Are you interested in religion and how it shaped the world? Do you find the varying human beliefs fascinating? Are you in the quest of fully understanding spirituality and concepts of life? Studying Religion might be a path for you!

Careers in pursuing a degree in Religion are not limited to being a priest, pastor, or any church officer. It also opens doors to other career prospects in the academe as professors, authors, religious rights advocates, charity coordinators, and many more.

Religion helps understand the meaning of life and events. It is a concept that powerfully shapes a society and impacts people’s way of life and behavior. Studying religion gives answers to important, ethical questions that humans throughout time have thought about. It is beneficial in deepening one’s understanding of oneself and others, making it one of the primary disciplines in investigating life. It is diverse and multicultural, allowing any person to transcend boundaries and become methodically aware through research.

Through our guide below, get to know more about the best religion schools in Europe!

What are the Top 3 Religions in Europe?

Christianity is the largest religion in Europe, with 71% of the population identifying as Christian. This includes Catholics, Protestants, and Orthodox Christians. Islam is the second largest religion in Europe, with 5% of the population identifying as Muslim. This includes both Sunni and Shia Muslims. Finally, 23% of the population in Europe identifies as unaffiliated with any particular religion. This includes those who identify as atheist, agnostic, or nothing in particular. Although our programs catalog has no available religion studies programs, feel free to check our Open Courses Page to know more your study options in Europe.

Top Religion Schools in Europe

1. University of Oxford

The University of Oxford’s Faculty of Theology and Religion is the oldest faculty in the university. Biblical and moral lectures were first taught over 800 years ago in the historic buildings of Oxford. Oxford explores the interaction of science and religion, along with major religious traditions in the world. Students at Oxford’s Faculty of Theology and Religion belong to a top-ranked Theology Department in the region. The university provides students with the necessary skills and instills enthusiasm.

Among the best religion schools in Europe, Oxford offers a BA in Theology and Religion, BA in Philosophy and Religion, and BA in Religion and Oriental Studies. Each program is tailored with discipline, social significance, an in-depth understanding of the world, and the concepts of different religions including Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism. They also offer postgraduate degrees in Theology, Religions, and Philosophical Theology.

2. Durham University

Located in England, Durham University has an international reputation in Theology and Religion. They focus on Christian Theology, Religion Studies, and Biblical Studies. The Department of Theology and Religion in Durham explores ethical, philosophical, and systematic concepts of religion and its history. Graduates from Durham gain methodological and disciplinary perspectives in worldviews.

They offer a three-year Single Honors undergraduate degree in Theology and Religion and Religion, Society, and Culture. These programs are open to students who already hold a BA degree but wish to gain knowledge about the subject. The curriculums of this excellent religion school in Europe are centered on the role of religion over a wide range of real-world concepts. Durham also offers MA in Theology and Religion.

3. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, (KU)

A Catholic research university in Belgium, KU is dedicated to providing a stimulating environment for students who study and research theology and religious studies. The faculty of theology and religious studies in KU is focused on contributing to the community through a caring approach in a secularized context.

KU offers a three-year undergraduate Bachelor of Theology and Religious Studies. They also offer a Master of Theology and Religious Studies and Advanced Studies in Theology and Religion. All programs equip students of this outstanding religion school with the qualities to function as experts in the Church and society.

4. University of Cambridge

Another one of the best religion schools in Europe, the University of Cambridge’s Faculty of Divinity is home to published researchers in the field of religion and theology. Cambridge is an international center of Theology, Biblical Studies, Philosophy and Religion, and Religious Studies. The student community is rich in different cultural backgrounds and the campus is equipped with outstanding research facilities.

They offer a BA in Theology, Religion, and Philosophy of Religion, as well as a Bachelor of Theology for Ministry. The programs are centered on understanding different religious traditions and exploring their functions in the society of which they are part of. Students can choose a specialized pathway for their study including, Islamic Studies, Jewish Studies, Religious Traditions of India, Biblical Studies, Christian Theology, Christian History, and Philosophy of Religion.

Meanwhile, they also offer a nine-month Master of Philosophy in Theology, Religion, and Philosophy of Religion, as well as a doctoral degree in Theology and Religious Studies.

5. Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen

Eberhard Karls is a research-intensive university that aims to answer the challenges of the world. They have wide connections and partnerships across the globe, making them an internationally known university. They are also one of the 11 German universities distinguished as “Excellent.” With more than 500 years of experience since its establishment, Eberhard Karls has produced intellectuals and scholars.

This top religion institution offers a BA in Protestant Theology degree that is completed for 6 semesters. This program deals with religious and philosophical questions and addresses them using interdisciplinary studies covering historical, systematic, and empirical perspectives. Studying this program will equip students to understand the Christian faith and its relevance in the present times.

6. Heidelberg University

As one of Germany’s oldest universities and one of the strongest research schools in Europe,

Heidelberg University’s religious studies program is backed by research and a world-class teaching approach. They pride themselves in their comprehensive curriculums, interdisciplinary cooperation, and the application of traditional academic values to current concepts.

They offer a Bachelor’s in religious studies. The curriculum of this program is centered on the theoretical dynamics of religion, as well as modern research in investigating religious beliefs, practices, and the changes that happen in the developing world. Graduates from Heidelberg can have a career in public religious consulting institutions, museums, research, publishing, tourism, and the academe.

7. University of Edinburgh

As one of the top schools offering theology and religious studies in the world, the University of Edinburgh ranked first in Scotland in the most recent Research Excellence Framework in 2014. Their distinguished record in teaching excellence and their provision of an inclusive environment for their multinational students built their solid reputation in the field.

They offer postgraduate degrees including MA Religious Studies, MA Religious Studies and English/Scottish Literature, MA Theology, MA Philosophy and Theology, and MA Divinity and Classics.


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