These days, a growing number of students opt to pursue careers in Canada, and many international students are eager to enroll at U of M since it is regarded as one of the top colleges in the world for high-caliber education. Canada’s University of Manitoba is a public research university that was established in 1877. It is Western Canada’s first university. By studying the acceptance rate, prospective students can determine how likely it is that they will be admitted to the University of Manitoba. Let’s get straight to the point!

University of Manitoba Acceptance Rate

  • Estimated Acceptance Rate: 50-55%

The University of Manitoba is committed to providing students with an outstanding education and an amazing society, so there are more fascinating opportunities here and in Manitoba than you could ever imagine. Students from all around the world who wish to engage in cutting-edge research and learn about their surroundings are welcome at this school. Just about 50-55 percent of applicants are chosen annually on average for admission to the University of Manitoba. If you put some effort into preparing for your required examinations and paperwork, the fact that acceptance is above 50% is a plus for applicants from abroad.

Preparing for the University of Manitoba

Examining the application procedure, tuition costs, and funding opportunities might help international students increase their chances of admission. We’ll talk about several of these components in this section:

Admission Requirements

For all overseas learners, it is essential to comprehend the educational qualifications, English language competence criteria, SOP, recommendations, and other elements that are necessary and acceptable for each particular program. It can be challenging to get into the University of Manitoba; therefore, potential international students must take great care to gather all necessary paperwork and submit it by the deadline.

Tuition Fees

International students would undoubtedly find it easier to attend the University of Manitoba and meet their academic objectives if they had the necessary resources. International applicants should be advised of the fees associated with specific programs since tuition makes up the majority of the total cost. Tuition for undergraduate courses normally costs 22,800 CAD on average, while postgraduate studies normally cost 21,000 CAD on average.


The University of Manitoba recognizes and rewards outstanding international students who go above and beyond with a range of graduate merit funding. For applicants considering bachelor’s degrees, the university also offers International Undergraduate Student Entrance Scholarships which offer a 3,000 CAD fund.

Must-Know Facts About the University of Manitoba

The University of Manitoba is not just a Canadian university; it is also home to a huge alumni organization. Additionally, it features a knowledge exchange platform that allows the general public to interact with researchers and community professionals to exchange insights and discuss broader topics. For everyone, this is a greatly smart initiative.


If you have a strong academic record, the University of Manitoba has an attainable acceptance rate, so you shouldn’t be concerned about it. The above discussion offers some useful advice on how to prepare for and submit your University of Manitoba application. This post should be quite helpful to you, we hope!


We hope that this article on the University of Manitoba acceptance rate was informative. Make sure to also check out the Canada Page and browse the various Open Courses in Canada to explore your study options.

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