Lakehead University is a publicly funded research institution in Canada. It has two campuses; one is in Thunder Bay and the other is in Orillia, both in the state of Ontario. Moreover, it is a non-denominational institution and has the financial support of the state. Previously, it existed as two separate institutions: the Lakehead College of Art, Science and Technology and the Lakehead Technical Institute. An act was passed in 1965 to merge and promote these colleges under the banner of Lakehead University. We will discuss the acceptance rate at Lakehead University in this article.

The Thunder Bay campus of the university is home to the School of Medicine, and the School of Law. The campus has 39 buildings and is spread over an area of 116 hectares. The Orillia campus was established in 2006. It is the first Canada’s Leadership in Energy and Environment Design Platinum campus. There are 10 residential buildings at the Thunder Bay campus, with over 1,100 beds for students choosing to live on-campus.

In Canada, Lakehead University has the highest percentage of Aboriginal students. There are councils within the university that are governed by Aboriginals. The university also provides support services, tutoring services, scholarships, and first-year bridging programs for Aboriginal students. Furthermore, the university prepares its faculty on meeting the needs of Aboriginal students as well as the communities.

There are over 7,800 students enrolled at the Thunder Bay campus at the moment. Out of these, 7,200 are undergraduate students while 600 are graduate students. Currently, Lakehead University has 9 faculties. These comprise the faculties of education, engineering, business administration, health sciences, natural resource management, social sciences, medicine, science and environmental studies, and the school of graduate studies. The university offers over 40 undergraduate programs and over 30 graduate programs. The most popular faculty among students is that of the social sciences. This is followed by the faculty of health sciences and of environmental studies. If you are interested in applying to Lakehead University, you definitely should know the acceptance rate at Lakehead University!

There are many famous alumni from Lakehead University. These alumni include Steve Ashton, a famous politician in Manitoba, Lyn McLeod, a politician in Ontario, and Gary Polonsky, who was a former president of Durham College.

Lakehead University Acceptance Rate

Academically, Lakehead University falls under the top 3.5% of universities in the world. It has been ranked at 1,119 in the world by US News Report. Moreover, US News has ranked it as the 31st top university in Canada. Maclean’s ranking has placed it at 8th in the category of undergraduate education in Canada.

Admissions to Lakehead University is not competitive. It is estimated that the acceptance rate at Lakehead University is 82%. So, if you have a decent GPA and test scores, you will be able to get in.


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