The Republic of the Philippines, an archipelagic island situated in Southeast Asia, is best known for its beautiful beaches, natural sites, and historical buildings that are well-maintained and promoted to attract and educate locals and foreigners with its rich history. Although it is not a commonly known country for Western students wanting to study abroad, it is definitely a destination to consider.

There are several reasons why the Philippines is a favorable option to study higher education. Firstly, the country’s official languages are Filipino and English. This means that English is widely used and encouraged, especially in the classroom and professional settings. Second, the cost of studying and living is low, some of the Philippines’ most prestigious universities are way more affordable compared to universities in other neighboring Asian countries. And lastly, the country also offers scholarship opportunities to international students. These awards and grants are provided to help support the student’s academic finances.

Listed below are the five best Philippine scholarships available to international students. We’ve detailed all the important information you need to know– from the eligibility criteria to its scholarship value!

Top Scholarships in the Philippines for International Students

1. Freeman-ASIAA Program

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  • Scholarship Amount: $3,000 – $7,000
  • Eligible Degree/s: Bachelor’s

The Freeman-ASIAA Program, established by the Institute of International Education, aims to support financially challenged US citizens or permanent residents who want to study in East or Southeast Asia for their undergraduate studies. Through this, the program hopes to spread more knowledge about Asia and cultivate a more culturally sensitive community in the United States. Since its formation in 2001, the program has already successfully supported over 5,000 students who were able to study in one of more than 600 institutions.

The scholarship value for this Philippine scholarship will depend on the student’s length of stay: $3,000 for summer, $5,000 for semester/quarter, and $7,000 for academic/calendar year stay.

Freeman-ASIAA scholars will be required to submit a service project proposal, which they will have to fulfill during or after their stay in the host country. They are required to be enrolled in their home university in the USA and should choose a program that their institution will credit upon their return.

2. Global Study Awards

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  • Scholarship Amount: £10,000 (approximately $13,900)
  • Eligible Degree/s: Undergraduate and graduate

The Global Study Awards, supported by the British Council IELTS, International Student Identity Card Association (ISICC), and StudentPortals, aims to give students the opportunity to study abroad, experience different cultures, and develop a broader understanding and perspective of the world. Each year, two promising candidates are chosen to participate in an education abroad and are expected to contribute to the strengthening of inclusivity and to use their added knowledge for the betterment of their personal careers.

To apply for the scholarship, the candidate must have taken their IELTS exam at a British Council Center, must have a valid International Student Identity Card or International Youth Travel Card, and be 18 years or over. The selection is merit-based and is decided on by levels of representatives and partners. The awardees of this Philippines scholarship may receive up to £10,000 (approximately $13,900), which will be paid directly to the institution where they will be studying. The remaining funds may be used for other daily expenses throughout their stay in the country, which is a maximum of 52 weeks.

3. Agropolis Foundation-SEARCAA Joint Scholarship Program

AA co-funded a doctoral fellowship between the Agropolis Foundation in France and the Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCAA), this program aims to promote and develop the field of agroecological transition through educational support to promising doctoral candidates.

The scholarship program will allow students to spend 18 months each in France and in one of the Southeast Asian University Consortium for Graduate Education in Agriculture and Natural Resources (UCC) member institutions, which could be in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, or the Philippines. To apply, candidates must submit a research proposal in one of the following subjects: agriculture and climate change, conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, and responsible production and consumption. Upon completion, the scholar will receive a dual/double degree.

4. Boren Fellowship

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  • Scholarship Amount: Up to $25,000
  • Eligible Degree/s: Doctoral

The Boren Fellowship, funded by the Boren Awards, is granted to graduate students who want to engage in an intensive language and cultural study program abroad. All US citizens are welcome to apply and will be granted the opportunity to choose their country of destination, which is mostly focused on those whose language is less likely taught and familiar. Chosen fellows are expected to go back home with superior knowledge about their chosen study and to have a better understanding of a different culture.

Applications are chosen based on candidates’ submitted essays as well as other qualifications that make them stand out. The award of this scholarship in the Philippines will depend on the fellow’s duration of stay. AA grant of up to $12,500 is awarded for those who will be studying abroad for 12-24 weeks, and up to $25,000 for students staying for 25-52 weeks.

5. Ateneo Freshman Merit Scholarship (AFMSS)

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  • Scholarship Amount: Full tuition and allowance
  • Eligible Degree/s: Undergraduate

The Ateneo de Manila University, one of the most prestigious institutions in the Philippines established in 1859, has a long and standing history of producing the best graduates and consistent top-notchers, especially in the field of Medicine and Law in the country. They cater to students of all levels, from kindergarten, elementary, high school, and graduate school. In 1994, they established their Office of International Relations in support of their growing community of international students and partner organizations abroad.

The Ateneo Freshman Merit Scholarship, one of the best scholarships in the Philippines for international students, is offered to their top 50 first-year applicants each academic year. The recipients may be graduates from local private and public schools, or from senior high schools abroad. Chosen candidates will be able to choose their desired four or five-year undergraduate program that will be fully financially covered by the university. They will also receive an annual allowance amounting to ₱50,000 (around $1,000), which they may spend for their daily needs. Those from outside Metro Manila will also be entitled to an additional on-campus dormitory scholarship.


We hope that this article on the best scholarships in the Phillippines for international students was helpful. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students!

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Hyun is the founder at Global Scholarships. He has received a full-tuition scholarship at Birmingham-Southern College as well as $1,000 Burger King Scholarship for his undergraduate degree and has been offered a fully funded scholarship consisting of tuition, living stipend, and health insurance for computer science Ph.D. program at North Carolina State University. Read more about his scholarship journey here.

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