Often abbreviated as uOttawa, the University of Ottawa is a popular bilingual public research university located in Ontario, Canada. To improve your chances of being a part of this dynamic community, you must be aware of uOttawa’s acceptance rate. After all, the university offers excellent undergraduate and graduate programs in a variety of subject areas. Find out more about the University of Ottawa’s acceptance rate by reading on!

University of Ottawa Acceptance Rate

  • Estimated Acceptance Rate: 10 – 15%

Focusing on inclusion, equity, and diversity in culture, the University of Ottawa is a Tier 1 university and one of Canada’s G7 institutions. The university’s average acceptance rate at the undergraduate level is 12% while graduate level is 15%. However, this rate does not apply to the Faculty of Medicine as it has its own entrance criteria. International students who intend to study for undergraduate or graduate degrees should be aware of the acceptance rate to calculate their chances of being admitted.

Preparing for the University of Ottawa

When deciding whether or not to attend the University of Ottawa, international applicants must take into account the application process, tuition prices, and scholarship opportunities in addition to the acceptance rate. We’ll discuss a few of these components here:

Admission Requirements

If the student, whether domestic or foreign, is aware of the specific requirements—which include the minimum grade requirements, personal statement, recommendations, and other required documents—they will be able to plan and prepare effectively. To increase your chances of being accepted into the particular program of your choice at the University of Ottawa, you, as an international student, should also be aware of other entrance requirements like the language competency standards.

Tuition Fees

Since uOttawa is regarded as one of Canada’s greatest universities in terms of value, its tuition is somewhat expensive in comparison to other prestigious universities. The annual cost of attendance for a bachelor’s student is 36,705 to 53,301 CAD, while a master’s student should budget between 28,018 to 64,847 CAD. As a result, it’s essential that students carefully consider their financial options and monitor their University of Ottawa tuition.


Scholarships and bursaries are offered to international students as forms of support. Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible for the admission scholarships offered by the university. International students may be able to enroll in their desired courses regardless of their financial position with the aid of scholarships. Choose the one for which you are eligible when submitting your application.

Must-Know Facts About the University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa is one of the top 10 research universities in Canada. The institution is a recognized innovator, as are the 23 research centers and hospital research institutes that are linked with it.

A lot of learners pick the University of Ottawa every year to advance their education and careers because of its moderate acceptance rate. If you are a Ph.D. applicant, you could potentially find out more about the scholarships here. Join uOttawa and go after your goals.


We hope that this article about the University of Ottawa was helpful to you. Definitely check out the Canada Page and the various Open Courses in Canada to learn more about studying in this rich and diverse country.

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