Are you interested in the top public universities in Switzerland that offer excellent educational opportunities for international students? Public universities in Switzerland are a great study choice because of their renowned faculty, wide range of programs, high academic standards, and well-rounded education that includes research opportunities.

In addition, Switzerland’s public educational institutions are comparatively affordable for international students due to lower tuition fees. If you are interested in pursuing higher education in Switzerland, this article will give you some of the top public universities the country has to offer for international students.

Top Public Universities in Switzerland

Switzerland’s public universities are respected for their academic excellence. Here are some of the top public universities in Switzerland for International students.

1. University of Zurich

Founded in 1833, the University of Zurich is among the largest public educational institutions in Switzerland. The institute is reputed for its academic excellence, diverse programs, and quality research output.

Furthermore, Zurich University’s vibrant international community and its efforts in interdisciplinary collaboration make way for a supportive and stimulating study environment. It also provides an extensive array of support services including career guidance, language courses, and housing assistance. These all make international students interested in pursuing an international standard education.

2. ETH Zurich

ETH Zurich is a prestigious public university that was founded in 1854. It is reputed for its expertise in academic areas like mathematics, technology, science, and engineering. The institution is popular among international students for various reasons.

For instance, ETH Zurich’s international reputation has attracted students from around the globe, creating a multicultural and vibrant campus environment. Furthermore, the university encourages diversity by offering scholarship opportunities to international students, giving talented students from various backgrounds access to a high-quality education.

3. University of Geneva

The University of Geneva was founded in 1559 and is regarded as a highly prestigious public educational institution in Switzerland. It is reputed for its academic excellence in a wide range of fields including, economics, law, science, and international relations.

The university’s interesting location in Geneva, a global diplomatic center with many international organizations, provides its students with excellent opportunities for internships and networking. In addition, the University of Geneva also allows students to engage in interdisciplinary collaborations, which is a great opportunity for international students interested in receiving a holistic education.

4. University of Lausanne

Founded in 1537, the University of Lausanne is a reputed public university in Switzerland. It is popular for its contribution to academic areas like humanities, social sciences, and life sciences.

The University of Lausanne’s emphasis on innovation and interdisciplinary research, and its efforts towards nurturing a global perspective allow it to provide a high-quality education. These also make it an excellent choice for international students.

Additionally, students at the University of Lausanne are allowed to work alongside top researchers in the university’s numerous institutes and research centers. Hence, they have the opportunity to contribute to various innovative research and make incredible discoveries.

5. University of Bern

The University of Bern is a reputed public university for international students, located in Switzerland’s capital city of Bern and founded in 1834. It is popular for its strong academic programs in areas like natural sciences, law, medicine, and humanities.

The University of Bern has attracted international students from around the globe with its innovative and vibrant learning environment, as well as the various career opportunities it offers. It has strong industrial links that enhance the employability of students through opportunities for research projects, networking, and internships. Furthermore, the University of Bern offers a streamlined admissions process that allows international students to ease into their study abroad experience easily.

6. University of Basel

Established in 1460, the University of Basel is Switzerland’s oldest public university. It is renowned for its contribution to various academic fields like humanities, social sciences, medicine, life sciences, and natural sciences.

The University of Basel makes a great choice for international students seeking a holistic education due to its efforts in encouraging interdisciplinary studies and research. In addition, it has strong international industrial connections, which further enhance its prestige. International students also benefit from valuable internship and partnership opportunities offered by Basel’s thriving pharmaceutical and life sciences industry.

7. University of Fribourg

The University of Fribourg was established in 1889. This institution is popular for its bilingual education system that offers both German and French programs. International students can benefit from this language diversity as it makes way for a multicultural environment that can help enhance language skills in students.

The University of Fribourg is reputed for its emphasis on interdisciplinary research and its dedication to nurturing global citizenship and critical thinking. Additionally, students at this institution are provided with an inclusive and supportive learning environment.

International students at Fribourg University are offered numerous resources and support services to assist them in their personal and academic pursuits. Such services include career guidance, language courses, and student organizations. Learners also benefit from opportunities for collaborative research projects and exchange programs, which can be credited to the university’s international partnerships.

FAQs about Studying in Public Universities in Switzerland

Can International Students Enroll in Public Universities in Switzerland?

Yes, international students can apply and enroll in Switzerland’s public universities. Switzerland’s high-quality education system has garnered a reputation over the years, which has resulted in plenty of international students choosing to pursue higher education in the country. Its public universities also offer a comprehensive range of programs in several languages, with English being one of them.

The University of Zurich is a reputed public university in Switzerland that takes in international students. It is among the country’s largest universities and offers an array of academic programs in various disciplines. Another well-known public university is ETH Zurich, which is highly regarded for its specialization in mathematics, science, technology, and engineering. Both institutions provide excellent educational opportunities for international students.


Public universities in Switzerland are a great choice for international students as they offer high-quality education that is affordable compared to private institutions. This article provides you with a list of the top public universities in Switzerland for international students.


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