With more than 41,000 students from 123 different countries and all fifty states, the University of Maryland is the biggest university in both the state and the Washington metropolitan area. The university is one of the leaders in research, business, and innovation worldwide. If you’re interested in attending the university, you should absolutely explore the acceptance rate to ascertain your possibilities of developing your potential there. Learn more about the University of Maryland right away!

University of Maryland Acceptance Rate

The University of Maryland is well known for the chances that it offers students from all over the world and its top-notch academic programs. According to the College Navigator study, the university has an admission rate of 45% on average for a total of 56,761 applications, with 41% men and 48% women. Compared to other, higher-ranked universities, this acceptance rate of 45% is a pretty decent ratio for international students. Thus prospective overseas students are encouraged to apply since they stand a good chance of receiving an offer letter.

Preparing for the University of Maryland

When considering the University of Maryland to attend, international students must consider a number of additional factors beyond the acceptance rate, such as the application process, tuition fees, and scholarship chances. Below, we’ll discuss a couple of these components:

Admission Requirements

Whether you are a local or international applicant, knowing the specific requirements, such as minimum grade requirements, language requirements, and entrance exams, can help you plan and prepare effectively. To increase your chances of being admitted into the particular program of your choice and succeeding in your academic endeavors, you, as a prospective student, must be informed of the criteria for admission at the University of Maryland.

Tuition Fees

For international students who want to pursue their education abroad, budgeting or finances are a major concern. International students at the University of Maryland do pay more than residents, and the cost difference is frequently substantial. Additionally, as tuition fees may differ between programs, international applicants should have a better idea of the subjects they are willing to study or the finances they should budget for their preferred program.


Attending the University of Maryland doesn’t cost all that much. In addition, the institution is committed to developing opportunities for scholarship funding so that students from all backgrounds can enjoy an accessible and affordable education. For international learners, investing time in scholarship applications may be extremely fruitful. In order to start on the road to success, you are strongly advised to explore the available scholarships and submit an application if you qualify.

Don’t let anything step on your dreams, and remember that accurate information is necessary for making a wise decision. We feel this article has undoubtedly allowed you to better understand the University of Maryland and find the best way to apply for a program therein.

We hope that this article on the University of Maryland acceptance rate was helpful. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs for International Students!

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