Poland is the bridge between Western and Eastern Europe, bordering both Russia to the East and Germany to the West. Its position makes it a very important country for international trade and relations. This has helped Poland to develop its economy and become one of the wealthiest countries in the EU, with a very high standard of living.

With its ideal position in Central Europe, vast landscapes ranging from beaches in the north and mountains in the south, as well as a highly developed educational system, Poland is also cheaper than most countries in Western Europe, which makes it an ideal destination for a large number of international students. In this article, we will go over the cheapest universities in Poland.

Affordable Schools in Poland for International Students

1. University of Wroclaw

With a history spanning 3 centuries, the University of Wroclaw is among the largest universities in the Central European region with over 25,000 students. It is also a top research center, coming out with thousands of new scientific publications each year. The University consists of ten faculties, offering a wide range of bachelor’s and master’s programs in both English and Polish. The University of Wroclaw is the cheapest in Poland for international students.

The University of Wroclaw closely collaborates with other institutions in the region and over the world and participates in many international learning programs such as Erasmus, ISEP, and more. This brings a large number of international students who spend a semester or two at the university, and a lot of them return there to either finish their bachelor’s degree or enroll in a master’s.

2. AGH University of Science and Technology

Founded in 1919, the AGH University of Science and Technology, another affordable university in Poland, is a technical university based in the city of Krakow. It is one of the best universities of its kind in Poland. It consists of 15 different faculties with plans to add one more shortly, covering different areas of study in the field, ranging from conventional to emerging ones.

The University has a dedicated department for its international students, who come in large numbers due to the university’s affordability and quality of teaching. Most foreign students attend the university through an exchange program, but there is a large number of fully enrolled students as well.

3. Academy of Finance and Management in Bialystok

The Academy of Finance and Management is an affordable private education institution based in Bialystok, 200km east of Warsaw. The institution offers courses in different areas relating to economics and management that lead to officially recognized bachelor’s or master’s degrees. While it’s fairly young, the Academy is slowly becoming a popular choice for both native and international students, thanks to its open admission policy and affordable prices regardless of nationality. Apart from high-quality teaching, students can also enjoy the amazing sporting facilities, libraries, and administrative services present at the Academy.

4. Adam Mickiewicz University

The next university in this article of cheap universities in Poland is the Adam Mickiewicz University. It is also one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Poland and the region. It is based in Poznan, the 5th most populous city in Poland, and is a leading research institution for the country. It is split across five research schools containing twenty faculties between them, and an additional doctoral school.

With 40,000 students, it is also among the largest in Poland and attracts a large number of international students, who have the option to study in either German, English, or Polish.

5. Warsaw University of Technology

WUT is a leading institute of technology in Poland, and is also among the largest in the region, as it is home to over 35,000 full-time students. 18 of its 19 faculties are based in Warsaw, while one is in Plock. The faculties cover nearly all fields of study relating to science and technology.

While WUT has a reputation for producing the highest percentage of Polish managers and executives, it is also famous for its success with international students, who can enjoy learning at one of the top universities of technology in Central Europe for just a fraction of the cost compared to similar schools in other countries.

6. University of Gdansk

  • AdmissionsTuition Fees
  • Tuition Fees: from 6,900 PLN/year (Undergraduate) | from free – 8,400 PLN/year (Graduate)

Despite being quite affordable, the University of Gdansk is also among the top 5 universities in Poland and is a very important public research institution in the country. It offers programs in almost all areas of study in modern, state-of-the-art facilities in Gdansk, Sopot, and Gdynia. On top of theory, the University is very dedicated to providing practical experience to its students and collaborates with many companies and institutions in Poland and all over the world.

The number of international students at this cheap university in Poland is growing year after year, most of them arrive through student exchange programs or bilateral agreements. The university offers courses in many languages, including Polish, which foreign students can attend to get familiar with the local language.

7. University of Warsaw

The University of Warsaw is the largest in Poland with over 50,000 students. Located in the country’s capital, it offers more than 37 areas of study, across its 18 faculties, allowing international students to move to one of the most affordable capitals in the EU, regardless of their desired field of study. 8% of the university’s 50,000 students are international students, who can attend online workshops to explore career opportunities before enrolling at the university.

8. Jagiellonian University

At the end of our list of the cheapest universities in Poland for international students is Jagiellonian University. It is a research university based in Krakow, the third-largest city in Poland. Founded in 1364, this university is the oldest in Poland and one of the oldest surviving universities in the entire world. Over the years, it has evolved to become a modern learning institution, consisting of 15 faculties. The university boasts one of Poland’s largest libraries, which contains some very interesting medieval manuscripts.

International students can study in either German, English, or Polish, and can enquire about learning opportunities through the university’s International Students Office.

FAQS About Studying in Poland

What Are the General Requirements to Study in Poland?

There are only two basic requirements for studying in Poland. The candidate must have a high school diploma, and he/she must be able to prove their proficiency in the language that they want to study. Aside from Polish, programs are being taught in German, English, and French. For example, for French, you might need to take the DEFL exam.

Additional exams may apply if the high school diploma doesn’t prove that you have the necessary skills or knowledge about a certain subject, depending on what you want to study.

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Do Universities in Poland Offer English-taught Programs?

Yes. While Polish is the main language of instruction, there are a handful of programs in nearly every Polish university that are taught in English. For example, the University of Warsaw has over 20 English programs, while Adam Mickiewicz University offers a bachelor’s degree in International Relations in English, among a few others. To qualify for these or some of the other programs that are taught in English, you first need to take the IELTS or TOEFL exam.

We hope that this article on affordable universities in Poland was helpful. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs in Europe!

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