Malaysia boasts of a rapidly expanding educational system, with several affordable and globally recognized universities. The universities in this country offer some of the best programs, including master’s degree courses taught in English that are taken in the most conducive environments.

This article will guide prospective students on the essential steps to follow when applying to study for a master’s degree in Malaysia. The admission requirements and the relevant documents international students must submit during the admission process will also be discussed.

Hence, read this article till the end to make your application process to a Malay university for your master’s degree seamless.

Master’s Degree Admission Requirements

To get into a master’s degree program at a Malaysian university, students need to meet the application requirements of their chosen university. These requirements vary depending on the university and the discipline. However, there are some common documents that applicants must submit. These include:

1. Application Form

Filling out the application form is essential to the admission requirement when applying for a master’s degree in Malaysia. The application form, usually found on the university website, asks for information like your personal details and academic history. Be sure to choose the right discipline, follow all instructions, check for mistakes, and submit on time. If you have further questions about the form, contact the university admission office.

2. Bachelor’s Degree Certificate

Before you can apply for a master’s degree, you will be required to submit a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent. The certificate will prove that you have completed your undergraduate studies and are eligible for the master’s program. Applicants are expected to submit a clear and legible copy of the certificate and must be required to send a translated copy if the certificate needs to be in English.

3. Letter of Recommendation

Several universities in Malay expect applicants to submit a letter of recommendation as part of the school’s admission requirements. The recommendation letter would typically be from people who can vouch for your behavior and academic capacity. The letter should also highlight your skills, achievements, and experience and can be issued by lecturers or bosses.

4. Academic Transcript

The academic transcript is one of the admission requirements Malaysian universities use to assess the qualifications of their applicants accurately. These transcripts will list the courses and grades you earned. It also provides a comprehensive overview of the applicant’s academic performance.

Language Proficiency Tests Needed for Master’s Studies

Some universities in Malaysia, such as the PETRONAS University of Technology, require that international students submit IELTS or TOEFL as part of the admission requirements. This test is designed to show that you are proficient in the English language. This lets the university know that you will be able to effectively communicate and understand the programs where English is the primary language of instruction.

In addition, universities in Malaysia require that international students submit proof of language proficiency, and the test scores may vary, depending on the program. For instance, the PETRONAS University of Technology requires that international students pass English requirements with a minimum score of 5.0 in IELTS or 500 in TOEFL for engineering applicants and 6.0 in IELTS or 550 in TOEFL for non-engineering applicants.

Master’s Degree Application Process

Step 1. Research Universities and Programs

Before applying to a master’s program in Malaysia, look through several universities and their programs. You can do this by searching the program curriculum, checking faculty qualifications, and researching the university’s reputation, connections, and admission requirements. Then, proceed to choose a program that aligns with your academic goals.

Step 2. Prepare the Necessary Documents

Once you have chosen a university and know the admission requirements, you must then prepare the documents for your master’s degree application. This typically includes academic transcripts, a passport, a statement of purpose, a resume, and certificates.

Step 3. Complete the Application Form

An applicant will be required to register on the admissions portal to apply for a postgraduate program. The admissions process would involve choosing and finalizing their desired course, uploading the required documents, and paying the application fees.

Step 4. Await for the Admission Decision

After submitting your application, wait for the university’s decision. Make sure you check the university website and your email for updates. Also, understand that the process may take time due to the volume of applicants. So, stay informed and be ready for different outcomes, and if you have further questions or concerns, reach out to the admission office.

Step 5. Prepare to Arrive

Preparing for your arrival in Malaysia includes arranging flights, accommodation, and other university requirements, including paying your tuition and additional student fees. You should also get familiar with the local language and connect with other international students.

FAQs: Master’s Application Process in Malaysia

Is It Expensive to Study Master’s in Malaysia?

Studying for a master’s degree in Malaysia is considered affordable compared to postgraduate programs in countries like the USA and UK, making the country a great choice to study without breaking the bank.

However, tuition fees are not the same for every university. They tend to be different and depend on the discipline. For instance, the tuition fees at the PETRONAS University of Technology or Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS for a master’s degree in ​​​Science & Applied Science is 10,600 MYR​ or $2,096 for full-time studies and 2,990 MYR or $627 for part-time studies.

The school also offers master’s degree programs with cheaper tuition fees, such as a master’s degree in ​​Information Systems with a tuition fee of 5,500 MYR or $1,153 for full-time studies and 1,200 MYR or $252 for part-time studies.


Malaysian universities offer master’s degree programs that prepare individuals to become the best version of themselves and are interested in contributing significantly to society. Malaysia is one of the Asian countries that is truly desired by international students because it prioritizes education at all levels. So if you are looking for a country in Asia to pursue your postgraduate studies, then it is high time to make Malaysia in your top list.


With the guide provided in this article, we hope international students will pursue postgraduate studies in Malaysia. For more relevant articles like this, visit the Study in Malaysia Page for more options! And if you are looking for available programs to enroll in then head on over to our Open Courses Page!

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