If you like solving math problems and enjoy discovering something new, you can consider taking materials engineering at your college. In simple terms, materials engineering creates or produces materials. The research, development, and design materials will be used to create products in different fields like manufacturing, automotive, and more.

Now, aside from being interesting, manufacturing engineering can open many learning and working opportunities for you. Since this field is widely used in many industries, having a degree in materials engineering is enormous. You can be employed in different industries and work in different fields.

As an incoming materials engineer, you need to build your skillset and knowledge. A lot of universities globally offer this program at different levels, and if you’re going to study abroad, you’ll gain a global perspective in materials engineering. In this article, let’s talk about the best countries to consider in studying materials engineering.

Which is the Cheapest Country to Study Engineering?

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Top Countries to Study Materials Engineering Abroad

1. United States of America (USA)

  • Reason: High-ranking universities, top-performing engineering industry, more research opportunities, a wide range of degrees

The United States of America (USA) is home to many top engineering companies abroad. These engineering companies cover a lot of industries and produce many technologies, services, and products that greatly impact the engineering industry globally. The USA has a fast-growing engineering industry, and if you’re going to study materials engineering here, you’ll have a good background in the field.

More than that, the USA has the globe’s top-ranking educational institutions that offer materials engineering and related programs. Enrolling in an American institution can be tough and selective, but entering an American engineering school will provide the highest quality of engineering education. These universities have a reputation for teaching, training, and research, as they provide a comprehensive curriculum for their students.

Materials engineering in the USA has a good research foundation. Many research opportunities are open for incoming students, and they are very active in conducting and developing studies around the field. If you’re going to study materials engineering, you can consider the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of California, Berkeley.

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2. Sweden

  • Reason: Outstanding higher educational system, world-class universities, and colleges, innovative country

Multinational automotive and construction companies like Volvo and Skanska are based in Sweden. More than these companies, there are more engineering-related companies that you can see in Sweden. This country has a good international standing in the global engineering industry as they have successful companies and engineers in the field. It’s one of their advantages in the field.

In terms of materials engineering education, Sweden is known for being a top country to study materials engineering abroad as it provides quality higher education that is highly recognized worldwide. Swedish universities focus on advancing and generating research in the field to provide more innovative methodologies in the field. These institutions have various partnerships and collaborations to work on and promote learning. Materials engineering students in Sweden build their excellent skillsets and competencies thanks to their globally acknowledged institutions.

Since Sweden is one of the most innovative countries in the world, engineering students receive world-class education and experience inside and outside the university. You’ll have experience in the field as they provide more training and education. For those who want to major in materials engineering, you can consider entering Stockholm University and the KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

3. China

  • Reason: Internationally recognized degrees, employment opportunities, a wide range of universities for engineering, outstanding training, and education

For the past years, China has been a popular destination for students who wish to take material engineering programs primarily because they have a successful engineering industry that has a global impact. For example, their manufacturing industry which involves different kinds of engineers, including materials engineering, has a high global revenue. They are considered as the “world’s factory.”

Aside from their thriving engineering industry, each year, they produce a high number of engineers in the field. Same to the engineering industry, the educational sector in China promotes engineering in higher education. Specifically, material engineering programs are offered in various Chinese universities. If you’ve decided to study here, you’ll have plenty of choices in universities and programs.

Additionally, Chinese universities offer a wide range of materials engineering research areas and studies. As you study here, you’ll have a wider perspective on engineering as you receive an internationally recognized degree. Peking University and Tsinghua University take pride in their engineering programs, and they have a materials engineering department.

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4. Finland

  • Reason: technologically advanced, excellent facilities and laboratories, high-ranking educational institutions

Finland is a good country to go to if you want to study materials engineering. This country has an outstanding engineering foundation, as they pioneered some of the engineering companies that made a global impact. Also, they are considered one of the most technologically advanced countries globally.

For international students taking materials engineering, they’ll surely build the knowledge and skills they need in the field. Finnish universities have a long history since their establishment, and they have developed into successful institutions that produce engineers in the field.

Another edge of Finnish universities is their facilities and laboratories for research, teaching, and training. Being an innovative country, they have state-of-the-art facilities to fully equip their students with the best engineering education. Some of the best Finnish universities for materials engineering are the University of Turku and Tampere University.

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5. Singapore

  • Reason: English-taught programs, internationally recognized degrees, topnotch higher education, work opportunities

Singaporean universities provide engineering education to local and international students. As an engineering student here, you’ll enjoy your stay here as you finish your degree in engineering. They use the English language as the medium of instruction, so language is not a barrier. Secondly, these institutions are recognized globally.

Materials engineering, in specific, is built with an excellent curriculum that prepares students in the field. They provide various training, lectures, and research activities to students. Many materials engineering graduates have successfully graduated and worked in and out of Singapore.

As you earn a materials engineering degree in Singapore, you’ll have a lot of work opportunities. You can explore various industries in connection to materials engineering. The National University of Singapore is one of the country’s performing universities with materials engineering programs.


I hope that this article on the Best Countries to Study Materials Engineering Abroad was helpful. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students

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