Duke University is one of the most prestigious universities in the USA that provides superior liberal education designed to help students grow intellectually and expose them to high ethical standards. This university is also among the best for international students as it provides a diverse campus community, a wide range of educational opportunities, scholarship opportunities, excellent academic programs, state-of-the-art facilities, and many more.

One of the crucial things to understand is the acceptance rate when preparing to apply to this school. This will let you know how competitive the school is and what it takes to prove you deserve a spot. This article contains all the necessary details about Duke University’s acceptance rate. Read it till the end.

Duke University Acceptance Rate

Duke University’s acceptance rate is 6.3% which is lower when compared with the acceptance rate for the class of 2022, which was 7.8%. This means Duke University is one of the most difficult schools to gain admission as the admission process is highly competitive. According to Duke Fast Facts, only 3,151 students were accepted out of over 50,000 applicants.

However, The university acceptance rate also depends on the form of application. The school has an acceptance rate of 21.2% for students who apply as Early Decision, while the acceptance rate for students that apply as Regular Decision is 5%.

This means those who applied during Early Decision are bound to accept admission offers from Duke compared to those who applied during Regular Decision.

Duke University’s acceptance rate applies to all its programs. The school looks at other factors when considering applicants but still admits students based on the overall applicant pool. However, its medical school has an acceptance rate of 3.2%, making it extremely hard to get accepted.

Preparing for Duke University

Getting into Duke University is challenging. That is why you need to be fully aware of the acceptance rate, but there are other things to prepare for. Some of them include tuition fees, admission requirements, and scholarship opportunities.

Admission Requirements

Knowing the admission requirements for this school is very important, especially because it is challenging to get in. It is best to prepare all the requirements for the program you are applying for and submit them before the deadline.

Tuition Fees

Once you get admitted into Duke University, you will be required to pay your tuition fee before you can begin and complete your program. This is very important because it is compulsory, so make sure you prepare to cover the cost.


The cost of schooling at Duke University is very high. In order to relieve you of the cost. Students are encouraged to apply for worthy scholarships that can help fund their studies at the school and cover their living expenses.

Duke’s acceptance rate is very low, which makes it a challenging school. However, the acceptance rate shouldn’t discourage you. Instead, use it to understand what the school is looking for and prepare to meet it with your application.

We hope that this article on Duke University’s Acceptance Rate was helpful. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs for International Students!

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