Stanford University is undoubtedly the top choice for international students and is ranked among the top worldwide. The university’s supportive environment makes it easy for international students to adapt to new surroundings and thrive equally, regardless of their different backgrounds.

However, the tough admissions process and low acceptance rate make getting admission to the university competitive. But the opportunities it holds make it worth all the effort. Therefore, continue reading the guide to learn more about the Stanford University acceptance rate, its tuition fee, and admission requirements.

Stanford University Acceptance Rate

Stanford University is among the most competitive universities worldwide, having an acceptance rate of 4%. According to College Navigator, around 56,378 applicants applied for the 2022-23 class, and only 2,075 were accepted.

However, one must remember that this acceptance rate varies annually depending on the number of applicants and the program students are applying for. The most competitive niche at Stanford University is its graduate school which has an acceptance rate of 3%. Whereas its School of Business and Medicine have acceptance rates of 12% and 14%, respectively.

The above stat indicates that students need to put in extra effort to get into Stanford University. Also, a well-curated personal statement and extracurricular activities can serve as stepping stones to get into SU.

Preparing For Stanford University

After knowing everything about the acceptance rate, it’s time for you to consider the university’s admission processes, tuition fees, and scholarships to get a better picture of the university.

Admission Requirements

Knowing about Stanford University’s application requirements beforehand is crucial. Every university has its admission requirements, and knowing them enables the students to understand whether or not they are eligible for Stanford University. Knowing these requirements will help you to tailor your applications accordingly.

The students must submit the common application for Stanford University with a $90 fee. They also have to provide their ACT and SAT scores and school reports along with the counselor’s letter of recommendation, mid-year transcripts, and letter of recommendation from two teachers.

Tuition Fees

Since Stanford University provides students with the utmost knowledge, it is cheaper. So students must know about all their expenses before applying to the university. The university has a tuition fee of $57,700 annually for a bachelor’s degree. However, it doesn’t include other expenses. Suppose we sum up the student allowance fee, room and board expenses, and book allowances. In that case, it will all round up to a total of $78200, making Stanford one of the most expensive universities globally.


Being one of the most expensive universities, every student can’t afford to study at Stanford University. But to enable the students to study at Stanford, it offers multiple full and partial scholarships. These scholarships are given to students having a low family income. Besides full and partial scholarships, several financial aid programs like athletic scholarships and need-based aid are also available. These scholarships cover tuition fees or other expenses like accommodation, fee allowance, and personal expenses.

Stanford University is a highly competitive and reputable university that provides international students with the best education. Even though the university’s admission method is very selective, it provides the best opportunities for students to succeed. Therefore, check the prerequisites mentioned above to increase our chances of getting into Stanford University. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students!


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