If you’re alive in 2022, you’ve almost certainly taken medicine or undergone medical treatment at some point in your life. This can be relatively minor, such as taking paracetamol to cure a headache, or life-altering, like a cancer treatment program.

Many people don’t realize that all these advancements go through an incredibly rigorous trial process and that most products don’t make it through. As a clinical researcher, it will be your job to test a variety of medical tools to figure out which ones are safe and effective.

To work in clinical research, you’ll need skills that a regular medical degree won’t necessarily give you. Here is a list of the seven best schools with programs specifically in clinical research in the world!

Which Countries Provide the Best Job Opportunities for Clinical Research?

The US is widely deemed to be the best country for clinical research, boasting a developed research infrastructure and diverse population which allows for a broad range of study participants, thus enhancing the generalizability of trial results. Canada is another choice worthy of consideration for those wishing to pursue higher education in clinical research. Unfortunately, we currently don’t have any available courses about Clinical Research. Nevertheless, we are constantly updating our content, and we urge you to revisit our website for the latest updates. In the meantime, you can browse our Open Courses Page for courses that may be of interest to you.

Top Clinical Research Schools

1. Harvard University

While there are lots of great medical programs out there, Harvard is the most prestigious university that offers a clinical research program in the world. The Master of Medical Sciences in Clinical Investigation teaches students to work collaboratively to drive the creation of medical solutions. It involves plenty of theoretical training and lab work.

While the program normally takes two years to complete, Harvard offers prospective students who can’t afford to take time off from their medical careers to study part-time for three years. The program is residential, which means that students spend their entire time living and working with clinical research.

At the PhD level, Harvard’s Biological and Biomedical Sciences program allows students to specialize in therapeutics. This trains them in both the development and testing of new clinical tools.

2. University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is another top institution for clinical research in the world and is widely considered the best university in Australia. Its Master of Clinical Research is normally catered to those who are already medical practitioners and thus is only offered on a part-time basis.

If you don’t feel ready to go for a full degree program, Melbourne University offers a graduate certificate, specialist certificate, and diploma in clinical research are shorter-term programs that give you an insight into the field.

A master’s degree at Melbourne University is a great pathway to a PhD program here. As an aspiring clinical researcher, the degree in Medical Biology is a versatile program that lets you do research into new treatments.

3. University of Sydney

The University of Sydney’s Master of Clinical Trials Research is run by the NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre, which is a research hub dedicated to improving the quality of global research. Students can network with industry practitioners from all over the world and are exposed to real-world issues daily.

The practical experience you’ll gain at Sydney University will make you extremely employable. Moreover, if you want to work in academia, the NHMRC Clinical regularly publishes research, so you can get a head start by contributing to papers.

As this program is directed at those who are full-time medical professionals, it is offered entirely online. This is also ideal for students who don’t live in Sydney as you won’t need to relocate.

4. Washington University in St. Louis

Washington University in St. Louis is a prestigious private institution in the US and among the best schools for clinical research globally. It offers several programs for those interested in working with clinical research. If you want to learn about the nuts and bolts of conducting trials, the Master of Science in Clinical Investigation is for you.

If you want to work on the managerial side, Washington University offers a program in clinical research management. Here, you’ll learn about how clinical trials work but also learn about ethics, the law, and more. Uniquely, this program is offered as both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree.

Washington University also offers short training programs at all levels of education to those who want to add to their knowledge of clinical research.

5. University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh is a leading university for clinical research in the world that offers a Master of Science in Clinical Trials to practicing health professionals which gives students an overview of both the management and the practice of conducting clinical research. This program is only offered online. For those who are not ready to commit to a full degree or are majoring in another field but are interested in the field, the university also offers courses individually.

The University of Edinburgh also offers a PhD in Medical Sciences & Translational Research. While this is a broader program than the master’s degree, students are given the freedom to choose what to research.

6. New York University

New York University has a deserved reputation as one of the top medical schools and clinical research schools in the world. NYU’s Master of Science in Clinical Research is offered by its renowned School of Dentistry. This being the case, teaching and research opportunities lean strongly towards dentistry. However, this program also welcomes those who are interested in other areas.

While there is no dedicated bachelor’s program for clinical research, students at the College of Arts & Science can study for a joint Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science in Clinical Research. Under this program, you’ll need to take courses both at CAS and the School of Dentistry and take six credits in clinical research during your bachelor’s degree.

7. Erasmus University Rotterdam

Erasmus University’s Research Master’s in Clinical Research is offered by its Medical Center, which acts both as a hospital and a research hub, and is a recognized clinical research school across the globe. As a student here, you’ll work with real doctors and patients in a state-of-the-art medical facility.

The clinical research degree combines education inpatient care with rigorous research training. The program is also largely interdisciplinary and introduces students to fields like epidemiology and biostatistics.

As the name suggests, the Research Master’s degree leans heavily on research. To be a student here, you’ll need to enjoy working independently and proactively. If you have a research topic in mind, Erasmus University is a great fit.


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