Contrary to how many people associate Asia with Orientals, such as Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans, Asia consists of very diverse natural and human resources, being the largest continent in the world. Therefore, the continent has so much to offer academically.

Many Asian countries, such as India, Singapore, China, and Japan, have globally recognized education systems that yield some of the most internationally competent graduates. In addition, many universities from the region belong to the list of prestigious universities worldwide. What many East Asian countries lack in resources, they make up for in technology and human capital.

Meanwhile, countries in the Middle East have plenty of natural resources, such as oil and agricultural products, that are of significant value globally. In order to fully utilize them, many universities in the region designed competitive programs to produce skilled graduates and professionals. Regardless of where you decide to study in Asia, it is best to consider what the area has to offer and if it aligns with your future career goals. Let us take a look at the top programs to study in Asia!

Top Subjects to Study in Asia

1. Medicine

Healthcare systems and services in developed Asian countries receive high acclaim due to the high standard of facilities and the excellent skills of medical professionals. Many prestigious universities in the continent also offer research-intensive medical programs that produce graduates well-equipped with knowledge, skills, and experience to deal with the most pressing issues in the healthcare industry.

Many Asian countries host some of the best medical schools in the world that offer great medical degrees and specializations, making medicine one of the excellent subjects to study in Asia. Graduates from such schools possess competencies that qualify them for further studies or employment in many countries in Europe, America, and Australia. It is because many reputable institutions in other continents establish partnerships with these medical schools for knowledge transfer.

Prospective students eager to pursue the best Medicine degree in Asia would often choose Tokyo University in Japan, the National University of Singapore, Peking University in China, or the Seoul National University in South Korea. Meanwhile, India offers unique programs that incorporate various traditional medical techniques into modern ones. You may also choose to focus on a distinct field, such as Ayurveda or Homeopathy.

2. Mechanical Engineering

Many countries in East and Southeast Asia boast outstanding Mechanical Engineering Programs. It is mainly because technology and innovation are their tickets to trade with other nations rich in natural resources like oil and agricultural products. As a result, many universities in the region designed competitive programs to meet the high demand for skilled mechanical engineers.

Japan was globally famous for its technology until neighboring countries China, Hong Kong, and South Korea caught up and produced some of the leading technology companies in the world today. Nevertheless, Japan remains one of the top producers of high-quality cars, with numerous car companies thriving despite various global economic issues like the COVID-19 pandemic and oil price hikes.

Wealthy Gulf countries like Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia constantly search for professional mechanical engineers and are open to hiring competent individuals from other Asian countries. Mechanical Engineering is on the list of the best subjects to study in Asia. To get some of the highest-paying jobs in the industry in the future, many students compete for a seat at the best engineering schools in Asia, including the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, Tsinghua University in China, and the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology in South Korea.

3. Petroleum Engineering

Prospective students interested in pursuing higher education and future careers in Middle East Asian countries may take advantage of excellent Petroleum Engineering programs. The region is rich in oil, and although the industry has been active for a very long time with fine-tuned extraction and production methods, it could still benefit from modern and more sustainable techniques that the new generation of petroleum engineers can bring. With this, petroleum engineering is currently one of the best programs to study in Asia.

Another advantage of studying the program in Asia is the immersive internship opportunities at some of the biggest petroleum manufacturing companies in the world with state-of-the-art facilities and research-intensive training.

Texas A&M University (TAMU)’s Petroleum Engineering programs are globally recognized and rank among the top in the US. It has a branch in Qatar that offers an undergraduate Petroleum Engineering program.

4. Language and Literature

Being the largest continent in the world, Asia has a wide array of cultures and traditions, with almost every country having its own language. Interestingly, many Asian literary works have influenced various films and books and received global recognition. For instance, some Indian deities, such as Shiva and Vishnu, inspire many video game characters.

Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese are among the top ten most widely studied languages globally. While it is mainly due to the economic power of Arab countries, China, and Japan, it is also partly influenced by the impressive literary masterpieces that come from these countries.

Although it is possible to learn a foreign language in your home country, one benefit of studying Language and Literature in its country of origin is the opportunity to immerse yourself in that country’s culture. Regardless of where you plan to study in Asia, there will always be a unique language and culture to learn. You can select national universities that offer reasonable tuition fees and excellent degree programs.

5. Tourism

If there is one common thing among most Asian countries, it would be the hospitality that comes with the tourism industry, due to the fact, that tourism is among the best programs to study in Asia. Asian airline companies have among the most professional and polite ground and cabin attendants, while the hotel industry takes pride in its high standard of customer-oriented services.

Thailand makes for an excellent destination for students who want to pursue a Tourism Management degree in Asia because it has many affordable universities offering programs in English. There’s also an excellent opportunity to learn the Thai language and visit numerous world-renowned tourist destinations for a vacation or an internship.

Dubai and Hong Kong also offer excellent Hospitality Management programs, mainly because they are among the most visited places in Asia. It is imperative to provide high-quality education and training to students who will cater to a growing number of tourists in the future.


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