When it comes to studying abroad, the United Kingdom is the dream destination for many international students. As home to the most prestigious and oldest surviving universities, the country ensures that students receive only the best education and training.

Plus, the country is popular for countless breakthroughs in the fields of science and medicine. With such a training ground, a degree in Public Health in the United Kingdom can surely guarantee success anywhere. Let’s take a look at the best schools for public health in the United Kingdom!

Is Public Health in Demand in UK?

With the increasing aging population and global pandemic, Public Health has become one of the most in-demand fields in the UK. There are several job prospects for public health graduates in the private and public sectors. The average salary for a graduate with a master’s in Public health is £33,000 per year according to Payscale.

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Top Universities for Public Health in the United Kingdom

1. University College London

University College London, founded in 1826, is a public university considered the second largest and excellent school for public health in the UK. With its long history, the university has undergone several transitions, mergers and name changes, finally adopting its current name in 1976. It has over 40,000 students across its 11 faculties, with its main campus located in the Bloomsbury area in Central London.

The Faculty of Population Health Science at the university offers a Master in Public Health program, which is a full-time, one-year program. However, students can also take a part-time study period, which allows them to complete the program in two years. Finally, students can take a flexible study mode, allowing them to finish their master’s degree up to five years.

As the program is taught in the English language, applicants might need to take preparatory courses to ensure their proficiency level, both written and oral. Besides that, applicants must have at least an upper-second class degree or its international equivalent in any relevant subject, such as social and clinical science. Mathematical and statistical skills are also a requirement to apply to the program.

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2. University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge was established in 1209, making it one of the oldest surviving universities in the world. Its long history started after a group of scholars from the University of Oxford had a dispute with the town people. From such beginnings, the university became one of the most prestigious in the world and was later recognized as a leading university for public health in the United Kingdom. It ranked 3rd place out of 1,300 universities in the 2022 QS World University Rankings.

There are 11 faculties and more than 100 departments, research centers, and institutes in the university. One of these is the Department of Public Health and Primary Care. Through its Ph.D. program, students have the chance to study a wide range of skills and knowledge in various specializations, such as Behavior and Health, Genetic Epidemiology, and Health Services Research. Besides those, students also have the opportunity to conduct interdisciplinary research in this field.

As for the study mode, doctoral candidates can study either full-time or part-time. If taken full-time, the study duration can take three to four years. For part-time, students are allowed to complete their studies within five to seven years. To apply to this program, an aspiring candidate must have prior training in Biostatistics, Epidemiology, or related fields. Without such training, applicants can take the Master of Philosophy in Population Health Sciences first. As the program is research-focused, students are also required to work with a supervisor.

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3. London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine is a public university and a top school for public health in the UK established in 1899. Since its establishment, the university has been a consistent significant institution in the infectious diseases and public health fields. It also operates through its three faculties and several research centers. These offer numerous master’s and doctorate degrees. However, there are no undergraduate programs in the university.

The Faculty of Public Health and Policy offers the Master of Science in Public Health. The program is both practical and research-driven, preparing students to take on public health challenges. Additionally, students can complete the program in one year in full-time study mode. For those looking for split-study options, the university allows completion after two or more years.

As the university only accepts up to 200 students in the program, the selection team looks at the educational or professional training of applicants. International students can refer to the list of qualifications that apply to them. Although generally, the university requires having a related academic background and professional training.

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4. Imperial College London

The Imperial College London, formally referred to as Imperial College of Science, Technology, and Medicine was built in 1907 through the vision of Prince Albert to build a cultural center. Three institutions, namely the Royal College of Science, City and Guilds of London Institute, and Royal School of Mines merged to form the university. More than 114 years later, the university has built an innovation campus in White City, and a research facility in Silwood Park. Additionally, it has teaching hospitals across London.

The Imperial College London is another excellent institution for public health in the UK that has 4 four faculties, including the Faculty of Medicine, where the School of Public Health is. Through this school, the university offers masters and Ph.D. programs in Public Health. The Master of Public Health is a one-year full-time program where students learn biostatistics, epidemiology, and research methods in the health industry. Students can also choose between two academic tracks: Health Services and Systems, and Global Health.

For doctoral studies, the university offers a highly research-driven program where students focus on Public Health areas, such as infectious disease epidemiology, clinical trials and evaluation, and neuroepidemiology and aging. Program completion takes three years, plus one year of research writing if taken full-time. However, the university also offers part-time studies, where students can take up to six years to fulfill all graduation requirements.

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5. King’s College London

King’s College of London is one of the top universities for Public Health in the United Kingdom. This public university was founded in 1829, through a Royal Charter. However, the university has been operating since 1561 as a medical school. Thus, it is one of England’s oldest universities.

The university went through several mergers before it became the university known today. Through these series of improvements, King’s College of London has acquired five campuses across the country. It also consists of nine faculties, further divided into departments, divisions, and research centers.

The Master of Public Health program at the university takes one year to complete if taken full-time. And like other universities with this program, students can also take a part-time study mode, allowing them to complete their degrees in two years’ time. Instruction is delivered in the classroom setting. Although, students have the option to enroll in a fully online program. While prior academic tracks must be related to Public Health, international students from non-related baccalaureate studies can still apply to this program if they have significant work experience.

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The UK is home to high-ranking universities offering some of the best degree programs in Public Health. From the University College London to the University of Cambridge, you can kickstart your career in public health, supported by the best facilities and experienced faculty. Fortunately, you can achieve all these without having to break the bank. Check out the fully funded scholarships on our page to help pay for tuition and other expenses.


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