Degrees in technology and computer science continue to become more valuable as society advances in its technological capabilities. Japan is a country that is well-known for its technological innovation, with top-of-the-line AI technology, electric vehicles, cameras, and more!

If you are looking to study computer science in one of the world’s most innovative countries, Japan is the country for you. Several universities in Japan rank as some of the best worldwide, and many of them offer computer science programs in both Japanese and English! Japan’s universities also attempt to offer affordable education options for qualifying students by giving out scholarships.

Here is a list of the best universities to study computer science in Japan, ranked.

Best Computer Science Universities in Japan

1. University of Tokyo

The University of Tokyo has a fantastic computer science program, which has received high rankings globally. The computer science program at the University of Tokyo focuses on programming, computer architecture, and bioinformatics. The great news is that they also offer degrees in English!

The computer science program at the University of Tokyo has a special admissions process for study abroad students and they encourage international students to study here. They also offer the “MEXT Scholarship” for students who qualify and need extra help paying for their education.

To apply to the University of Tokyo’s computer science program, students must fill out an application form and contact faculty members within their desired degree. Applicants must also take both an oral and written entrance examination. Students must also provide their TOEFL scores to prove they have a high English level.

2. Kyoto University

Kyoto University is a great university in Japan to study computer science, as it is well-known and has a wide array of incredible facilities all over the country. There are over 22,000 students attending Kyoto University, many of which are international. If you are a study abroad student, this is a great option!

Unlike the University of Tokyo, Kyoto University offers a simple Bachelor’s in Computer Science degree, meaning that if you are a new university student, you can easily begin your career here! If you are looking to get an advanced degree, they also offer a Master’s in Computer Engineering.

Kyoto University’s computer science program focuses on both education and research, so your degree will give you real-world experience with researching new technologies. The programs also focus on the transmission and accumulation of information, as well as the engineering of computer technology.

3. Osaka University

Though Osaka University is not the oldest university in Japan, but it is one of the best Japanese universities for computer science. Osaka University has several facilities, like Kyoto University, and a massive student body with a diverse population. Here you can also choose between the undergraduate or graduate program in computer science, which is a great opportunity for students just beginning their university career or looking to boost their CV for future jobs!

In the Osaka University computer science program, students must learn how to focus on the relationship between computing and mathematics. The program also strives to educate its undergraduate students about informatics, software, and their relation to mathematical science. Should you choose the Osaka University computer science program, this dual-focused program will make you an attractive candidate for future jobs.

Undergraduate students who attend Osaka University also have the unique opportunity of fast-tracking their degree and completing it within three years rather than four. If you are looking to get your career started as fast as possible, this is the program for you.

4. Tokyo Institute of Technology

The Tokyo Institute of Technology only offers its programs in Japanese; however, it is still a great option for those students who are fluent in the language. This university is located in Japan’s capital city, and it specializes in technical degrees. This technical institute’s computer science degree is top-notch.

A huge benefit of the Tokyo Institute of Technology is that they not only offer a graduate degree in general computer science, but they also offer a master’s in AI technology. This is an aspect of computer science that continues to become more useful in the modern world, with so many companies requiring the development of successful and reliable AIs.

The degrees offered by the Tokyo Institute of Technology are also directly connected to their labs and current research themes. Here, your degree will focus on computing architecture, machine intelligence, designing HCI, biomedical informatics, and more! At the Tokyo Institute of Technology, your participation in research projects will apply to real-world scenarios. What a great resume booster!

5. Tohoku University

Tohoku University is the third oldest university in Japan, and due to its history, it is one of Japan’s most prestigious institutions. The university features dynamic research programs around the world. It is particularly known for its STEM degrees, meaning that Tohoku University is an excellent computer science university in Japan.

Tohoku University offers many degrees specialty degrees in the computer science field, meaning that you can focus your degree on the development of new technology rather than simply obtaining a general computer science degree. Also, the research that you will help conduct at Tohoku University is cutting-edge, as they have developed relationships with organizations in the industry.

If you are looking to specialize in a particular field of computer science, Tohoku University has some of the best options on this list. They not only offer a general computer science course but include other degrees within the field, such as system information sciences and robotics. If you are looking to specialize in an aspect of the computer science field, this is the university for you.

6. Keio University

Keio University is Japan’s first-ever private institution of higher education and is renowned as one of Japan’s best schools for computer science. Established in 1858 by Yukichi Fukuzawa, the university has adopted his philosophy and vision for the better part of its 164 years of existence. Keio believes in freedom, equality, and human rights. It aspires to cultivate competent individuals able to solve domestic and global issues by promoting critical thinking and creativity.

The Department of Information and Computer Science at Keio offers a four-year undergraduate program. In their first year, students are expected to learn the basics of mathematics and physics as well as the fundamentals of computer science. By their fourth year, students will have learned the basics of logic thinking, programming, and all about electrical and electronic circuits for hardware enthusiasts.

7. Waseda University

Waseda University is a private university with a long history of providing students with the best education the country has to offer. Waseda aims to produce independent modern citizens driven by their enthusiasm for research and education. Nine prime ministers of Japan, the former CEO of Toshiba, and the former and current presidents of Nintendo have all graduated from Waseda. This university rivals the best institutions locally and internationally.

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering is celebrating fifteen years of teaching and research excellence. The curriculum is designed to maximize students’ abilities and produce world-class specialists in the field of computer science. This university offers courses in the fundamentals of programming, statistics, and artificial intelligence. The syllabus was devised to enable graduates to acquire advanced knowledge about software, hardware, and networks.

8. Tokyo Metropolitan University

Tokyo Metropolitan University (TMU) is a public university operated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. TMU envisions a world where individuals play an active role in resolving major issues in metropolitan areas. It encourages its students to commit to lifelong learning and foster their ability to work with others.

The Graduate School of Systems Design oversees the Computer Science program at TMU. This program aims to train flexible and adaptable software engineers who can succeed on a global scale. This school has seen unprecedented success over the years and is now deemed one of the top computer science schools in Japan.

9. Kyushu Institute of Technology

The Kyushu Institute of Technology (KIT) is a leading institution in science and technology. Located on the Island of Kyushu, KIT is home to 5,616 students who are offered top-notch education in several disciplines of STEM. This university aspires to yield graduates aware and well-versed in technological advancements. Over the years, the graduates of this establishment have procured skills allowing them to have a high reputation with potential employers.

The Department of Computer Science and Networks provides the undergraduate computer science program at KIT. It promises an exceptional experience for its students well worth the four years of training. This department offers courses in Software Design, Network Engineering, and Computer Engineering. It also emphasizes the significance of merging high-level information technology and communication to develop a next-generation smart society led by science and innovation.

10. University of Aizu

The University of Aizu (UoA) is a leading institution in Computer Science and Entrepreneurship. In 2022, UoA ranked 7th in the field of Computer Science and number one in cultivating the highest number of Entrepreneurship university-launched ventures. Since its foundation, this establishment has maintained a perfect employment rate; the graduates of UoA play active roles in the IT industry as they get a lot of active references from the university. The University of Aizu is the best choice for students who wish to pursue a successful career in IT and Computer Science.

The Computer Science and Engineering program at UoA believes in the power of programming complex software that can keep up with the modern advancements in the field of Computer Science. The curriculum covers a wide range of subdisciplines in Computer Science: Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Medical ICT, and Space Technology.

11. Toyohashi University of Technology

Toyohashi University of Technology (TUT) is a national university dedicated to teaching and researching the field of engineering. Founded in 1976, this 46-year-old institution has forged the path for many students to pursue high-demand careers. Since its foundation, TUT has undertaken the mission of developing cutting-edge technology without undermining the role that social diversity and collaboration play in contributing to education and innovation.

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering at TUT prides itself on its organized and dynamic structure. All the education and research areas within this department are intertwined and flawlessly work together and, in more ways than one, complete each other. The department aspires to impart pragmatic skills to its students relating to software engineering, computer construction, data science, and internet application technology. Furthermore, this top institution for computer science in Japan promotes the globalization of education by means of collaboration with reputed universities in Finland, France, and Belgium.

12. Kumamoto University

Kumamoto University (KU) is yet another flagship national university in Japan. Home to more than 10,000 students, KU is one of the largest institutions in the country. Its infrastructure is comprised of eight graduate schools and seven faculties. KU aspires to contribute to society by fostering intelligent, skillful, and moral students led by their passion for knowledge creation, development, and inheritance.

The Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering is the best choice for students who are equally as keen on learning the fundamentals of computer hardware as they are about the core principles of software programming. This department offers a six-year integrated computer science program; the first four years are dedicated to learning a wide range of knowledge pertaining to several disciplines. The last two years (Master’s years) are more specialized. This department aims to produce graduates able to contribute to the development of a prosperous, safe, and computerized society.

13. Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT) is a Japanese public university established in 1949. TUAT has an undying commitment to integrating technology in agriculture. This establishment hosts around 6,000 students, 140 of whom are international. TUAT endorses diversity and aims to be a favored destination for students from all over the world.

The Department of Computer and Information Sciences offers a unique program founded upon enabling students to learn through experimentation and practice. This department emphasizes the importance of hands-on experience and allows its students to be the center of the learning process. The curriculum brushes on several fields, giving students the freedom to choose the discipline they are interested in the most.

14. Shizuoka University

Shizuoka University is a prestigious public university renowned for its engineering and information technology programs. Dedicated to its motto, “Freedom and Enlightenment, Creation of the Future,” Shizuoka has a unique approach to education. This institution promotes a form of education that gives students free rein over their education; it aspires to abolish all forms of testing, reward, and punishment, respecting each student’s individuality and allowing them to unleash their full potential.

With a strong reputation as one of the best Japanese schools for computer science, Shizuoka University’s Faculty of Informatics is a model case for universities throughout the country. It espoused a system that optimally combines humanities and science-technology expertise. This faculty is equipped with laboratories of the highest standard, emphasizing the importance of finding a balance between theory and practice. The curriculum was curated to accommodate students’ needs and talents, demonstrating the faculty’s dedication to providing the best education to its students.

15. Meiji University

Meiji University is one of the oldest universities in Japan. Founded in 1881, this establishment has seen nothing but success and growth in its 141 years of existence. Meiji envisions a free, peaceful, and prosperous society through the development of the individual and knowledge. This university provides education in accordance with international standards to approximately 33,000 students every year. Meiji University is known for being highly selective, with an acceptance rate of 15%, making it home to the most talented students in the country.

The Department of Computer Science at Meiji offers a well-structured undergraduate computer science program to its prospective students. The program does not only dwell on information-related theory, computer hardware and software, and information systems but also pushes the boundaries and covers other fields of knowledge. By the end of their training, students are expected to have acquired problem-finding and problem-solving skills and adapt to the rapidly changing field of computer science.


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