Medicine has been one of the most lucrative careers in the job market since time immemorial. Where there are human settlements, there is always a need for healers. At present, the value of the medical profession has reached its utmost appreciation — we recognize that medical workers are essential for humanity to continue. The role of the medical profession as a noble mission to alleviate human discomfort and as a powerhouse of new discoveries and knowledge, coupled with a very competitive income, is what makes medicine a top-rank choice for international students.

Popular destinations for medical studies are Germany, Norway, and South Korea. The challenge in studying in these countries is the difficulty presented by language barriers, as programs are primarily taught in their respective native languages. But that shouldn’t discourage you, there are other countries other than those mentioned that offer top-notch medical programs. Moreover, these medical schools are taking steps to address this issue by offering classes in the universal language, English — making medical education more accessible to international students like you. And

Best Medical Schools Taught in English for International Students

1. University of Turin

The University of Turin (Universita di Torino, UNITO) in Italy offers a 6-year MD program in Medicine and Surgery through its Department of Clinical and Biological Sciences. It is taught entirely in English but only accepts 30 international students from outside of Europe per semester, which ensures that only the best are selected for the program. Graduates of UNITO are trained rigorously in the discipline, thereby producing some of the best medical professionals in the world, such as the Nobel Prize in the field of Medicine laureate Salvatore Luria.

Aspiring students must pass the IMAT and hold a high school diploma that grants access to programs of a similar level from their country of origin obtained after a minimum of twelve years of global education. If that diploma was obtained in less than twelve years, students must present a certification from their home university stating that they have completed all exams for their first year of studies, or a certification from a non-university institution attesting to post-secondary qualification. All documents must be presented in English, French, Italian, or Spanish, or otherwise with a certified translation into the required languages.

2. University of Bologna

Another prestigious Italian university that offers a medical program for international students that is entirely taught in English is the University of Bologna (Universita di Bologna, UNIBO). It offers a six-year Single Cycle Degree/Combined Bachelor and Master in Medicine and Surgery program for both local and international students. With international students making up 72% of the population, UNIBO is a top choice for its cultural diversity and commitment to the highest standards of learning.

To secure a spot, international students must pass the IMAT, present a secondary school diploma or an equivalent certification, and possess an English proficiency level of B2 or higher. They must also meet the skill and knowledge requirements set by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities, and Research.

Graduates of UNIBO are assured of international careers in the medical field as physicians, surgeons, researchers, and government health policy-makers.

3. Pomeranian Medical University

Moving away from Italy, we now look at options from Poland, and one of the country’s best universities that teach medical programs in English is the Pomeranian Medical University (Pomorski Uniwersytet Medyczny in Sczcecin, PUM). Through its Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, PUM offers a 6-year, long-cycle, full-time program for a Doctor of Medicine degree.

As one of Poland’s best medical universities, graduates of PUM will be eligible to pursue careers as physicians with either private or public practices or become academics in the medical field as well, helping shape the future of medicine through teaching or research.

If you wish to study at PUM, prepare to submit your passport or national ID, high school diploma, the original or certified copy of your grading scale, an English language proficiency certificate of B2 or higher, full health certificate, proof of vaccination against Hepatitis B, health insurance, 2×2 passport photos, and educational contracts. These documents may be presented in English or Polish.

4. Medical University of Warsaw

Another excellent Polish choice for a university with medical programs taught in English is the University of Warsaw (WUM), which has a very competitive 6-year program for a Doctor of Medicine degree. To get into the program, you must pass the entrance examination and submit your passport, high school diploma, transcript of records, and UCAT/BMAT/GAMSAT/MCAT/HPAT certificates.

WUM is hailed as the leading public medical university in Poland, fully recognized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the Polish Ministry of Health. Its diploma is recognized in Poland and the European Union, as well as in the USA, Canada, Malaysia, and most other countries, so graduates are assured of being able to pursue careers as physicians, medical researchers, and academicians almost anywhere in the world.

5. University of Debrecen

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Moving on to Hungary, the University of Debrecen (Debreceni Egyetem), is one of the highly recommended universities that provides a twelve-semester medical program for international students that is entirely lectured in English. The program leads to a Doctor of Medicine degree that is honored in almost all countries, opening the doors for successful careers in the medical field as private or public medical doctors who can choose to study further for medical specializations or become medical academicians, or medical researchers. Graduates of the university are exempted from taking the PLAB exam should they choose to practice in the UK.

For international students who are interested in studying medicine at the University of Debrecen, you will be required to present your high school certificate and to take an oral and written examination in biology, physics, and chemistry — with the exception of students who finished their Basic Medicine course at the University of Debrecen.


Choosing a medical university where programs are taught in English is important for international students. We hope that by presenting these options, we have helped you move forward in your journey to choosing the best medical school for you!

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