your graduation, there are a lot of work opportunities for you as a biotechnologist. Since they have a lot of biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and other companies, you can be employed in various settings. If you’re looking for an American university to study Biotechnology, you can check Johns Hopkins University and the University of Pennsylvania.

3. Germany

  • Reason: Affordable tuition fees, excellent biotechnology research field, top-performing universities, state-of-the-art facilities

Moving to Central Europe, Germany is another excellent country to study biotechnology. This country is highly recognized for its expertise in biotechnology, and they have a lot of biotechnology companies globally known. As an international student majoring in biotechnology, you’ll develop the skills and competencies you need in the field.

Moreover, German universities have a consistent position in global rankings, indicating their excellent performance in providing education and training to students in various fields. Biotechnology and related programs in German educational institutions are recognized for their research and training as they produce studies in the field.

German institutions also have modernized facilities and equipment for teaching and research, and you’ll have good exposure to their biotechnology programs. German universities such as Heidelberg University and the Technical University of Munich offer biotechnology and related programs. You can also enjoy their affordable tuition fees!

4. China

China’s biotechnology industry has been rapidly growing for the past years. As an innovative country, the development of biotechnology and its products has been increasing, contributing to a larger scale. More and more biotech products were created and released in the market.

In combination with their growing biotechnology industry, Chinese universities offer highly-respected biotechnology and related programs. These universities have an excellent background in the science and technology field, assuring students that they will gain an internationally recognized degree. They have laboratories built for research and learning, and students get to maximize these resources.

Peking University will be one of your options in choosing a Chinese university to enter. They have a well-respected biotechnology school, and they have an excellent set of instructors and professors in the field.

5. Australia

  • Reason: High-quality education, high student satisfaction, growing biotechnology industry, work opportunities

Lastly, Australia is another one of the best countries in the world to study biotechnology. The biotechnology industry in Australia is continuously growing, and with this industry, there are a lot of employment opportunities. You’ll have a good start in Australia.

Moving with their education, Australia is a popular place for international students. From the quality of living to education, this country offers a good student life. They have high student satisfaction. Many international students enjoy their studies here and continue their education. Biotechnology programs in Australian universities are highly acknowledged for their teaching, training, and research performance.

As a biotechnology student here, you’ll experience an innovative approach to teaching and training while building your skillset and competencies. Educational institutions such as the University of Western Australia and the Deakin University have programs and specializations in biotechnology. You can check these universities to know your options!


May this article on the best countries to study biotechnology abroad be a big help to you. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs for International Students to find out more! 

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