Who doesn’t know British Columbia’s fame? Located in Burnaby, British Columbia, the British Columbia Institute of Technology is a well-liked public polytechnic institution. It has five campuses spread across several Canadian regions. Knowing its acceptance rate will help you increase your chances of joining any of its campuses. Continue reading to learn more about the British Columbia Institute of Technology’s acceptance rate!

British Columbia Institute of Technology Acceptance Rate

  • Estimated Acceptance Rate: 80 – 90%

The British Columbia Institute of Technology, renowned for its practical instruction and enthusiastic faculty, provides students all around the world with an incredible degree. Around 80-90% of candidates are typically accepted into the university, indicating that more than half of the applicants can make the trek here to pursue their goals.

Preparing for the British Columbia Institute of Technology

International applicants should consider the application procedure, cost of tuition, availability of scholarships, and admission rate before deciding whether or not to attend BCIT. Here, we’ll talk about a few of these elements:

Admission Requirements

The student, international or domestic, will be able to plan if they are aware of the precise requirements, which include the minimum grade requirements, personal statement, recommendations, and other essential papers. As an international applicant to the British Columbia Institute of Technology, you should be mindful of the entry requirements for the language competency levels to improve your chances of getting admitted into the specific program of your choice.

Tuition Fees

One of the best colleges in the nation for high-quality education is thought to be the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Still, compared to other elite colleges in British Columbia, its tuition is slightly lower. For a bachelor’s degree, the yearly cost of attendance is from 17,180 to 25,444 CAD, while for a master’s degree, the range is 12,718 to 26,272 CAD. Students must thus carefully assess their financial possibilities and keep an eye on BCIT fees before applying.


Scholarships for international students are not available from the British Columbia Institute of Technology itself. Nonetheless, external organizations continue to award scholarships that you can apply for at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. You might then have to submit separate applications for those scholarships. After determining which one you qualify for, submit your application.

Must-Know Facts About the British Columbia Institute of Technology

Every student at the British Columbia Institute of Technology is guaranteed an outstanding career possibility in addition to receiving a top-notch education. Students can be assured that they will be able to receive the best education and interact with the best professors and lecturers.


There is a high chance that you will receive an offer letter if you match the qualifying standards and have a strong academic record. Join BCIT and pursue your objectives!


We hope that this article on the British Columbia Institute of Technology acceptance rate was informative. To learn more about studying in Canada, make sure to check out the Study in Canada Page and sample some of the Available Programs in Canada for International Students!

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