Studying in Switzerland presents many opportunities to expand one’s knowledge and experience. The country is also home to leading universities with global authority in different industries. Its universities are known to have an exceptional curriculum and consistently produce excellent professionals in their respective fields.

Studying computer science in Switzerland will provide students access to cutting-edge technologies and global opportunities. Here, we will look at some of Switzerland’s best computer science schools.

Top Schools Offering Computer Science in Switzerland

1. ETH Zurich

ETH Zurich is a public research university founded by the Swiss Federal Government. This university is one of the best computer science universities in Europe, producing 21 Nobel laureates for the whole university. It also excels in academia and research, primarily focusing on technology, science, mathematics, and engineering. The school has been home to much groundbreaking research and comprehensive innovations.

As one of the leading universities in the world, ETH Zurich employs an interdisciplinary approach to computer science. The undergraduate program is a three-year program focusing on the fundamental knowledge of computer science, including mathematics and electrical engineering. The master’s degree offers a wide range of computer specializations. Students can complete their master’s degree within two years, with an opportunity to participate in many research projects within the industry.

There are two Ph.D. programs in computer science at ETH Zurich. The Doctoral Study Programme allows students with master’s degrees to pursue further research projects with international groups within four to five years. The Direct Doctorate in Computer Science is geared towards bachelor’s degree holders who wish to pursue the doctorate program directly, which they can complete within five to six years.

2. University of Geneva

The University of Geneva is a public research university in Geneva, Switzerland. It was initially founded as a religious university until it became secular in 1873 and has nine faculties and 13 interdisciplinary centers.

UNIGE also has one of the most diverse populations of students, with international students from more than 1oo countries making up almost half of the student population. It also boasts solid global partnerships with international organizations, which expands the opportunities available within the university. The university uses French as the language instruction, particularly during undergraduate studies.

UNIGE’s undergraduate computer science program offers a broad theoretical foundation involving concepts in design and computer systems. Students can receive their bachelor’s degree within three years and master’s in two years. The master’s program uses an interdisciplinary approach in applying computing science skills. Students also often undertake programs dealing with various themes, such as humanities and economics, which they can complete after two years, including an internship in a company.

Meanwhile, the Ph.D. program offers a more in-depth education in computer science. Students with diplomas may pursue the program but may be required to undergo an oral and written exam from the thesis director.

3. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, the sister institution of ETH Zurich, is a public research university focusing on natural sciences and engineering. This computer science university in Switzerland uses French as the medium of instruction, especially in bachelor’s programs. Students are required to provide documents proving a level B2 proficiency in French. The institution also boasts technological pursuits, such as operating a supercomputer and several reactor facilities.

The university’s undergraduate computer science program provides fundamental coverage involving computing sciences and communication systems. After their 1st year, students can choose between computer science or communication systems and will receive their bachelor’s degree after three years.

The master’s program offers specializations in various areas, including computer science theories, cybersecurity, and software systems. Meanwhile, the Ph.D. program boasts an outstanding faculty, each with an excellent track record across the computer science industry. With the school’s global affiliation, students can undertake prestigious research ventures in computer science.

4. University of Zurich

The University of Zurich is Switzerland’s largest university and a public research university with seven faculties offering the most extensive academic programs among higher learning institutions in the country. With its exceptional academic approach, UZH centers around making contributions for the public’s benefit as one of its basic principles.

This excellent computer science university in Switzerland offers a wide range of specializations. The university teaches the essential concepts in computing sciences and relevant fields such as mathematics and statistics. UZH’s bachelor’s program is divided into the assessment and advanced levels, which students can complete within three years of studying full-time. The master’s program offers five specialization tracks, including data science, artificial intelligence, and people-oriented computing, which can be completed within two years of full-time study. Meanwhile, the Ph.D. program boasts various applications and research ventures where world-renowned visiting professors could teach them special topics.

5. University of Bern

Located in Bern, the University of Bern is the third-largest public university in Switzerland. As one of the prestigious higher institutions in the country, the university offers a broad range of academic programs and research under eight faculties and 180 institutions. The school’s buildings are not concentrated in one area but are found around Länggasse, the area’s designated academic part. Several faculties use repurposed buildings around Länggasse, such as an old chocolate factory for several institutes in the Faculty of Humanities.

UNIBE’s Institute of Computer Science is one of the top computer science schools in Switzerland and aims to produce innovators who will significantly contribute to the computer science industry. The bachelor’s degree covers broad fundamental topics in computer science with the goal of practical application. Students can choose computer science as their minor or major in the regular undergraduate program, which they can complete after six semesters.

On the other hand, students can get a master’s degree through the Swiss Joint Master of Science in Computer Science – a joint student program by the Bern, Neuchâtel, and Fribourg universities. The joint program enables them to gain in-depth academic experience in computer science through a more comprehensive opportunity from a multi-site campus program. The Ph.D. program offers supervised research with excellent faculty from the institute. Students can embark on research covered by the institute’s research groups. The degree can be completed after three to four years.


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