India is a developing country with a rapidly growing economy. This is due to the robust growth of its business industries and services, which contribute significantly to the country’s wealth. During this period, employment increased and salaries went up, and India was recognized as one of the countries with the highest number of people rising out of poverty.

India has become the first choice for investors, positively affecting its established trading industry as well as expanding further its already rising economy. If you want to be a part of, contribute to, and experience firsthand the growth of this country, the top business schools in India listed below can help prepare and equip you in the business industry.

Best Business Schools in India

1. Indian Institute of Management – Bangalore

The India Institute of Management in Bangalore (IIM – B) is located in the heart of a rapidly growing business technology district, giving the institute access to a variety of industries into which it can integrate its curriculum through internships and on-the-job training. It is also regarded as the country’s first business school to offer Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).

The institute also takes pride in its collaboration with various institutions abroad, providing its students with exchange opportunities in North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. It is also consistently ranked among the top three business schools in India, taking first place for being the best business school in Central Asia and first place for its management program.

It provides graduate studies ranging from one to five years in length, as well as short and long-term certificate programs.

2. Indian Institute of Management – Ahmedabad

The Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad (IIM – A) became the first business school in India to be accredited by the European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS) in 2008. It has also consistently been ranked as India’s top business school, taking first and second place interchangeably in national rankings for four years.

The institute places a high value on research and training and has established several centers in the field. It has also established numerous links with industries and institutions outside of the country. Through these collaborations, its faculty is consistently trained and their qualifications are enriched through various training and seminar opportunities outside of the country.

Its executive programs are also regarded as the most comprehensive and all-encompassing, with over 200 programs tailored to each individual’s needs. This program has been expanded to include a campus in Dubai.

3. Indian Institute of Management – Calcutta

Established in 1961, the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIM – C) was the first business school in India to offer postgraduate studies in research and management. Since its inception, the institute has consistently ranked among the top business schools in the country, as well as having the best business programs.

The institute has established laboratories, centers, and facilities that aid in the development and improvement of the institute and its students. Furthermore, it has received recognition and support for its current students through its alumni network.

4. Indian School of Business

The Indian School of Business, founded by like-minded individuals in response to the rapidly changing and evolving global economy’s need for business innovation, is a non-profit organization funded entirely by foundations, private corporations, and individuals worldwide. It is also the world’s 100th business school to receive the “triple crown” of accreditation from major international accreditation agencies.

The institute was founded together with the Kellogg School of Management and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and it is affiliated with the MIT Management Sloan School, the Fletcher School – Tufts University, and the London Business School.

This top business school in India provides post-graduate programs that are equivalent to a global MBA, as well as Doctoral programs that are equivalent to a Ph.D. Advanced Management programs and Executive Education are also available.

5. Amity International Business School

Amity International Business School is well supported by its mother university, Amity University, a well-regarded and well-recognized private institution in India. The school produces graduates who are employed and currently practice their expertise in high-ranking and well-established industries across the country.

The business school is the only institution in Asia to host a research conference in London, which is attended and participated in by various business personalities and researchers from around the world.

6. Indian Institute of Management – Indore

The Indian Institute of Management – Indore (IIM – I) is one of the best business schools in India, having been founded in 1996 by India’s Ministry of Education and the Education of Higher Learning to provide world-class education, research, and internationally recognized programs. Because of its history, the school has deep and influential relationships with government agencies and industries all over the country.

It has two campuses: one in Indore and one in Mumbai. IIM-I is well-known in the country for having the most beautiful campus among all the business schools in India. It also has a variety of facilities, such as theater halls, that allows its students to learn in a flexible and comfortable environment.

7. Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship

The Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship began with no land, no building, and no proper funding; however, it has grown exponentially and now has three campuses in India: Bangalore, Chennai, and Kochi. The power of resilience, determination, and passion has brought it to this point, and these qualities are instilled in both its faculty and students. Furthermore, the school is one of India’s most prestigious business schools.

The institute takes pride in being a school that began with nothing and has grown to employ a teaching force of business industry experts, as well as consistently producing excellent and competitive graduates.

In addition, the school offers a variety of 2-year post-graduate diplomas in the field.

8. Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM), one of the leading Indian business schools, was established in 1984. It is the fourth institute among the IIM family in India. IIM has contributed to the livelihood of millions of individuals, from its faculty members and support staff to its students.

IIM is known for its curriculum’s diverse range of educational materials, cultivating quality management knowledge and expertise within its students. IIM hopes its students will adopt a value-driven attitude that will set them on the path to becoming successful global personalities in the future.

The MBA program at IIM Lucknow solely focuses on empowering its students to build, design, and launch their ideas and innovations. This is done via an intense curriculum that feeds crucial knowledge, skills, and exposure one may require to establish and operate a successful venture.

9. S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai

SPJIMR, or S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research in Mumbai, was established in 1981. It is a reputed and highly prestigious postgraduate business institute in India, which ranks among the top five business schools in the country and worldwide due to its significant social impact.

SPJIMR is accredited by the Association of MBAs, UK, and The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business as an AICTE-approved Tier 1 MBA institute.

The institute aims to assist in value-based growth and enhance the managerial practices of both individuals and organizations by providing various innovative and advanced management programs.

Postgraduate and doctoral programs at SPJIMR are renowned for their quality and world-class curriculum that cultivates leadership qualities through a holistic and innovative approach to education. In addition, SPJIMR is comprised of experienced faculty that includes successful practitioners and academicians.

10. International Management Institute (IMI), New Delhi

The International Management Institute (IMI) New Delhi is the first business school in India that was sponsored by a corporate. It was established in 1981 and soon became one of the respected institutes that equips aspiring managers with fundamental knowledge and business training. In addition to teaching and training, IMI is also a thriving research center.

IMI aims to provide a premium business education that is globally recognized and significantly contributes to society in terms of research. It also aspires to continue nurturing successful business leaders with skills such as social sensitivity, responsibility, value-driven, and competence.

The postgraduate program at IMI focuses on developing holistic and versatile managers who can handle any situation in a competent and socially sensitive manner.

11. Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon

Management Development Institute (MDI) is a prestigious business school in India that has been around for nearly 50 years. MDI’s legacy in the business world, with numerous business associations, adds more value to the school. MDI also currently maintains partnerships with more than 80 Business schools worldwide.

MDI continues to excel in redesigning its curriculum in management education and making significant contributions to the future of business. The institute is internationally accredited by AACSB, USA, the South Asian Quality Assurance Systems (SAQS), and the Association of MBAs (AMBA), UK.

The MBA program at MDI prepares its students to adapt to the ever-changing economy of the world and stand out as successful strategic business entrepreneurs in the coming generations. The program offers a rich curriculum that incorporates contemporary business developments and a rich blend of academia and industry.

12. Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), University of Delhi, New Delhi

The Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) at the University of Delhi primarily emphasizes management education with the idea of teaching leadership alongside a rich understanding of business.

FMS is a part of the highly prestigious University of Delhi that is well known for its high academic standards and its research contribution. Hence, programs at FMS incorporate inputs from other respected departments at the University of Delhi, such as operations research, economics, sociology, law, and commerce, allowing its students access to a more holistic curriculum.

In addition, FMS also offers a combination of instrumented feedback, fieldwork, and case studies, including a strong foundation on theory and concepts, to encourage students to explore and study new ideas.

13. SVKM’s NMIMS, School of Business Management, Mumbai

Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS) was established in 1981 to offer diploma and master’s level management programs. Despite the surge in the number of business schools, which has increased to 4000 by 2017 from only 150 in 1998, NMIMS has consistently been ranked among the ten top business schools in India.

NMIMS has pioneered as a prestigious business school in Mumbai. It has paved the path for several respected entrepreneurs and business leaders. It has also significantly contributed to India’s economy.

Programs at NMIMS aim to provide a broad education that provides its students with all the required skills to achieve success in their respective fields. Plenty of NMIMS alumni have now established themselves as important figures in the business world, further adding to the institute’s credibility.


Even though India may not necessarily be one’s first choice when it comes to higher education, one cannot deny India’s rapid development in all aspects, education included. India is now able to deliver an international standard education with an abundance of practical exposure and professional developmental skills.

One can certainly expect a comprehensive and exploratory curriculum delivered alongside a great proficiency in the English language. In addition to the range of popular programs available, India also offers numerous employment opportunities in both the public and private sectors.

We hope that this article on Best Business Schools in India was helpful. Make sure to also check out the Available Business Programs for International Students!

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