The University of Chicago (U of C) was established in 1890 around Hyde Park. It is one of the top private institutions in the US. It began as a Baptist school founded in 1856 but was later changed to a public institution. In this article, we will be looking at the acceptance rate at the University of Chicago.

Later, the institution established an affiliate program with different colleges in the area in order not to kill off smaller schools in the area because of its larger financial base. The University of Chicago has an estimated population of 16,446 students, with 38% being undergraduate students, while the remaining 62% are graduate and professional students. To be a student at the University of Chicago, you will need to go through a competitive process of getting admitted despite the acceptance rate at the University of Chicago is 6%. However, if you do get admitted, you will be getting a world-class education.

The University of Chicago offers over 50 major degrees for undergraduate and around 30 for minor degrees. The different courses at the University of Chicago are grouped into five colleges. There are also different professional and graduate schools at the institution.

The School of Divinity established in 1891 was the first professional school established at the University of Chicago. The Business School was established in 1898 and the Law school established in 1902 was the two schools established after the School of Divinity.

Based on the Academic Ranking of World Universities report, the University of Chicago is positioned at number 8 in the ranking of universities in the US. Also in the same year, the University of Chicago rounded up the top 10 list of best universities in the world. In another, the institution is ranked 3rd nationally by the US News & World Report in 2018 and the 14th best university in the world.

The University of Chicago also offers accommodation to its students as there are seven hostels for undergraduates within the school. The institution also has over 300 registered societies on campus and societies present students with opportunities to engage in community service.

The institution has an illustrious list of alumni. The University of Chicago is a diverse community with almost half of the students being female. In 2017, over 21% of the students in the school were categorized as international students.

Acceptance Rate at the University of Chicago

Due to the prestige of the institution, admission to the University of Chicago is highly competitive. With an acceptance rate at the University of Chicago being 6%, you have a moderate chance of being accepted at the university if you meet the threshold. Out of every 100 applicants, six students are admitted, and you could be among them if you put the following requirements into consideration.

Generally, students in the top 5% nationally usually have a high probability of successful applications. In 2017, more than half of the freshmen offered admission SAT scores were within the range of 1490-1560. Despite this, the institution distinguished itself from other schools by not requesting for SAT or ACT from freshmen looking for admission.

The school fees at the University of Chicago are the same for citizens of Chicago and non-citizens. The admission into the institution has been tagged as ‘most selective’ in the US joining schools like Harvard, MIT on the list.


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