Studying in Qatar can be highly advantageous in many aspects. If you are looking for cultural immersion in an Arab country, Qatar provides you with the safest place to do so. It also offers you the perfect opportunity to learn one of the world’s most spoken languages, Arabic. As English is a second language in the country, you will not have problems adjusting as well. Qatar’s supportive and welcoming culture can quickly help you feel at home.

An even better thing about choosing Qatar for your higher education is its scholarship opportunities. This article shows how you can study in Qatar for free by listing some of the universities that you can apply for your undergraduate, Master’s, Ph.D. studies and attend for free. Getting a scholarship is highly recommended since you will need to manage your finances well during your stay in Qatar. Besides scholarships, you can also apply for affordable universities that deliver world-class education and prepare for your professional life.

With meticulous and timely preparation for your study abroad, you also have the chance to experience amazing things beyond the academic system. You can visit Qatar’s hottest tourist spots, such as the Katara Mosque, the National Museum, and the Corniche.

How to Study in Qatar for Free

1. Prepare an Awesome Application

Getting your education abroad is not as easy as it sounds. While some may consider the financial aspect more, it is easier for you to get into college by preparing a strong academic profile. The academic profile will represent your hard work, achievements, and potentials. It shows how much you can be an asset. Having a strong application can help you study in Qatar for free by increasing your chances of getting accepted into your preferred school.

To achieve an impressive academic profile, make sure to study hard at every opportunity. Ace your exams and aim to maintain your high grades. Engage in as many school and extra-curricular activities as you can to gain additional skills. Extend your network and keep a healthy relationship with the people in your current school.

Besides your academic profile, having a pleasant attitude and people-oriented skills can help you in the long run. When the time to prepare for your application comes, it will be easier for you to gather the documentary requirements and submit these early. You will also feel more confident in sending your application.

2. Research and Get Scholarships at Universities in Qatar

Studying hard for years to build your strong academic profile can give you more than the confidence you need to apply to a university abroad. It can even solve your money problems if you use it to apply for fully-funded scholarships. Merit-based scholarships and excellence awards can give you a full ride through college. By getting these full-tuition and full-ride scholarships, you can study in Qatar for free.

In the meantime, some scholarships can still help regardless of the academic profile of the applicant. Make sure to look for scholarships and check if you meet the eligibility requirements. With the help of scholarships, you can finish a degree while exploring the world and chasing your dream career.

3. Attend Affordable Institutions in Qatar

Affordable universities can help you prepare your finances for your studies abroad. Many countries abroad require you to show your capability of funding your entire stay and education before you can get your student visa. It can help you tremendously if you apply to universities that meet your spending ability.

In Qatar, universities with cheaper tuition costs attract international students. Besides the better chance of saving money, these universities offer some of the countries’ top programs. Among these universities is the University of Qatar, with estimated tuition costs of $10,000, and the Stenden Qatar with $20,000 estimated tuition costs. These universities also have a world-class education, guaranteeing more than your money’s worth.

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Tuition-free Options for Bachelor’s Studies in Qatar

While there are relatively few universities to choose from, you can still complete your undergraduate degree in Qatar for free through a university scholarship. Qatar University, the most prestigious in the country, offers several scholarships for incoming freshmen students. Its scholarship for international students includes tuition fees exemption, free accommodation in the university, round-trip air tickets, and exemption from textbook fees.

Another prestigious school in the country, the Carnegie Mellon University Qatar, has a need-based grant for qualified students from any nationality. It covers up to the full cost of attendance, depending on the financial circumstance of the applicant. Academically promising applicants can also apply for an academic merit scholarship and combine this with their need-based grant.

International students can also apply for scholarships at Hamad Bin Khalifa University. It provides up to full tuition coverage to successful applicants. While it covers up to the program’s entire duration, recipients undergo annual reviews to determine their continued participation.

Tuition-free Options for Master’s Studies in Qatar

For your Master’s education, universities in Qatar also offer fully-funded scholarships to international students. You can complete your Master’s in Qatar for free by getting these fully-funded scholarships.

The Doha Institute for Graduate Studies has two scholarship types: the Tamim Scholarship and the Sanad Scholarship. The Tamim Scholarship is merit-based and covers full tuition fees, accommodation, health insurance, monthly stipend, and round-trip tickets. Meanwhile, the Sanad Scholarship is need-based that offers the same benefits as the Tamim Scholarship.

The Hamad Bin Khalifa University scholarship for international graduate students is merit-based given to highly qualified applicants. It provides up to a full tuition waiver, housing, airfare, and monthly stipend, renewable every year up to graduation. Another option for your graduate studies is Qatar University College of Education. It offers scholarships for students in its Education diploma programs, including the Master of Education in Education Leadership and the Master of Arts in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment. The scholarship covers the full tuition costs of successful applicants and renews yearly.

Tuition-free Options for Ph.D. Studies in Qatar

You can also get your Ph.D. in Qatar for free through Hamad Bin Khalifa University scholarships. Its international graduate student merit scholarship provides successful applicants with up to tuition coverage, the monthly stipend paid directly to the student, free accommodation, and economy class airfare tickets for students with approved visas.

Besides the scholarship from Hamad Bin Khalifa University, there are international scholarship providers for aspiring Ph.D. students in Qatar. Among these are the Rotary Foundation Global Study Grants and the Joint Japan World Bank Scholarships.


We hope that this article on studying in Qatar for free was helpful. If you are interested in knowing more about studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students!

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