Founded in 1925, Memorial University of Newfoundland is one of Canada’s prominent and largest universities. Also known as Memorial University or MUN, Memorial University of Newfoundland is a symbol of inspiration and a memorial for the Newfoundlanders who lost their lives during World War I.

Operating as a public research university, Memorial University is preferred by many international students due to its high-quality education and relatively low tuition fees. Out of seven faculties and seven schools, Memorial University’s business school is considered the top in Canada. This article covers Memorial University’s acceptance rate and everything you need to know to get into a degree program in its faculties. Read more to prepare your application for Memorial University.

Memorial University of Newfoundland Acceptance Rate

  • Estimated Acceptance Rate: 65 – 70%

Memorial University of Newfoundland accepts about 65-70% of the applicants to a degree program, which indicates getting into the university is neither too challenging nor easy. It can also be inferred that applicants who meet the admission criteria and provide sufficient scores in certain examinations have a high possibility of making it into the university.

When considering the acceptance rate at Memorial University, it’s important to acknowledge that some departments can have lower acceptance rates depending on the reputation of the faculty of the program. An example can be given to the Faculty of Business Administration, which is a recognized business school in Canada; hence, the faculty can be more selective when accepting students.

Preparing for the Memorial University of Newfoundland

Considering the acceptance rate alone cannot guarantee your application to be successful, there are certain steps you need to acknowledge to prepare your application to Memorial University. Below, we share the crucial steps to get into the Memorial University of Newfoundland, including the university’s admission process, tuition fees, and scholarships.

Admission Requirements

If you’re considering a degree program at Memorial University, first, you need to look into the admission requirements of the specific program and make sure you meet all the requirements and can provide the necessary documents during your application.

At this stage, it’s of great importance to plan your application with caution; you should start by finding your desired program in the course catalog of the university and check the requirements.

Tuition Fees

Another important issue to keep in mind when preparing your application to Memorial University is knowing the tuition fees of the programs you are interested in. This will allow you to make better decisions and start preparing your budget beforehand. It will also allow you to have time to contact the admissions office if you have any inquiries regarding the tuition fee payment.


Once you check the admission requirements and tuition fees for the programs you’re considering applying to at Memorial University, you also need to be aware of the scholarship options you are eligible to apply for. This way, you can figure out to what extent you can balance your expenses and fund your studies once you get into the university.

Must-Know Facts About the Memorial University of Newfoundland

  1. Besides its business school, Memorial University of Newfoundland is known for its marine studies and owns one of Canada’s largest marine labs.
  2. Memorial University of Newfoundland has a high international student population, which consists of 25% of the overall student body.
  3. The Memorial University of Newfoundland was founded as a memorial of the Newfoundlanders who had lost their lives during WWI; later, the university was also dedicated to those who died during WWII in Newfoundland.


We hope that this article on the Memorial University of Newfoundland was helpful. Make sure to also check out the Canada Page and the Available Open Courses in Canada to explore your study options.

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