Education studies the process of giving and receiving instructions between instructors and students. The educational degree entails a complex mix of theoretical knowledge in the history, anthropology, sociology, and economics of education, with some applied knowledge in psychology and human development, and practical courses on teaching methods.

Since when institutions have started improving the process of providing systematic education to elevate their respective disciplines, many universities have also focused on improving the actual process of instruction as its discipline. Only a few institutions have successfully excelled in the study above others. Here are some of the top education schools worldwide.

Top Education Schools in the World

1. Stanford University

Stanford University started in 1885 and officially opened in 1891 as an initiative of California Senator Leland Stanford and his wife, Jane Stanford. Stanford was created to improve humanity and civilization by empowering the people through education.

Stanford’s Graduate School of Education has consistently strived to improve the discipline of education and to enrich people’s lives through knowledge since it opened in 1917. Numerous contributions to the study of learning were discovered by the Graduate School of Education throughout the years, true to the original Stanford University mandate.

Stanford University maintained its leadership in research-driven methods to advance teacher training. The recent Stanford leaderships have ensured quality education graduates that focus on the best, inclusive, teaching techniques possible. Stanford University consistently holds the top position in international university rankings for education.

2. University of California, Berkeley

The University of California, Berkeley started in 1868 upon the merger of the College of California in Oakland and the Agricultural, Mining, and Mechanical Arts College. UC Berkeley continued advancing the disciplines throughout the years, creating the leading academic institution well-known today.

The UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education started in 1892 upon prior suggestion from the university regents to create a course specializing in the science and art of teaching. The Graduate School of Education’s history shows numerous advancements in student instruction still relevant in modern education studies.

Berkeley Graduate School of Education’s students enters the institution as students and exit as experienced researchers, professional leaders, competitive leaders, and groundbreaking innovators. The University of California, Berkeley’s focus on excellence achievement secures the university’s position as one of the best education discipline institutions worldwide.

3. Harvard University

Harvard University traces its history to the creation of the first college in the American colonies in 1636. The Charter of 1650 incorporated the college, while the Massachusetts Constitution, which went into effect in 1780, recognized Harvard as a university.

As one of the best education schools, the Harvard Graduate School of Education records its origins from the completion of the Lawrence Hall in 1850 and the appointment of Paul Henry Hanus to develop a field of education at Harvard University. The HGSE’s history is marked by many efforts to assist Harvard’s community of educators to successfully impact the field of education.

HSGE’s hundreds of yearly graduates have affected the shaping of millions of students globally through their teaching, leadership, policymaking, advocacy, entrepreneurship, and research. Indeed, Harvard is one of the consistent international leaders in educational instruction.

4. University of Oxford

The University of Oxford’s history started around the existence of teaching in Oxford in 1096 and developed rapidly in 1167. The oldest university of the English-speaking world remains one of the foremost institutions in the instruction of various disciplines centuries later.

Oxford’s Department of Education traces its history to the early years of the university’s foundation, contributing to the educational field and gaining world-class recognition for research in teacher training. The Department of Education aims to maintain its leadership in cross-disciplinary research approaches affecting teaching policies and applications.

The Department of Education has been consistently proven to positively impact educational policies in the UK and around the world for the benefit of students and teachers alike. Such reputation cements the University of Oxford as one of the best institutions for education.

5. University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge started in 1209 and received its Royal Charter from Henry III in 1231, following the influx of scholars from Oxford to Cambridge in the United Kingdom. As the second-oldest university in the English-speaking world, Cambridge University grew to become one of the premier institutions for the instruction of various disciplines.

Cambridge’s Faculty of Education traces its history to 1879 as the beginning of the modern-day teacher training in the university. The decades that followed showed many advancements that contributed to the study of educational training accepted internationally.

The Faculty of Education aims to impact the whole society, targeting the parents, teachers, school leaders, and policymakers around the world as recipients of the research outputs while creating expert educators. Such efforts and adherence to excellence have put the University of Cambridge as one of the top education schools worldwide.

6. University of Hong Kong

The University of Hong Kong is among the best education schools in the world. It traces its history to the initiative of Sir Frederick Lugard in 1910 until its official opening in 1912. It is the oldest and foremost tertiary educational institution in Hong Kong that continued to evolve and structurally develop its systems, especially after post-war 1945.

The University of Hong Kong’s history dates to 1917 upon the creation of the Department for the Training of Teachers. The department gained autonomy as the School of Education in 1976 and evolved into the Faculty of Education in 1984.

The Faculty of Education prides itself in its reputation for upholding innovation and excellence while applying them to research and teacher training. The faculty has catapulted the University of Hong Kong at the top bracket of universities known for educational research and teaching worldwide.

7. Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University started in 1911 as Tsing Hua Imperial College, then renamed the following year as Tsing Hua College. The National Tsing Hua University was adopted a few years later, in 1928. The faculty supported the interaction between the Chinese and Western cultures, the sciences and the humanities, and the ancient and the modern, enriching the quality of education in the university.

Tsinghua University is recognized as a top education school, with its Institute of Education dating its history to the creation of the Department of Educational Psychology in 1926, evolving until it became the IOE Tsinghua University in 2009. The institute consistently poured its efforts into strategic research talent development, contributing to the knowledge in teacher training.

Through the Institute of Education, Tsinghua continues to rise as one of the premier universities leading globally in developing world-class, research-based programs for educational instructions. Tsinghua University remains one of the best universities in Asia and the world, offering degrees in education.


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