Qatar is a country located in the west of Asia, particularly near the Arabian Peninsula, with Doha as its capital city. It is known for its oil reserves and the massive petroleum and gas industries, making the country one of the richest in the world.

There are also many things Qatar is famous for, such as its world-class airlines and airports, unique landscapes, and is one of the safest places on Earth. Besides these, you’ll also find Qatar an ideal place to study. It has built the Education City where you can find several international universities. You can also choose to study at some of its local universities.

But before sending your applications, find out what most international students are taking in Qatar schools. Here are the best subjects to study in Qatar!

Top Courses to Study in Qatar

1. Gulf Studies

Gulf Studies covers various topics, such as Politics, Economics, Energy, and History, providing a deeper understanding of the Gulf Region, and it is a top subject to consider in Qatar. You can also learn about the culture and society of this side of the Arab region. More importantly, taking Gulf Studies provides you the opportunity to delve into research and look for answers to timely and thought-provoking issues in this region. For these reasons, Gulf Studies is among the best subjects to study in Qatar.

You can study Gulf Studies in Qatar at Qatar University. There are also related subjects at the other universities in the Education City in Qatar, such as Carnegie Mellon University and Virginia Commonwealth University. Studying in these universities can provide you with a world-class education and top-caliber facilities. With such training and preparation, you’ll be ready to take on the world.

Some of the careers for international students with a background in Gulf Studies are in the academe and schools. You can also apply for work at international agencies such as the United Nations and the European Union. Finally, studying Gulf Studies can help you start a career in business and politics as an analyst.

2. Arabic Language

There are many advantages to learning a new language, such as Arabic. Besides the cognitive benefits, learning Arabic can also open doors to career opportunities abroad. And while it’s more accessible to learn a new language by using a mobile app or enrolling in an online class, it’s still best to learn it in its most native form. For that, the Arabic language is one of the best subjects you can study in Qatar.

The country is the most open in the region, allowing international students to explore its cities. By doing so, you can learn the language just like how the locals use it in their everyday lives. You’ll surely pick up and improve on your Arabic.

Besides how you can learn the language by being in an actual Arab society, it’s also important to learn it in a formal setting. Some of the best places you can learn the Arabic Language in Qatar are Hamad Bin Khalifa University, the Loghati Center, and the Islamic Cultural Center.

3. Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering is a diverse field that extends well to other fields, such as Biochemical, Environmental, and Material Engineering. It’s one of the best programs to study in Qatar. Here, you’ll learn about the petroleum, petrochemical, and gas industries in the country. In particular, you can study and acquire marketable skills in the development of new technologies and energy products.

Being in Qatar also provides you the unique opportunity to explore the industry that makes it one of the economic powerhouses in the world. There are large gas reserves, as well as treatment and refining facilities in the country. By studying in Qatar, you’re closer to starting a career in these industries.

Considering how valuable chemical engineers are in many companies and businesses in Qatar, its education system ensures to provide competent professionals through high-quality education. Some of the best universities where you can study Chemical Engineering in Qatar are the:

4. Mass Communication

Mass Communication deals with creating, sending and analyzing messages to vast audiences through different forms of media, and it is an excellent program to study in Qatar for aspiring international students. This is a diverse subject that tackles the what and how of communication among large groups of people, as well as the why of it. In Qatar, you can study Mass Communication and enjoy the perks of being a country that sees its significance in today’s society.

Besides the world-class education, you can also enjoy technologically advanced facilities, and learning methodologies aligned with international standards. It’s also crucial for international students to learn Mass Communication in a practical setting, which Qatar offers. Moreover, universities in the country, such as Qatar University, ensure that students get a full understanding of how Mass Communication impacts society.

If you’re looking to explore specializations within this field, you’ll find that Qatar universities also offer related subjects to international students, such as Journalism and Strategic Communication. And besides Qatar University, you can also study in other academic institutions such as:

5. Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is the subject area that deals with built structures, such as roads, railways, bridges, airports, dams, and other infrastructures. By studying this, you’ll learn how to plan, design, and develop these structures, which are significant proof of a society’s economic success. Considering how important this field is, it’s important to choose a country where you can study this.

In relation to that, Civil Engineering is another excellent subject to study in Qatar. The country is known for its impressive infrastructures, such as the Burj Doha Tower and the newly built Lusail Stadium, which will host the final game of the FIFA World Cup in 2022. With these in mind, studying Civil Engineering in Qatar means you’ll get inspiration from structures built by present successful engineers.

And it doesn’t seem like the country is slowing down with its infrastructure projects. That means there’ll be more jobs available to engineering graduates in Qatar in the near future. As an international student, this will be a great opportunity for you to start a career. It’s a lucrative career and only takes you higher on the career ladder as you acquire more knowledge, skills, and work experiences. So, make sure to study Civil Engineering at top universities in Qatar such as:


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