Saskatchewan is a stunning province, in Canada, that has an abundance of parks, restaurants, shopping centers, and historical landmarks. An exciting place to be as a student, the province has made applying for study permits an extremely easy task for international people. If you’re looking forward to studying in Canada, consider Saskatchewan as it provides a lot of opportunities.

Universities here offer a wide range of courses and credentials, from undergraduate degrees to doctoral degrees. An enticing aspect of studying here is that students can then apply for skilled employment opportunities, leading to them remaining in the province. Another advantage of these universities is that they are affordable compared to other Canadian universities.

In this article, we listed the cheap universities and colleges you can find in Saskatchewan. We listed the tuition fee and the links for international students.

Is Saskatchewan an Affordable Place for International Students?

Yes! Saskatchewan, Canada, is a good place for international students because of many reasons. First, international students can find many affordable universities with excellent academic performance. Institutions such as Parkland College, Saskatchewan Polytechnic, and the University of Saskatchewan are some of the most affordable universities here.

More than universities, the cost of living in Saskatchewan is also cheap. Combined with low tuition fees, this province is very affordable for international students.

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Cheapest Universities in Saskatchewan

1. First Nations University of Canada, Regina

  • International Tuition Fee for Undergraduate Programs: CAD 2,330 – CAD 11,338 (USD 1,850 – 9,002) Depending on Classes Per Semester
  • International Tuition Fee for Graduate Programs: CAD 2,326 – CAD 7,435 (USD 1,846 – 5,903) Depending on Credit Hours Per Semester
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Tuition Fee Link

First Nations is a leader in indigenous-based education by incorporating the indigenous worldviews into all aspects of university life and study. This university opens its doors to people of all cultures. It is spread across three campuses in Regina, Saskatoon, and Prince Albert.

For the past years, they have had a growing population of international students on the campus. As they promote diversity in the university, they have various activities for international and indigenous students. Additionally, this university maximizes experiential learning. With this, students are highly exposed to real-life learning as they finish their studies.

2. University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon

Situated in the heart of Saskatoon, USask is a top medical doctoral university in Canada. It is also home to vital research programs like food and water security. This university strives for excellence and finding solutions for global challenges. This facility has an international student population of over 3,400 as well as over 3,300 self-declared indigenous people.

In terms of research, they are highly recognized in Canada for their research focus. They have produced more than 160,000 graduates, and they continue to produce excellent and competent alumni in various fields. They also have a wide range of programs offered to local and international students.

3. Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Saskatoon

Saskatchewan Polytechnic gives students applied learning opportunities at four different campuses, this one in Saskatoon being the largest. This school provides its students with the necessary qualifications and experience of every technical public sector role, including apprenticeship training programs.

As a polytechnic, this establishment is connected to many employers and provides them with students specifically educated for what the industry requires. They have a 94% employment rate, indicating they have produced excellent graduates in various fields.

There is quite a difference between the Canadian tuition fee and international. The Candian fee being so low could be due to, in part, wanting to attract local people from the community to improve the regional engineering economy.

4. Parkland College, Canora

Next on our list of cheap universities in Saskatchewan is Parkland College. This is another institute that has strong connections with industry partners. This can offer students the opportunity to be recruited by local businesses. Parkland can boast six campuses and also degree program links with the University of Regina and the University of Saskatchewan.

In fact, all of their university-level degrees come from the above two universities. All other certificates and diplomas are provided by Parkland College. They take pride in having affordable tuition fees for local and foreign students.

Due to their degree programs being set by two other universities, the fees are set by these institutions. In terms of being an international student, it would make more sense to apply to these two universities than to Parkland College. There is a larger range of program choices. However, it can provide a more suitable location for locals wanting to study for a degree.

5. Campion College, Regina

  • International Tuition Fee for Undergraduate Programs: CAD 2,330 – CAD 11,338 (USD 1,850 – 9,002) Depending on Classes Per Semester
  • Undergraduate Tuition Fee Link

Campion College is located at the aforementioned University of Regina. The best part about attending a small college inside a large university is that you have all the advantages and facilities of a large university but with a more personalized classroom experience. This university college is also Jesuit in nature.

Therefore, their focus is not just to get their students a great career but also to encourage their students to give back to the communities and leave wanting to make the world a better place.

The college uses the same tuition fee structure as the University of Regina. With there being no fee difference, the only question left to ask would be which type of learning experience would be preferred. It depends on the student, on what kind of learner he is. Now, if you’re after small class populations, you can choose Campion College.


Saskatchewan is a surprisingly good province to center your education. It has one of the top research universities in Canada, which offers a beautiful campus setup that can make international students feel very welcome.

The tuition fees are very affordable in this province, and you get a lot for your money in terms of educational quality. There are many universities to choose from, and it can be considered as having a tight-knit student community.


We hope that this article on cheap tuition universities in Saskatchewan was helpful. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs in Canada!

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