Turkey is in a unique spot. It is the gateway between and lies on the border of Europe and Asia. With a history stretching far back into antiquity, there is nowhere in the world quite like it. It is also a country that has many interesting opportunities for engineering graduates. If you want to study engineering in this unique country, then you should certainly look into some of the best engineering universities in Turkey we will discuss below.

Top Universities for Engineering in Turkey

1. Hacettepe University

The first university we will discuss today is located in the capital city of Ankara, the Hacettepe University. Recognized by URAP (the University Rankings by Academic Performace) as the best university in Turkey, Hacettepe University has much to offer at all levels of study.

If you are interested in studying chemical, computer, environmental, or electronic engineering, the university has degrees to satisfy your curiosity. This is just at an undergraduate level. Students interested in pursuing a master’s or Ph.D. have an even broader range of options available.

While perhaps not as famous as Istanbul, the capital city of Turkey has much that may be of interest to students. Students of history can explore the Roman baths and Atatürk Mausoleum, while engineering students may find the Citadel District more interesting. These are just some examples of the many incredible landmarks that you can see if you take the opportunity to study at Hacettepe University.

2. Boğaziçi University

As one of the best engineering universities in Turkey, Boğaziçi University is known for the quality of the engineers that come from the college. The Faculty of Engineering offers many high-quality courses, including chemical, industrial, and mechanical engineering. Due to this fact, prospective students are sure to find something that suits their career goals and interests. Master’s students have a broader range of options, including the choice between masters with and without a thesis.

The exclusive nature of the university makes it one of the most competitive Turkish universities to get into. Students that want to get into the university have to be in the top 1% of their graduating class to even be considered. Students that do get into the college can avail themselves of many unique opportunities. This includes 40 student clubs, state-of-the-art sports facilities, as well as access to free healthcare services from the college.

3. Yildiz Teknik University

The next university we will talk about today is the Yildiz Teknik University, also known as the YTU. The university is one of the oldest universities in Istanbul and also one of the largest, with over 34,000 students. The university is also recognized by the URAP as one of the top 500 engineering universities in the world.

The university offers a wide selection of engineering courses across several academic units. This includes civil, food, mechatronics, and civil engineering, with many others available. Students of this top-notch engineering school that want to pursue postgraduate degrees have many great options as well, with both research and taught courses available.

Beyond the classroom, the university has an exciting set of options for students that want to get involved. With over 60 clubs on the campus, the university encourages involvement in these clubs to expand skill sets and improve their social lives.

4. Istanbul Technical University

Next on our list is the Istanbul Technical University. It is recognized as the best university in all of Turkey for engineering, ranking in the top 300 universities worldwide for the subject. Getting to study at the Istanbul Technical University is a rare opportunity, given that it is so difficult to get into.

Prospective engineering students have many options to choose from at an undergraduate level. These courses are offered by the faculties of civil, mechanical, and chemical engineering. Even though courses are spread across many different departments, all of the departments adhere to the same high standards of teaching so students can be confident that they will learn from the best in their respective fields.

The Istanbul Technical University is spread across a few distinct campuses around the city. Even though these facilities are spread apart, the university does its best to create a sense of community within the student body. This has been achieved through the creation of a campus radio station, a large number of events, as well a system of shuttle buses used to link the 5 campuses together.

5. Middle East Technical University

The last university we will talk about today is the Middle East Technical University, another high-quality university located in Ankara. Getting into the university is also a highly competitive process, similar to many of the other institutions listed in this article.

With the Middle East Technical University being one of Turkey’s best engineering universities, the variety of courses offered by the Faculty of Engineering is quite impressive. There are degrees in civil, aerospace, geological, and mining engineering available at the university, and that is nowhere near a full list. More options are also available at a master’s level.

The Middle East Technical University is also known for its many student organizations. The METU has a dizzying number of clubs to join, including over 30 sports clubs and over 70 amateur clubs. There will always be something for students to get involved in with such a wide variety of options.

With all this in mind, Turkey offers many opportunities for students interested in studying engineering. All of the universities we have discussed above give students the chance to develop their skills and network in preparation for their engineering journey.


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