The Czech Republic is a beautiful European nation that boasts of reputable schools and a wide array of programs. Although it’s not a top choice amongst international students, most of its higher education institutions offer advanced programs specifically dedicated to foreign students.

The country also promises the ultimate value for your money, with its affordable yet reputable institutions. If you’re thinking of studying in a foreign country without spending a lot, then you should consider any of these cheap universities.

Affordable Schools in the Czech Republic for International Students

1. Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

Founded in 1906, the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague specializes in agricultural education and research. With the tuition fee starting at 5,000 CZK, the university is considered to be one of the cheapest universities in the Czech Republic for international students.

As the former University College of Agriculture in Prague, Czech University of Life Sciences Prague continues to offer undergraduate and graduate studies in Agrobiology, Food, & Natural Resources, Forestry & Wood Science, and Tropical Agriscience.

While it is well-known for its agricultural degrees, the university also offers programs in the fields of Economics & Management, Engineering, and Education.

2. Masaryk University

Founded in 1919, Masaryk University is the second-oldest institution in the Czech Republic. It is named after Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, the first Czechoslovakian president and figurehead behind the university’s establishment.

Once named the Jan Evangelista Purkyně University, the affordable university in the Czech Republic is famous for its programs in the fields of Medicine, Law, Science, Arts, Education, Pharmacy, Economics, Informatics, Social Studies, and Sports Studies.

The institution is currently home to 31,100+ students, 22% of which are learners of foreign origin.

3. University of Pardubice

Founded in 1950, the public university is the only institute of higher education in the Pardubice region. While it started as a Chemical Institute, more and more faculties were added to the school as time progressed.

Today, the University offers multiple programs in the fields of Transportation, Economics, Arts & Philosophy, Chemical Technology, Art Restoration, Electric Engineering & Informatics, and Health Studies.

4. Metropolitan University Prague

Another cheap university in the Czech Republic for international students is the Metropolitan University of Prague, a private institution established in 2001. Formerly known as the University of Public Administration & International Relations, it was renamed to its current moniker to reflect its diverse selection of educational programs.

To date, the university offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in the fields of International Trade, International Relations, European Studies, Humanities, Asian Studies, and Public Administration.

5. University of Finance and Administration

Next on our list of affordable universities in the Czech Republic for international students is the University of Finance and Administration. Also known as VSFS, it is one of the first private business schools in the Czech Republic. It opened its doors in 1999 through the backing of the Bank Academy and the Czech Coal Group.

VSFS, which has campuses in Prague, Most, and Kladno, offers undergraduate and graduate studies in Economics & Management, Marketing Communication, and Finance. It also offers International bachelor’s and master’s Business degrees in coordination with the City University of Seattle.

6. Tomas Bata University in Zlín

The Tomas Bata University (TBU) in Zlín is a public educational institution that opened its doors in the year 2001. It is named after Tomas Bata, the father of the Zlín shoe industry.

The university’s degree programs – mostly in English – are delivered through its 6 faculties. These colleges are divided into the specializations of Technology, Management & Economics, Multimedia Communications, Applied Informatics, Humanities, and Logistics & Crisis Management.

7. Technical University of Liberec

The Technical University of Liberec was founded in 1953 as the Institute of Mechanical Engineering. Although this discipline proves to be the school’s flagship program, this cheap university in the Czech Republic for international students also offers programs in the fields of Textile Engineering, Humanities & Education, Economics, Arts & Architecture, Mechatronics, Informatics & Interdisciplinary Studies, Health Science, and Nanomaterials.

About 9,000 local and foreign students are currently engaged in university degrees. To date, applicants can choose to obtain a study program which is taught in English.

FAQS About Studying in the Czech Republic

What is the Higher Education System in the Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic has hundreds of years of expertise in the higher education area. Their oldest university was founded more than 600 years ago, in 1348, and thanks to the quality of its institutions, they have climbed up in the international university rankings.

Universities are categorized into public, private, and state-run. The majority of the institutions are public, doubling the number of private universities, with 26 public ones and 13 private ones. There are only two state-run universities: the Police Academy and the University of Defense.

These universities offer degrees at all levels, as well as professional certifications and short courses.

What Are the General Requirements to Study in the Czech Republic?

As with most foreign countries, the basic requirement to study in the Czech Republic is a high school diploma for undergraduate students – and a bachelor’s/master’s degree for graduate applicants.

Other additional requirements include a proficiency test, letter of recommendation, letter of motivation, and/or portfolio, to name a few.

How Expensive Are Universities in the Czech Republic?

The cost of your education in this European country will depend on the language of instruction you choose. Public universities are free for all students regardless of their nationality if they choose a program in Czech, even for those from outside the European Union!

However, if you choose an English-taught program, you’ll have to pay for tuition fees. The rates will vary depending on the university and the major you choose. We’ll cover tuition fees in detail in our list of cheap universities below. Also, take into consideration that some universities offer a few post-graduate degrees at no cost even if they are in English.

Additionally, universities usually offer Czech language courses to international students who are taking English programs to ensure they can effectively communicate outside the classroom. These can be mandatory for some careers, like medicine because students have to complete medical residencies and not everybody in the hospitals speaks fluent English.

How Is the Admission Process in Czech Universities?

The admission process will vary depending on the university, but all of them will require foreign education recognition of your secondary diploma (or bachelor’s if you are pursuing a postgraduate degree).

Besides submitting the required documents, you’ll also have to take an admissions exam if required by the faculty and pay the application fee.

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How Much Does It Cost to Live in the Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic is on the affordable side among European countries. An important aspect to consider is their currency. Although they belong to the European Union, they have not joined the eurozone yet.  Their official currency is the Czech Crown (CZK). 1,000 CZK is around 44 USD.

Many universities have student dormitories, which are cheaper than private accommodation. These could cost around 100 – 250 USD per month. In case you want to rent, a one-bedroom apartment in the city center could cost around 13,500 CZK (around 600 USD), but on the outskirts, you can find them for around 10,000 CZK (about 450 USD).

University students are given identification cards with which they get discounts in different places like restaurants, museums, parks, etc.

During the holidays, you can explore the stunning city of Prague or visit other European countries! The Czech Republic is located in central Europe, so visiting countries like Germany, Poland, Austria, or Slovakia will only take you a couple of hours.

Do Universities in the Czech Republic Offer English-taught Programs?

Yes. Approximately 1,000 programs from various Czech universities are taught in English. At Charles University, undergraduate students may apply for English-taught Bachelor’s degrees, granted that they meet the proficiency requirements (IELTS, TOEFL, etc.) The same can be said at Prague City University, which offers both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English.


We hope that this article on the cheap universities in the Czech Republic was helpful. Make sure to also check out the Programs in Europe for International Students to know more!

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