Music is an exciting field of study to pursue; however, it can be challenging. It requires dedication, passion, talent, and long hours of training. Nevertheless, the results are rewarding. There are numerous schools offering music degree programs across the globe, and students might be surprised that there is a broad spectrum of degree programs in Music, from performance-based programs such as voice and musical instrument performance to pedagogy and more technical programs such as music production, sound design, and sound engineering. Because there are countless options, looking for the best school can be pretty daunting. These music student aspirants are creative individuals who only want to get the best education to improve their talents. For them, one excellent opportunity to hone their abilities is to study abroad, as a handful of countries offer exceptional education. Admissions to these institutions, however, can be very competitive and costly. But luckily, several countries provide “free” education to their citizens and international students. Some institutions even offer scholarships since living costs in these countries are pretty high. Having these rare opportunities must not be missed by music aspirants.

The list below contains degree programs and general information about universities and institutions that do not charge tuition fees. This article was written for students looking for some free music schools that have no tuition fees. Have a look, for you might find that the school on this list will perfectly fit your criterion.

What Can I Study if I Like Music?

If you are passionate about music, then there are more degree opportunities than you ever imagined. If you are enthusiastic about making and producing music, then you can pursue that passion without a degree. Many students make it on their own on the many platforms that allow them to show their talents, like YouTube or Twitch, before landing contracts with record labels. If, however, you are looking to land a job where you get to work closely with people in the industry without performing the music yourself, then law or business are your best bet. Business plays a big role in the music industry, and many musicians need managers to run the business side of their handle the financial and contractual aspects of their music careers. You can find plenty of Business Courses offered by universities from all over the world on our website, so make sure you check those if you want to pursue business in the music industry. Copyright issues always arise in this artistic industry, and lawyers play a crucial role in ensuring that artists’ creative works are not stolen or misused. Unfortunately, our website is yet to have any courses for music, but you can check all our available courses on the Open Courses Page.

Music Schools with No Tuition

1. University of Music Würzburg (Hochschule für Musik Würzburg)

Germany has some of the best schools concentrated in the field of Music. One of the few music universities that do not charge tuition fees to international students is the University of Music Würzburg (Hochschule für Musik Würzburg). For years, this free music school with no tuition has offered top-quality Music education with courses lectured by acclaimed instructors and internationally known music talents across the globe. Another stand-out reason to choose this school is that the institution prioritizes students’ physical and mental health. Students are assisted with their particular needs. This kind of support enables students to maintain a healthy state of mind and eventually turn into great talents.

The school offer degrees at all levels. Well-known bachelor’s programs offered are Voice Performance, Church Music, Orchestral Instruments, Jazz, Guitar, and Conducting. School Music Teacher programs are offered for students who want to pursue a career in the academic industry. Furthermore, master’s programs include degrees in Master of Music in Performance, in Performance and Pedagogy, and Theory and Composition. All programs are taught in German. Students need to attain at least a B2 level in performance-based programs, while a German proficiency of C2 level in all other degree programs. Once admitted, the institution also offers free language courses to students who want to improve their German.

Generally, the university has a vibrant environment. It hosts numerous events yearly, and students can even participate in these events. The institution aims to make the student’s life enjoyable and more exciting during their stay on campus.

2. Berlin University of the Arts (Universität der Künste Berlin)

Another top-class German university that offers a wide range of degree programs in Music is the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK). Located in Germany’s capital city, the university is an excellent choice for students pursuing Music. The number of international students currently enrolled in the College of Music amounts to at least half percent of the faculty’s student body. A clear indication that music degrees offered are of superior quality and are internationally recognized.

The College of Music offers some of the best music degree programs in the country. Students who want to have a career as Music teachers can take Musicology or Music Education programs. Artistic Training programs specialize in the study of instruments. These programs include Keyboard Instruments, Organ Improvisation, and Piano. Composition and Conducting programs are also being offered under the Artistic Training programs. Other outstanding degree programs offered are Sound Engineering, Music Theory, Church Music, and Early Music. Most of these bachelor’s programs are eligible for admission to the university’s master’s programs.

The school also holds countless events throughout the year; being situated in Berlin gives the institution an added advantage, for the city has many cultural events compared to other states.

3. Norwegian Academy of Music

Norway’s most prestigious music academy is the Norway Academy of Music. It is a free music school with no tuition fees. The academy is known globally for its highest standard in music education. Employing only the best instructors and internationally acclaimed musicians, the academy has become one of the top choices of exceptionally gifted music aspirants across the globe.

Admissions to one of its degree programs are some of the toughest in the country. Aside from the general documentation, students must audition in three to four rounds, depending on the program of choice. Also, student and music aspirants must already have a remarkable student portfolio to impress the jury.

To those gifted students, the programs offered in the academy are bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral studies. At the undergraduate level, the academic programs offered are Conducting, Church Music, Composition, Music Education, Music Performance with specializations, and Bachelor of Music with Individual Concentration. At the graduate level, some of the programs include Master in Music Performance, Music Therapy, Music Theory, Composition, and European Chamber Music Master. And lastly, there are two doctoral programs offered in the academy: Ph.D. in Artistic Research and Ph.D. in Performance Practice, Music Education and Music Therapy. Most of these degree programs are taught in Norwegian and English. Students need to provide language proficiency in both languages.

4. The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague

The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague is Czech Republic’s largest Arts academy. It offers numerous artistic programs in Theatre, Film and TV, and Music and Dance. The Faculty of Music and Dance alone has 13 cutting-edge programs, eleven Music degrees, and two Dance degrees. The institution provides English-taught and Czech-taught programs; however, lectures entirely taught in English are charged with tuition fees. International students with Czech language ability of B2 level can apply to programs in Music Theory, Composition, and Music Management for free, while a B1 level is required for other music degree programs.

Study programs such as Wind Instruments, Voice and Opera, String Instruments, Conducting, and Percussion Instruments will involve rigorous training to hone the skills and talents of the students. In contrast, other music programs will focus more on pedagogy, such as Music Management and Composition. Nevertheless, all study programs will help students broaden their knowledge and acquire core skills in their chosen area of study. And as a result, the academy is able to produce highly competent musical talents. Some of the student graduates and even instructors are internationally acclaimed professionals who have won numerous awards.

5. The Royal Danish Academy of Music (RDAM)

In Denmark, the leading music school is the Royal Danish Academy of Music, a free music school with no tuition fees. The academy is famous among international students due to its partnerships and network connections with some of the most prominent and well-respected companies in the music industry.

As a Danish school, education is a top priority, and RDAM is also obligated to provide free education to its citizens and students residing in EU/EEA member states. Other nationalities are required to pay tuition fees. Since the academy is aware that academic fees can be pricey for most foreign students, the school has funded RDAM scholarships for qualified students and will deduct 20 % of the tuition fee for the year.

Music programs offered in the academy range from Music Teaching, Aural Training to performance programs such as Piano, Voice, Woodwinds, Strings, Guitar, and Harp. Admissions to these programs require students to submit an online application and audition recording. And only select students are admitted.


We hope you found this article on free music schools with no tuition fees informative and helpful. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.

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