The fashion world is a rapidly growing and ever-evolving global industry. It offers an exciting and promising career for those who have a flair for creativity and originality and are passionate about breaking stereotypes, redefining beauty, and being a catalyst for positive change.

While a career in fashion seems to be a glamorous one, it may come as a surprise for many to find out that studying fashion does not need to be expensive. In fact, there is a good deal of universities and fashion schools around the world that offer high-quality fashion education and training without paying for tuition.

Below are some free fashion schools that offer tuition-free education. We have also included more information on these programs.

What Do Fashion Students Study?

Fashion is integrated into all aspects of our lives, and it’s an industry that will always be needed irrespective of technological advancement or economy; it is a timeless industry unaffected by external factors. Students enrolling in a fashion program are taught how to make a product from the design concept to the actual production; they are taught many other disciplines like management, business analytics, and trend forecasting. Fashion is definitely a multidisciplinary industry that is worth pursuing. We currently do not have any available Fashion Courses that we can recommend to you, but since it’s a very diverse industry, you might find something that is of interest to you on our Open Courses Page.

Fashion Schools with No Tuition

1. Aalto University

  • Free Tuition Fee Link
  • Free to: EU/EEA citizens, Ph.D. students, and students who take the course in Finnish or Swedish

In the field of art and design, Aalto University is ranked among the top universities in Finland and the world. The Department of Design of the Aalto School of Arts, Design, and Architecture offers several bachelor’s and master’s programs in design including fashion, textile, and clothing design. It also works with other departments in offering a doctoral program for fashion design for international students.

Aalto University is also a free fashion school offering no tuition fees. Fashion design programs at Aalto University encourage students to take explorative, experimental, and creative approaches in the process of finding their own artistic style and identity that would distinguish them from other designers and artists. Sustainability and social impact are also emphasized in the school to empower students to become creative professionals who can contribute to making the world a better place.

Aalto University offers free tuition for international students from countries that are members of the European Union, European Economic Area, and Switzerland. Ph.D. students are also not required to pay for tuition fees, as well as those who opt to study in Finnish or Swedish, given that they meet the language requirements set by the university.

2. Weissensee Art Academy Berlin

Established in 1946 in Berlin, Germany, the Weissensee Art Academy Berlin offers interdisciplinary programs in different areas of art and design which include bachelor’s and master’s programs in fashion design. For the first year, all students take interdisciplinary, basic, and foundational courses before taking specialized courses in their chosen fields.

Students of the academy get to work in 19 workshops and studios that are fully equipped with industry-quality tools and technologies needed in designing different forms of textiles, costumes, and clothing. They also participate in several seminars, international competitions, and other practical activities that would prepare them and help develop skills that are essential in different areas of the fashion industry. The academy also has several collaborations with different organizations in conducting numerous projects and innovative research on a wide range of areas surrounding the fashion design industry.

The Weissensee Art Academy Berlin offers free education to all students. Students are only charged a semester fee which covers their registration, student union membership, social contribution, and ticket for public transport.

3. Oslo National Academy of the Arts

The Oslo National Academy of the Arts is among the free fashion schools that have no tuition fees. It was established in 1996 through the unification of five independent colleges for the visual and performing arts which now make up the academy’s faculties. Among the study programs offered by the Department of Design are bachelor’s and master’s programs in clothing and costume design.

Classes in clothing and costume design at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts are characterized by smaller groups to foster independent learning and critical thinking among students. Programs are designed to train creative professionals who not only possess broad knowledge and strong industry skills but are also willing to use their acquired learnings to contribute to society.

The Oslo National Academy of the Arts offers tuition-free education for all students. Students will be charged a semester fee which would go to the Student Welfare Organization of Oslo and Akershus. Due to the high cost of living in Norway, international students from certain non-EU member states are also required to secure a deposit to show their financial capability to live and study in the country.

4. University of Ljubljana

The University of Ljubljana in Slovenia is one of the most well-known universities in the country and consistently appears in multiple global university rankings each year. The university’s Academy of Fine Art and Design offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in fashion design.

Fashion design programs at the University of Ljubljana aim to guide students throughout the creative process, from conceptualizing ideas to equipping them with strong technical knowledge and skills on the techniques and tools to translate these ideas into works of art. Students work in small groups and are encouraged to be experimental in their study of fashion.

The University of Ljubljana offers tuition-free education to international students from EU countries as well as Iceland, Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein, and countries that have bilateral agreements with the Republic of Slovenia.

5. Stockholm University

Stockholm University is one of the top-rated universities in Europe and the world. It has a global reputation for providing world-class education and outstanding research in different areas of the natural sciences, law, humanities, and social sciences.

The university also offers a master’s program in fashion studies that provides a deep understanding of the evolution of fashion. Students learn all about the theories, methods, and history of fashion as a culture and as a discipline. They are also directly involved in conducting intensive fashion research to prepare them for further studies or careers in fashion design, marketing, analysis, and other relevant fields.

Stockholm University is a free fashion school with no tuition fees for students from EU member states and Switzerland.


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