Despite its significantly smaller size compared to neighboring countries in Southeast Asia, Singapore is the most developed nation in the region. Its relatively small size may have worked to its advantage, but it’s all thanks to the joint efforts of the government and the private sectors that developed a nation of well-disciplined, highly educated, and technologically advanced people.

The country also boasts of cultural diversity due to the influx of workers from neighboring Asian countries, such as Malaysia, India, the Philippines, Indonesia, and China. In addition, numerous international companies from the US, the UK, and Europe have branches and subsidiaries set up in Singapore.

These factors contribute to the stability and further economic growth of Singapore. The youth in the country are also exposed to this culture of success, encouraging them to pursue some of the most in-demand professions. That is why we have listed some of the best subjects to study in Singapore. Read on if you’re interested in pursuing your education in this country!

Top Courses to Study in Singapore

1. Banking and Finance

As the financial capital of Southeast Asia, Singapore hosts some of the highest-paying career opportunities for banking and finance specialists. It is also a hot spot for major international banking, finance, and investment firms to set up their branches in.

That is why a degree in commerce, specializing in banking and finance, is one of the best subjects to study in Singapore. It can help graduates land a job in some domestic and international companies. With the recent advancement in technology and state-of-the-art facilities at many prestigious universities in Singapore, students are equipped with mathematical and analytical skills and the technological ability to deal with complex financial issues of modern times.

The National University of Singapore offers world-class undergraduate and graduate programs in relevant fields. The Manchester Worldwide Institute of Higher Education in Southeast Asia, located in Singapore, is a subsidiary of the University of Manchester in the UK. As a high-ranking, globally renowned university, it offers one of the best graduate programs in Finance in Singapore, with a good employability rating for degree holders.

2. Data Science or Engineering

With the advent of technology came more advanced approaches to various business and marketing techniques. To keep up with the dynamic business world, many companies ranging from mid-size domestic to global conglomerates seek highly qualified data scientists or engineers. Hiring one can significantly help a company analyze consumer demands and utilize them to its advantage.

Market analysis is a basic method for any business owner. While classic research techniques still work to analyze consumer behavior accurately, they usually take a lot of time and have limited scales. Data engineering degree holders can adeptly use online information and tools to understand consumer demands and behaviors and translate them into trend predictions that can direct companies to more profitable actions.

The Nanyang Technological University of Singapore School of Computer Science and Engineering ranks high in global rankings for these subjects. It offers excellent undergraduate and graduate programs for Data Science & Artificial Intelligence and a double degree program in Computer Science and Business.

3. Information Technology

In addition to data engineering, information technology is another excellent subject to study in Singapore due to the high technological requirements in both consumer-oriented businesses and client services. IT specialists can help provide cybersecurity to many multinational companies to protect them from hacking and malware threats.

Cybersecurity is one of the top priorities large companies have to pay keen attention to in this modern world. With so much data available online, large hacking organizations can utilize them to their own advantage and cause massive damage, especially to banking, finance, or investment companies. They also have skills that may cripple national governments.

The two most prestigious universities in Singapore, the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University offer some of the best degree programs in Information Technology. These universities are not only famous in Singapore. They are also among the top higher education institutions globally, making IT degree holders from these universities highly preferred by many international companies.

4. Hospitality Management

Singapore is a small nation, but it is one of Asia’s most popular tourist destinations. Almost every corner of the country offers something unique that tourists would be interested in. It is also studded with numerous architectural wonders that attract people from other countries, including those outside Asia.

To provide tourists with the renowned hospitality characteristic of Southeast Asian countries, Singapore requires well-trained specialists in the hospitality industry. Many hotels and tourism agencies hire workers from neighboring Asian countries to offer multilingual services for diverse guests. However, management and administrative positions are open for both local and international applicants.

In partnership with Murdoch University, Kaplan Singapore offers world-class double-degree Bachelor’s programs in Hospitality & Tourism Management and Marketing or Strategic Communications. Kaplan is an American educational institution, whereas Murdoch University is an outstanding young university in Australia. Getting a degree from these two institutions can help graduates land a promising career internationally.

5. Healthcare

As the only economically advanced nation in Southeast Asia, Singapore offers its citizens excellent healthcare services. The country has also been ranked first globally in some international surveys for having the most efficient healthcare system. In addition, healthcare professionals, such as doctors, nurses, and physical therapists, are also among the highest-paid workers in Singapore. That is why courses related to healthcare are among the best subjects to study in Singapore.

Currently, there is a shortage in the domestic labor force for healthcare professionals in Singapore, resulting in many hospitals hiring skilled workers from neighboring countries. The quality of education in other countries is also good. However, they may need to undergo more training to qualify for a job at top hospitals in Singapore.

The National University of Singapore and the Nanyang Technological University offer the best medical degree programs for those who want to become medical doctors and specialists. Meanwhile, the Singapore Institute of Management and Parkway College make excellent choices for incoming nursing students.

We hope that you found this article on the best subjects to study in Singapore informative and helpful. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.

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