The most desirable public university for international students is considered to be Arizona State University. For more than ten years, the institution has made a comprehensive academic experience available to everyone. The acceptance rate of Arizona State University may be used by international applicants to evaluate their prospects of admission here. ASU works tirelessly to create an innovatively adaptive institution that is dedicated to turning forth master learners. Learn more about Arizona State University right away!

Arizona State University Acceptance Rate

Arizona State University is well known for its excellent educational program and the opportunities it offers students from all over the world. According to the report from College Navigator, the university has an acceptable percentage of 88% for the total of 61,603 applicants, including both males and females. The chances of a student being accepted to this university are 88%. Therefore, international students are encouraged to apply to Arizona State University as they have a high possibility of receiving an offer letter due to the high acceptance rate of the university.

Preparing for Arizona State University

International students must take into account several other criteria in addition to the acceptance rate when choosing an institution to attend, including the application procedure, tuition costs, and scholarship opportunities. We’ll talk about a few of these factors below:

Admission Requirements

Understanding the particular requirements, such as minimum grade requirements, language skills, and entrance exams, will allow the student to plan and prepare appropriately, regardless of whether they are a local or international applicant. Prospective students must be aware of the entrance requirements at Arizona State University in order to improve their chances of being accepted into the specific program of their choice and achieve success in their educational endeavors.

Tuition Fees

Budgeting or funding is a crucial concern for international students who desire to carry out their studies abroad. At Arizona State University, international students do have to pay more than residents, and the difference can often be significant. Additionally, the tuition costs may vary between programs, giving international students a better sense of the fields they should apply to or how much capital they should set aside for each program.


Arizona State University is a bit pricey to attend, however, both undergraduates, as well as graduate students, have access to a ton of funding and fellowships, and this would open the door for international students to pursue their aspirations despite obstacles related to finance. Additionally, spending time on scholarship applications might be quite beneficial. Therefore, it is strongly advised that overseas students review the available scholarships and submit an application if they qualify in order to start along the path to success.

Keep in mind that you built your dreams, therefore don’t allow anything to step on them. Making a sound decision depends on having accurate information. The discussion above undoubtedly allows you to better understand Arizona State University and to find the best way to apply for a program therein.


We hope that this article on the Arizona State University acceptance rate was helpful. For more information about studying abroad, feel free to check out the Available Programs for International Students.

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