Finding employment can be challenging after graduating. But if a student is from a highly reputable university, their chances of landing a job grow exponentially. Thus, knowing about the university’s employability ranking before enrolling in it can ensure greater job prospects in the future.

With that said, Germany’s highly developed academic infrastructure boasts high employability as it is embedded inside a thriving technology and commercial sector. Jobs for recent graduates are offered by giant techno companies like Daimler AG, Bayer, DHL Group, Adidas, and Siemens. Besides tech career prospects, opportunities for employment in one’s area of study are available, even for international students. Below, we have created a detailed article about top German universities with the highest employability rates.

Top Schools in Germany with High Employability Rates

Many world-class educational institutions are in Germany. We selected the ones with the highest employment rates and discussed them below.

1. Technical University of Munich

On the top of our list of best German universities with high employability rates is the Technical University of Munich, which is also the country’s highest-profile public institution. It continues to boost its status as a top-tier university by maintaining its accreditation as a Center of Excellence. Such accreditation is not only for pride, though, as it helps ensure that the German federal and state administrations will support its innovative studies.

TUM holds the 13th spot on the GEURS Employability Rankings. Not only that, its employment rate has consistently been over 95% in recent years. Many TUM graduates find jobs at well-known businesses like BMW, Siemens, SAP, and Infineon Technologies, which contribute to its high employability across professions. Therefore, it’s not hard to believe that professionals with a TUM degree are in great demand in Germany and beyond.

2. Humboldt University of Berlin

Next, we recommend Humboldt University in Berlin, which is known for its demanding admissions policy and innovative research infrastructure. The university also ranks well, specifically 46th worldwide, in the GEURS Employability Rankings for 2024. Thus, many companies, especially those in the technology and finance industries like Siemens and Deutsche Bank, seek out HU grads for full-time positions.

However, HU Berlin does not just focus on tech or finance. It has many departments, some devoted to the study of economics, culture, information science, philosophy, physics, and so on. Moreover, if you pursue them, there are numerous internal and external scholarship programs you can apply for. Among those, DAAD scholarships are the best.

Overall, students who complete their degrees at this school have a 92% probability of finding gainful employment. Usually, they take advantage of their alumni’s free portal that provides networking possibilities for recent grads. Thus, if you’re after a German university with a high employability rate, Humboldt University of Berlin is a good choice.

3. Technical University of Berlin

Third on our list is the Technical University of Berlin, which is highly esteemed for its academic and research performance. It comes in at number 56 in the GEURS’s employability rankings for 2024. It also has a 91% employment rate, with most of its alumni hired for high-level positions in international corporations like Bosch, Daimler, and Volkswagen.

TUB is also well-regarded for having produced Nobel laureates, contributing to Berlin’s development as an industrial powerhouse, and helping in the creation of a German Council for the Arts and Humanities.

Lastly, there is a wide range of bachelor’s and master’s degrees available at TUB, including those in the arts and humanities, educational sciences, mathematics, natural sciences, electrical engineering, computer science, urban planning, and environmental studies. The institution has a staff of illustrious academics and working professionals.

4. Heidelberg University

Established in 1386 and once known as Ruperto Cralo, Heidelberg University is one of Germany’s oldest and finest institutions of higher learning that also has high employability rates. It is a globally connected research institution, so its teaching is primarily based on research. It also provides the most up-to-date course materials for its programs, which vary and include scientific disciplines like biology, mathematics, chemistry, and computer science. Moreover, its commitment to inclusivity has allowed it to emerge as the industry standard in higher learning.

Heidelberg University frequently ranks among Germany’s best universities for graduate employment prospects. According to the 2024 GEURS Rankings, its graduates have a very high employment rate of over 90%. Furthermore, it ranks #70 in terms of a recent graduate’s likelihood of securing a job in their chosen profession. Such an achievement can be credited to its graduates, who are highly motivated and skilled in their chosen fields. They easily find successful positions with global giants like McKinsey & Company, BCG, and SAP.

5. RWTH Aachen University

The last institution we suggest is the famed RWTH Aachen University, which has made a name for itself with its innovative graduate programs. For 2024, it was ranked 124th by GEURS in terms of employability. Over 90% of alumni are successfully employed within 12 months of graduation. Many of the data scientists it has trained have joined Microsoft.

All these impressive employment statistics are the result of several factors. For instance, among them are the many distinguished academic tracks provided by the university are data science, physics, and engineering. The repute and academic merit of the institution, which are largely due to the competence of its teaching staff, are also contributors. It also helps that, for many years, RWTH has provided dependable career and job assistance, which aids students in making educated career choices and finding gainful work.

FAQs About German Universities

Where do German Universities Stand in Global Rankings for Graduate Employability?

German institutions consistently rank in the top 500 worldwide for graduate employability. Also, of the top 1000 universities and colleges worldwide, five are located in Germany. These lists identify which schools are favored by big employers for their good training of students for the workforce.

Other factors that contribute to the high employment rate of graduates from the best German universities are excellent academic standing, multinational alumni network, and emphasis on hands-on training. Additionally, as their communities expand worldwide, they provide their pupils with a broader variety of experiences and viewpoints. This then exposes them to more possible and rewarding employment options.

Which University in Germany Have the Most Employable Graduates?

Among the top institutions in Germany, the Technical University of Munich has the most employable students. Furthermore, it is currently in the top 13 in the world for employability, thanks to its high employment rate of over 95%.

Such feats may be attributed to various factors. One of them is that TUM has worked with a plethora of international partners, who may offer employment or internship. The institution is also a world leader in 180 different fields of study, evident in its illustrious roster of researchers and alumni that include 18 Nobel laureates and 23 Leibniz prize winners.


Finding a job is the primary goal for graduates of higher learning institutions. To ensure that you achieve that goal, you can consider enrolling in the top German universities with high employability rates. When a student completes their studies at these universities, their future academic and career opportunities improve substantially.


We hope this article has given you insight into Germany’s top university with high employability rates. You can learn more about studying in Germany by visiting this page. And if you are on the lookout for study programs, check out the Open Courses for study options!

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