Located in beautiful countryside, Sweden has many positive aspects, but the amount of tuition that you need to pay to attend college is expensive.

Even though Sweden offers free education to EU/EEA students, they charge high tuition rates for international students who are obtaining their bachelor’s and master’s degrees. These colleges are some of the cheapest universities in Sweden but remember, their tuition rates are high.

Interestingly, the universities of Sweden offer various scholarship opportunities to international students so that their financial burden can be gone. However, the applications going into these scholarship portals are highly competitive since only a few applicants will be accepted.

However, some universities accept a large majority of the students, and if you want, you should check out Universities in Sweden with Highest Acceptance Rates.

This article will walk you through the cheapest universities in Sweden for international students. Before that, let’s go over some information!

Affordable Schools in Sweden for International Students

1. Stockholm University

Located in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm University has grown to be one of the leading universities in the continent of Europe. Because of its popularity, this university has a big revenue used for research and global collaboration. Stockholm University’s specialty lies within the field of science, so be sure to check it out if you are interested. With the tuition fee starting from USD 10,000, Stockholm University is the cheapest university in Sweden for international students.

Stockholm University does not have that many undergraduate courses, but they have many master’s courses for graduate students. In addition, doctoral students get paid if they are accepted.

2. Uppsala University

Uppsala University, another cheap university in Sweden, has consistently ranked among the top 100 universities in the world, and it continues to show its greatness by training graduates with potential. Also one of the Nordic region’s oldest universities, Uppsala University is the first university established in Sweden, and it has many historical traditions that can be only revealed to students who are going there.

Since there are so many courses involved in the master’s program, you can find all the programs at this link. To know the specific tuition amount, you need to click on the master’s program that you are interested in and click on the admission section, and the tuition fee will be included in that section.

The tuition fee for a Ph.D. is free even for international students. Take advantage and good luck!

3. Karolinska Institutet

Ranked as one of the top medical universities in the world, the Karolinska Institutet continues to make great contributions in the area of medicine which led to improvements in human health.

Also, some of the faculty of the Karolinska Institutet (KI) continue to select Nobel laureates in Physiology and Medicine every year.

As you might know, Nobel prizes are awarded at Norwegian or Swedish universities, and the KI has the special opportunity to select Nobel laureates every single year. Because of their reputation in medicine, the Nobel Assembly has granted the Karolinska Institutet to choose the people to award for their branch of science.

As we have said, the Ph.D. programs do not require tuition, and they do offer some ways of scholarship or work-study in which you can finance your education during your stay in Sweden. Since this university is a medical school, KI tuition is on the higher side.

4. Lund University

Founded in 1666, Lund University of Sweden is also part of the world’s top universities, and its main focus is on research. Lund University is on our list of cheapest universities in Sweden for international students because of its affordable fees.

Even though it is heavily invested in research, this Swedish university is very open to international students since it currently has a student body from 70 different countries. Also, two of the world’s top research centers are located at Lund, and it still has a famous reputation for being a great research university.

The link above will lead you to the general guidelines regarding tuition fees, but the tuition amount of each specific program is listed in this link. When you click on it, you need to find your major, and the tuition amount will be listed in the section down below that website.

The tuition fees for doctoral programs are free even for international students.

5. KTH Royal Institute of Technology

The final candidate for the cheapest universities in Sweden is the KTH Royal Institute of Technology. One of the foremost in engineering and technology, the institute is Sweden’s largest technical institution, and it continues to house many students with great abilities and potential. Also, the main revenue of KTH is mainly on research, and KTH is one of the best universities in the field of engineering and sciences.

Same as the school above, KTH employs their doctoral students, so if you get accepted, you don’t pay, but get paid by the university! Good luck, and hope this helped!

FAQS About Studying in Sweden

Which College in Sweden is Cheapest for International Students?

Among all the universities in Sweden, Stockholm University is the institution that offers the cheapest tuition for international applicants. Please realize that tuition fees are not the only thing that you need to worry about since you also need to pay for your living expenses such as your monthly rent, food, and mandatory health insurance.

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How Can You Lower Your Tuition in Swedish Universities as an International Student?

As stated before, EU/EEA students and Swiss students are not charged any fees at Swedish universities. So, the easiest way is to obtain citizenship in any of the European countries to lower your tuition fees to zero at universities in Sweden.

Another way is to attend these cheap universities in Sweden for international students. We will outline the tuition fees for international students, so you can choose which Swedish universities are affordable for you.

As mentioned earlier, there is no tuition fee for Ph.D. students, so you can choose that option if you desire.


The information regarding the cheapest universities in Sweden is just one of the many posts that we are making. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs in Europe!

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