Poland lies at the center of the European content with its diverse geography, stately architecture, and rich political and scientific history. The hospitable Polish, delightful cities, and delectable food charm people from all over the world into visiting the country. Besides an engaging culture, Poland is also a highly-regarded destination for international students.

Many factors contribute to the high quality of education in Poland. Its rich history is deeply intertwined with Europe’s development, making its universities pioneers and experts in several subject areas. In this article, we will be looking at the best universities in Poland for international students.

Is Poland a Good Place to Study for International Students?

Universities in Poland provide first-rate education in a broad range of disciplines, especially in medicine, engineering, and technology. Students experience progressive teaching methods and a flexible, interdisciplinary learning system. Most universities allow freedom in choosing a curriculum, facilitate international exchanges, and provide state-of-the-art facilities. Modern Poland creates a conducive learning environment for international students because of its multicultural tradition and the openness of its residents.

Living and studying costs in Poland are relatively affordable compared to other European countries. Tuition fees start at around 2,230 USD per year and will vary depending on the program and institution. Furthermore, students can allot more or less 240 USD monthly for food and accommodation.

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Can International Students Work in Poland While Studying?

International students in Poland can work while pursuing their degrees. Students from EU member countries can work part-time as long as they are officially enrolled in a tertiary institution. Non-EU nationals, on the other hand, must have a valid residency permit in addition to an official enrollment form. Students have the right to work regardless of the program they are pursuing, including full-time language school students and learners in their first year at university.

A total of 20 hours of work a week is allowed during regular semesters and full-time for three months during holidays. Residence card holders can work full-time throughout. For more career-specific jobs, students can pursue internships instead. Internships are paid work in most organizations in Poland.

Can International Students Stay in Poland After Graduation?

After graduation, students can remain in Poland and even work without a permit as long as their stay permit is valid. Graduates will be allowed to stay 2-3 years if they fall under specific categories from the International Organization for Migration and prove that they can financially support themselves. Otherwise, they can apply for a work permit after accepting a job.

After finding an employer, professionals can apply for a Blue Card that allows them to work in participating European countries of the scheme. A Blue Card is valid initially for two years, then extended for three years. After which, a foreign national can apply for Permanent Residence.

Top Universities in Poland for International Students

1. Jagiellonian University

The Jagiellonian University, the so-called University of Kraków, is the oldest in Poland, founded in 1364. It has been a center for teaching and research in the country for over six centuries, and students will be studying in the same institution as Nicolaus Copernicus. Fifteen faculties comprise the university, including medicine, social science, natural science, humanities, and law. Its library is renowned as one of the largest in Poland and contains several medieval manuscripts.

The Jagiellonian University, one of the best universities in Poland for international students, has the closest academic partnership with Heidelberg University, another medieval institution in Germany. It also cooperates with several institutions worldwide, including the University of Tokyo, the University of Chicago, the University of Cambridge, and the London School of Economics and Political Science. Furthermore, the university is affiliated with prestigious research groups such as the Coimbra Group and Europaeum.

2. Medical University of Warsaw

The Medical University of Warsaw is the largest medical school in Poland and provides the best practical medical training. It has five faculties, including Medicine, Dental Medicine, Pharmacy, Medical Sciences, and Health Sciences. It manages six clinical hospitals, a Medical Simulation Centre, and is affiliated with several hospitals nationwide. What’s more, MD and DMD degrees are recognized in the United States, Europe, and most nations globally.

This top university in Poland for international students has established academic partnerships with other international medical colleges. It admits international students from over 50 countries as regular degree-seekers or Erasmus+ partners. With its modern teaching and research equipment, international students can participate in the university’s leading clinical and theoretical medical research.

3. University of Warsaw

The University of Warsaw is Poland’s largest university, with 126 buildings spread throughout the city. Most university buildings, however, are concentrated in two areas. The main campus is located in the city center, which includes buildings from the 17th century. The other site is in Banacha Street, home to its natural sciences departments, and is more contemporary. The university has 24 faculties, wherein five new ones were recently opened in September 2020. These are Archaeology, Philosophy, Sociology, History, and Culture & Arts.

Besides several faculties, the university hosts 30 research centers wherein national and international research organizations fund most of their projects. The 4,800 international students at the University of Warsaw continue to increase, having heard of the university’s broad program offerings and opportunities.

4. Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań

The Adam Mickiewicz University is considered one of the top universities in Poland for its longstanding academic history since 1611. The university is a major intellectual center in Poznań and is intertwined with the city’s development to this day. It adopted the name of its patron, Adam Bernard Mickiewicz, in 1955. He was a Polish poet, essayist, and activist with outstanding contributions to Polish literature, culture, and politics.

Presently, the university is organized into five research schools of 20 faculties and one doctoral school. Global university rankings place Adam Mickiewicz University among the top in English studies, Linguistics, Arts and Humanities, Chemistry, Biology, and Astronomy. Altogether, international students have over 80 disciplines to choose from.

5. AGH University

The AGH University was originally a school for mining with only 80 students in 1912. It has then grown into a renowned technical university in Poland, with 17 faculties and nearly 21,000 students. From mining and metallurgy, the university’s program offerings broadened into its close disciplines such as geology, materials science, and non-ferrous materials. There are also faculties in Humanities, Computer Science, Biomedicine, and Mechanical Engineering.

The university took significant steps to improve the quality of its education. For instance, students engage in multidisciplinary studies through individually tailored syllabuses. In terms of internationalization, students can pursue a double diploma with AGH and a university abroad.

6. Cracow University of Technology

The Cracow University of Technology is another technical university in Poland known to educate and produce talented engineers. It comprises eight faculties, including architecture, computer science, mechanical, electrical, civil, and chemical engineering. Students can earn a double degree at the Cracow University of Technology along with a university abroad.

Having such relevant disciplines for today’s society, the university does not fail to cooperate with industry partners. This top university in Poland has intensive collaborations with companies like Microsoft, CISCO, NOKIA, Motorola, Caterpillar, etc. In 1997, the government established a Special Economic Zone – the Cracow Technological Park, as initiated by the university.

7. University of Gdańsk

The University of Gdańsk, one of the best universities in Poland for international students, was formed from a merger between two prestigious higher education institutions in economics and pedagogy. The university has since grown to offer first-rate education and research in many fields. Programs range from biology, psychology, and economic sciences to chemistry, oceanography, and quantum physics. Furthermore, the university is a significant center for Kashubian language studies.

Advanced and specialized research institutes of the university built their reputation on the international stage. The Hel Marine Station of the Institute of Oceanography and the Bird Migration Research Station of the Biology Department are highly-regarded nature research facilities. The University of Gdańsk is further admired for its research on the Baltic Sea and threatened marine species.

8. Medical University of Białystok

The Medical University of Białystok is a medical institution established in 1950. It is headquartered in the Branicki Palace, a significant 18th-century structure in the city.

The Medical University of Białystok offers English-language programs under the Division of Dentistry and Division of Medical Education. One of these is a 6-year MD program that the school started offering in 2004. The university has 69 organizational units— including 26 departments, 40 clinics, 2 study centers, and 2 autonomous laboratories— that provide instruction, research, as well as diagnostic and treatment activities.

9. Gdańsk University of Technology

The Gdańsk University of Technology is one of the oldest and best universities in Poland. It ranks second in the Ministry of Science and Higher Education’s Initiative of Excellence – Research University, demonstrating its outstanding reputation in the field of research. Additionally, the European Commission authorized the use of the esteemed HR Excellence in Research logo to Gdansk Tech.

The university offers full-time and part-time undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral programs in several science and technology fields. It has 27 graduate study areas, 38 undergraduate study areas, and 3 interdepartmental and inter-academic courses. Additionally, there are 17 graduate programs and 3 undergraduate programs using English as the primary language of instruction at GUT.

10. Wroclaw Medical University

Wroclaw is a city with a long history in medicine. The first hospital opened its doors in the 13th century. One of Poland’s top public medical universities is the Wroclaw Medical University. Five faculties make up the Wroclaw Medical University: public health, pharmacy, dentistry, and medicine. There are 164 chairs and clinics altogether. The university employs a total of 1,093 academic professors and lecturers, and about 6,000 students pursue their education here.

There are over 200 international agreements of cooperation between Wroclaw Medical University and other universities. Within the context of the EU’s Erasmus program, there is a significant interchange of students and academic staff, particularly with France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands, and England.

11. Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun

Since its founding in 1945, the Toruń-based Nicolaus Copernicus University (NCU) has grown to become one of Poland’s biggest universities. It bears the name of the Polish scientist and astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, who was born in the northern Polish city of Toruń. The institution, which consists of 16 faculties and offers courses at the undergraduate, master’s, and doctorate levels in 80 various fields of study, has expanded dramatically in recent years.

NCU places a strong emphasis on international ties, and in addition to the Erasmus program, the university has made bilateral relationships with organizations all over the world. Additionally, individual departments form their own international alliances. For example, the Faculty of Economics has worked closely with French universities while the Department of History has partnered with a Moscow university.

12. University of Lodz

The University of Lodz has long been one of the largest and best Polish universities. The University’s 13 faculties provide programs in 117 subject areas and 218 specialties. Established in 1952, it is home to the oldest and most renowned Polish Language Centre for foreigners. The university consistently ranks among Poland’s best institutions of higher learning, and it particularly shines in subjects like linguistic sciences, international relations, and business and management.

The University of Lodz participates in a number of other research and exchange initiatives, including Erasmus+, International Credit Mobility, Campus Europae, CEEPUS, Mizuta Scholarship, and Erasmus Mundus.

13. Poznań University of Technology

The State School of Mechanical Engineering, founded in 1919, served as the foundation for Poznan University of Technology (PUT). At present, the Poznan University of Technology offers instruction in 9 faculties, which encompass 31 different academic disciplines. There are 31 programs offered, with seven in first-cycle and twelve in second-cycle being taught exclusively in English.

Students who excel in international competitions, work in scholarly groups, and belong to student organizations are sources of pride for the university. Poznan University of Technology is one of the top 4 technical universities in the nation, according to the US News Best Global Universities. PUT also ranked among the top 500 institutions worldwide in the fields of computer science and mechanical engineering in the most recent Academic Ranking of World Universities, known as the Shanghai Ranking.

14. University of Szczecin

The University of Szczecin is a public university located in the picturesque and distinctive green city of Szczecin, western Poland. It is the largest university in West Pomerania, with 33,267 students and just over 1,200 personnel which make up 9 faculties. Since 1998, the university has participated in the Erasmus program for student exchange.

The institution consistently tops the list of leading universities in Poland. The university uses a cutting-edge methodology in its teaching. Its facilities and equipment are of the highest caliber possible. The equipment required to perform effective research is easily accessible because research is the institution’s strong suit.

15. Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University

Warsaw’s Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University is a state-run institution of higher learning founded on the Academy of Catholic Theology. It provides instruction in a range of scientific disciplines, including humanities, natural sciences, and just recently, medicine. The university shines because of its welcoming environment, creative research programs, and experienced academic personnel. It has been one of Poland’s best universities and frequently receives a high number of applications from students.

It has been a part of the ERASMUS program since 2000 and the ERASMUS + program since 2014, both of which provide chances for international study. It is also part of the MOST student mobility program, which offers students the chance to receive national scholarships at 19 Polish universities.

16. Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin

Pomeranian Medical University is a public institution of higher learning with a full-time intramural system of study. It offers programs at the postgraduate levels of study.

English-language classes have been available at PMU’s Faculty of Medicine since 1996 and the Faculty of Dentistry since 2006. These programs now have a combined enrollment of 600 students. Each year, PMU admits 100 students to the Faculty of Medicine and 30 students to the Faculty of Dentistry.

17. Kozminski University

Kozminski University, founded in 1993, is a private institution of higher learning with full academic rights. It is a non-profit business school in Warsaw, Poland, and is regarded as Poland’s top-ranked private university. It has earned Polish and foreign accreditations and is consistently on worldwide and domestic educational rankings, which attests to the high caliber of its programs and services.

The most prominent and challenging business school accreditations to get are EQUIS, AMBA, and AACSB. Out of 13,500 business schools worldwide, Kozminski University is one of the few that has all three together. The institution offers a variety of English-language bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. programs.


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