A love for exploring the outdoors and curiosity about living things are indispensable traits to succeed in the vast field of biology. Whether you prefer to work inside the lab or out in the field, you will find yourself thriving in biology.

Biology leads to countless career prospects. Many biology undergraduates pursue the medical field, yet many others also find lucrative careers in botany, biotechnology, and the like.

A biology degree is versatile, and Norway is one of the best places to complete your education. Norway boasts stellar research centers and high employment rates. In this article, we list down some of the best universities to study biology in Norway.

Top Universities for Biology in Norway

1. University of Oslo

The University of Oslo is a top biology university in Norway and is also the oldest university in the country. It ranks highly among universities in the Nordic region.

The highly deemed Nobel Peace Prize is also regularly awarded in the university’s Atrium, the only university known to host the Nobel Peace Prize awarding ceremony. The University of Oslo offers some 235 study programs and 497 doctoral degrees in the disciplines of law, natural sciences, mathematics, medicine, social sciences, and more.

The University of Oslo also presents the most competent biology program for graduate students in Norway. The Department of Biosciences oversees advanced education for bioscience and biodiversity. Students can expect intensive research and understanding of the biological processes at the cellular level of various organisms in Bioscience. On the other hand, Biodiversity and Systematics involve a collaboration of Scandinavian universities and institutions. The program caters to the development of biodiversity professionals’ skills and awareness in taxonomy.

The main medium of instruction at the University of Oslo is Norwegian. However, international students can enroll in the English-taught graduate programs for biology. There are also no tuition fees to pay, aside from some semestral fees costing around $74.

2. University of Bergen

The University of Bergen is Norway’s second-oldest university. It is also one of the four widely regarded esteemed universities in the country, ranking consistently in the top one percent of higher education institutions across the globe.

The University of Bergen features an array of disciplines, with established faculties in the natural sciences, humanities, mathematics, law, and medicine. Specifically, the university excels in the natural sciences, with outstanding performance and reputation in marine and earth sciences.

Students will find the University of Bergen as one of the best biology universities in Norway. The Department of Biosciences caters to the education of graduate students aiming to earn a Master’s degree in Biology or Molecular Biology.

The Master’s program in Biology comes with 7 options for students to specialize in. These include marine biology, environmental toxicology, and aquaculture biology to name some. These are highly relevant fields, as Norway is the second-largest exporter of fish and seafood.

Students can also choose to enroll in the Master’s program for Molecular Biology. With understanding processes at the molecular level, valuable findings have helped us conceive the complexities of various ailments like cancer and other degenerative diseases.

The University of Bergen does not charge its students any tuition costs. Instead, a small semestral fee is asked from the students to fund the student organization and welfare services.

3. Norwegian University of Science and Technology

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology is the country’s largest university. Its flagship campus is located in Trondheim, while other campuses are in Gjovik and Alesund.

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology is among the top one percent of the world’s best universities. It performs strongly in the field of science and technology, with competitive programs in the health sciences, humanities, economics, medicine, and social sciences.

The Department of Biology facilitates study programs and research for the biological sciences. It features both international and Norwegian-taught degree programs, such as the bachelor’s degree in biology.

International students can choose among the 5 Master’s programs offered by the department. 2-year coursework in biology, biotechnology, ocean resources, and the like ought to expose the students to the theoretical and applied inquiry on various lifeforms the effects of climate change on biodiversity, and the future of human food supply.

Professionals can also enroll in the department’s doctoral program for biology.

As it is for all public universities in the country, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology costs 0 tuition fees. Students only need to allocate their budget for living expenses.

4. University of Tromsø

The University of Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway happens to be the northernmost university in the world. It is also Norway’s sixth-largest university.

The location of the University of Tromsø makes it the perfect learning environment for students curious about the natural landscape, ecosystem, and climate of Northern Norway. The university actively participates in Arctic research, immersing in the culture and linguistics of the region’s natives.

The University of Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway offers a Master’s degree in Biomedicine. Over the course of two years, students are expected to develop skills and knowledge necessary in assessing strengths and weaknesses in biomedical research. Biomedicine leads to lucrative careers in clinical laboratories dealing with human physiological processes and diseases.

5. Norwegian University of Life Sciences

The Norwegian University of Life Sciences is a public university with 64 study programs to offer to domestic and international students. The university mainly contributes to worldwide innovations for food technology, healthcare, and environmental preservation and sustainability.

Among the best biology universities in Norway, the Norwegian University of Life Sciences offers a broad range of Master’s programs related to the biological sciences. These include ecology, genome science, plant sciences, and arctic environment forensics.

For students with a passion for the processes and characteristics of nature, the two-year study program for Ecology is suitable to deepen their understanding and appreciation for ecology. With understanding ecology, you are well on your way to contributing to addressing various environmental challenges such as pollution and climate change.


Hopefully, this article on the best biology universities in Norway was informative and helpful. Make sure to also check out the Programs in Europe for International Students to know more!

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