The Czech Republic, or Czechia, has been a growing destination for international students because of its quality education, vibrant culture, and affordable living costs. Czechia’s growing population of international students offers interesting and diverse experiences for the students. Since it’s a landlocked country, many students also find it easier to travel to the countries that share borders with Czechia including Austria, Slovakia, Germany, and Poland.

Top Schools Offering Computer Science in the Czech Republic

1. Charles University

Founded in 1348, Charles University is the largest and oldest university and is a top university for computer science in the Czech Republic. Today, it has seventeen faculties spread across Prague, Plzeň, and Hradec Králové. Charles University has extensive research areas including humanities, math, and science. The university is keen on developing its teaching quality through the incorporation of the institution’s research works. Currently, Charles University ranks 233rd in the QS World University Rankings 2022 and it has continuously been ranked as one of the best universities in Europe.

The Faculty of Mathematics and Physics offers three specializations for the undergraduate computer science program namely General Computer Science, Databases and Web, and Artificial Intelligence which can be taken during the second year. The program aims to equip students with theoretical and practical knowledge to solve real-life problems. The bachelor’s degree can be completed within three years, after passing a thesis defense and an exam in math and computer science.

The master’s degree has a more comprehensive plan with seven specializations including Discrete Models and Algorithms, Software Systems, and Artificial Intelligence. Four of the specializations require team projects where students can choose among a research project, company project, or software project. Similar to the undergraduate program, the master’s degree requires an oral exam and thesis defense to be completed. The Ph. D. has three specializations with varying structures and requirements. State exams are also required to be passed to obtain the degree.

2. Czech Technical University

Czech Technical University is one of the oldest and best technology institutions and is considered an excellent computer science institution in the Czech Republic. The university uses both Czech and English languages as a medium of instruction, with eighty-four programs taught in English. It is also notable for its strong partnerships with top universities abroad such as the National University of Singapore, Purdue University, and the Technological University of Munich. It is also a member of EuroTeq Engineering University, which expands the opportunities for its students in technical industries.

The Faculty of Information Technology offers six specializations in the undergraduate program including computer science, with an expected program duration of three to four years. The undergraduate program has a heavy emphasis on algorithms, programming languages, and theories. The first year will include similar subjects across the six specializations, with an option to change it whenever the student finds him/herself incompatible with the initial program.

The graduate program also has computer science as a specialization for a master’s degree, which can be completed within one and a half years to three years. The program heavily relies on research in areas including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data compression. The Ph. D. program is updated annually to ensure the relevance of the topics within the latest technological trends. The thesis is expected to be submitted within seven years of enrollment. It is advisable to refer to the website for the updated vacancies for the doctoral study program.

3. Masaryk University

Located in Brno, Masaryk University is one of the best schools for computer science in Czechia, and it has been producing quality education and research throughout the years. It has ten faculties and a strong connection with various academic institutions globally. Since its founding in 1919, the institution has gradually expanded its academic programs leading to a wider scope of research undertaken by its students. It is a member of the Utrecht Network and Compostela Group and it currently ranks within the 551-560th range in the QS World University Rankings 2022.

The Faculty of Informatics offers a master’s degree in theoretical computer science which is expected to be completed in two years. The program is structured for the student to choose among the four offered specializations which are all taught in Czech. Students are expected to become experts in their chosen paths, and they are equipped with the skills to continue their Ph. D. studies.

4. Anglo-American University

The Anglo-American University is a private university in Prague that uses English as the medium of instruction. Founded in 1990, the university is intended to provide a comprehensive education that integrates European traditions and U.S. principles. It is officially recognized by the American accrediting agency WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) There are more than eighty nationalities that comprise the student population contributing to the inclusive and multicultural student experience. The student-to-faculty ratio is 12:1 resulting in more focused classes.

The university offers bachelor of science and bachelor of arts degrees in computer science under the Global Degree Program. The program involves the first two years conducted in Prague and then the final two years completed at Kent State University, U.S. The degree will be awarded by Kent State University. The Bachelor of Arts degree involves a liberal arts education with fundamentals in computer science. Students are expected to learn the theories, algorithms, and methods to analyze and solve computing science problems. The Bachelor of Science degree has an in-depth approach to computer science. Students will learn an extensive set of skills that will be beneficial for a graduate study or a global career such as information security, intelligent systems, and software engineering.

5. Brno University of Technology

Established in 1899, Brno University of Technology is one of the largest technical universities and a leading computer science university in the Czech Republic. The university has eight faculties in areas such as architecture, engineering and technology, and science. It has 295 academic programs with various opportunities for global projects and research. Currently, it is within the 701-750th range in the QS World University Rankings 2022.

The Faculty of Information Technology offers a doctoral study program for those who passed an entrance exam and holders of master’s degrees in areas of computer science and engineering. Students will perform research as an individual or a member of a group. The duration of the program is four years under full-time study.


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