If you look at the world map and follow the news, it is quite evident that China is a really big and bustling place with lots of smart and creative people. It’s like a huge engine that powers the world’s economy, making over 14 trillion dollars! And guess what?

In China, there are top-quality universities that are super good at getting students ready for awesome post-graduate jobs and careers. In this informative article, we’ll show you these amazing schools that help students launch their dream careers. If you’re a student or a parent looking for a great education, let’s discover the 5 best universities in China with High Employability Rates!

Top Schools in China with High Employability Rates

As we may have hinted in our previous sections about some of the best schools that might be appearing in the list, now let’s look further into their remarkable performance in enhancing graduate employability. Keep reading!

1. Peking University

Peking University, often hailed as the best in Chinese academia, is first on this list for its rigorous academic programs, extensive industry ties, and its wide alumni network. The university consistently produces graduates of exceptional caliber such as influential figures across various fields, including Li Yuanchao, the Chinese Vice President, and Fan Changjiang, a notable Chinese Journalist.

Employers, both in China and abroad, hold Peking University graduates in high regard for their exceptional skills and adaptability. The university’s emphasis on practical, real-world applications ensures that its alumni are not only academically adept but also readily employable.

2. Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University, set in the populous center of Beijing, is a home of cutting-edge learning and creative thinking. Known worldwide for its quality education and focus on groundbreaking research, Tsinghua is a quite famous university where over 35,000 students were enrolled as shown by recent statistics.

Besides this huge crowd, what makes Tsinghua special is how it blends old concepts with new ideas. This mix produces graduates who are ready to lead and innovate. Employers love hiring from Tsinghua because these graduates bring a mix of big-picture thinking and hands-on skills.

By this unique attribute, Tsinghua it’s not just a simple university; it has represented itself as a platform for creativity and productivity. With its rankings in the World’s top 25 universities and strong global connections, graduates have a world of opportunities ahead after completing their graduate studies.

3. Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Another Chinese Institute well-known among employers from all over the world is Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Established in 1896, consistently ranks among the top universities in the world, and its graduates are highly sought-after by employers around the globe.

SJTU is distinguished by its strong focus on interdisciplinary collaboration and its world-class research facilities. The university is home to a number of leading research centers and institutes, and its faculty members are at the forefront of their fields. SJTU offers a wide range of academic programs and SJTU graduates are known for their strong analytical and problem-solving skills which makes them a top choice for employers to have in their organizations.

4. Fudan University

Transitioning to another esteemed Chinese university, Fudan University distinguishes itself as a research-centric institution, encompassing diverse disciplines in arts, sciences, and medicine.

Fudan University is also really good at working with other top organizations in terms of collaborating both professionally and academically. This helps students get practical experience through internships and research. If we talk about its motto, Fudan believes in not just being book-smart but also job-ready. So, when you graduate from here, you’re ready for the professional world.

5. University of Science and Technology of China USTC

Lastly, USTC is a university that might not need any introduction. It is one of the most prestigious and selective universities in China, and its graduates are highly demanded by employers around the globe.

USTC graduates are leaders in their fields, making significant contributions to society in a wide range of industries which is why they have such high demand among employers. To add to its reputation, some of the notable USTC alumni include Melissa Dongmin Ma, Founder of Baidu, and Yuqian Xiong, Founder and President of Foxit Software.

FAQs About Chinese Universities

Where do Chinese Universities Stand in Global Rankings for Graduate Employability?

According to official sources, many Chinese institutions have secured impressive positions in Global Employability rankings. For instance, Peking University, Shanghai Jiao Tung University, and Tsinghua University consistently feature among the top 50 globally for employability. Fudan University also ranks high, often within the top 100. Notably, the best Chinese universities frequently place within the top 80, showcasing their commitment to producing graduates highly sought after by employers worldwide.

This upward trend underscores China’s growing influence in the global job market and its dedication to providing high-quality education that translates into real-world success for its graduates.

Which University in China Has the Most Employable Graduates?

Coming to point, Peking University in China claims the top spot when it comes to the highest employability rates among graduates. Its exceptional educational standards and robust industry connections render its alumni in high demand. The basic inclusion of “Peking University” on your resume can significantly enhance your career prospects.

Furthermore, their extensive alumni network comprises influential leaders in various fields. Therefore, if you aspire to attain a university degree that garners recognition and respect from employers worldwide, Peking University is the first institution of choice.


These top Chinese institutions are like expert trainers for guaranteed success in your future careers. They’re famous for turning out graduates who are all set for great jobs. With practical learning, strong industry connections, and impressive networks, universities like Peking, Tsinghua, and Fudan are behind so many graduates finding awesome jobs. So, if you are also considering furthering your education in China, rest assured that picking any of these schools is like opening a door to a future full of chances!


We hope this article was informative. If you are planning to study in China, check the Best Cities in China article to help you choose the place to study!

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