University of Chicago is a private research institution founded in 1890. The university includes five graduate research divisions, along with an undergraduate college. Through study, discovery, and community connections, it has established its own way for more than 125 years.

One of the most well-known research universities in the United States, the University of Chicago draws the most distinctive students who will go on to become outstanding researchers motivated by scholarly debate and a desire for new knowledge.

International degree-seeking students need to understand the acceptance rate of the University of Chicago in order to judge their prospects of admission. Let’s take a closer look at UChicago!

University of Chicago Acceptance Rate

According to the College Navigator report, the acceptance rate of the university is extremely low at 6%. This demonstrates that just 2,278 out of a total of 37,974 submissions received are accepted. This low rate indicates that the university is focused on admitting exceptional students who have shown outstanding qualities that adhere to the university’s teaching and learning philosophy.

Preparing for the University of Chicago

Since the university has such a low acceptance rate, international applicants must consider the application procedures, tuition costs, and scholarships to determine their best chances of being accepted. Several of these aspects will be covered here:

Admission Requirements

The University of Chicago is dedicated to offering exceptional students with an advanced and excellent education. Aspiring students should know the basic admission requirements of UChicago as it may have an impact on their choices and if they want to pursue their academic goals at the university. The University of Chicago looks for students with a high intellectual caliber which is why it has slightly stricter entrance standards than other universities.

Tuition Fees

For both undergraduate and graduate students, the tuition costs at the University of Chicago can be extremely expensive. International students should plan ahead as it is regarded as one most expensive in the US. It would be wise to have a solid financial strategy to reduce difficulties. We strongly advise international applicants to research the tuition costs associated with the study programs they are interested in so that they may budget their money wisely.


Each year, the University of Chicago awards more than $100 million in financial aid and scholarships, based both on merit and need. Through these scholarships, the university welcomes the most brilliant and creative thinkers of tomorrow, regardless of their financial standing. To help students find the best way to cover their education, UChicago also focuses on counseling them, aiding students with the best funding option they can apply for.


The information provided above is meant to inspire students to submit their applications to the University of Chicago. Don’t let the low acceptance rate make you less confident in your ability to stand out! Start your journey by applying at UChicago!

We hope that this article on the University of Chicago acceptance rate was helpful. Make sure to check out the Available Programs for International Students to learn more about studying abroad.

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